Case Study: Product Catalog Management

Client:Our client is a leading and very large multi-branded Commerce site having about 1.5 million SKUs

Challenges: As the client was managing a large number of SKU with plans to add over a million SKUs every year, more efficient operation and cost reduction were the major challenge. Eventually, margins were under pressure. Client approached Vserve to effectively handle these challenges and arrive at a cost-effective solution for which will enable them to grow that a fast pace.

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Case Study: Competitor Price Analysis

Client:Our client is a leading online marketplace with wide-ranging offerings across different brands and product categories such as Electronics, Appliances, Home & furniture, Books etc.

Objective: Having a competitive edge in the online marketplace was a major challenge for our client. Monitoring multiple sites and a large number of products due to the extremely dynamic market, manual pricing data analysis can be time-consuming. Also a completely automated price monitoring did not provide the required results in terms of exact product match. This is where Vserve Competitive Intelligence was a real game changer.

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Case Study: Multichannel Data Management

Client:Our client is a leading manufacturer of Electronic appliances having thousands of products supplied for the chores day to day right from Schools to Big Industries.

Objective: To list our client’s product data on eCommerce marketplaces such as eBay, Amazon, Rakuten/, Sears, Newegg, etc., and shopping engines, including some of the very famous ones like,,,, Google product search, etc to boost their sales and profits.

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