What Is Creative Product Description Writing & Why It Is Crucial for Your Business

If you ever happened to shop online, you must have noticed how creative product descriptions influence your decisions. Sometimes, the description inspires you more than the product itself, and you give its purchase a green signal.

However, not every product description works like that. Owing to the fact that countless businesses have come online, there are gazillions of product descriptions you can come across. In the US only, nearly 10% of the sales are made online.

However, what differentiates a sale-oriented description from traditional descriptions is creativity. Hence, creative product description writing is absolutely crucial if you want to see your business grow online. A well-written product description has all that it takes to move your potential customers through the sales funnel.

What Is Product Description Writing?

A product description, as the term depicts, is the use of words to describe the features, benefits, and additional information to the potential buyer. Thus, the process of product description writing involves enlisting all the distinguishing characteristic features of the product that you put online for sale.

The purpose of crafting a product description is to provide customers with all the relevant information in a compelling way so that they get motivated to buy the product instantly.

There are many benefits of creative product description writing. Have a look.

  • It Paints an Imaginative Picture

A good product description helps the customer to understand the product in a better way. The description connects the solutions for the problems of buyers to the products. Thus, the buyer feels an urge to purchase the product immediately to solve the problem.

Since online businesses does not offer customers the facility to hold the product and examine, the eCommerce product description writing does the job for them. Thus, the customer gets a mental picture of the products that help him make a decision.

  • Connects the Customer Emotionally

The perfect use of engaging, descriptive language is not the only aim of the product content writing. It is also charged with the responsibility to establish an emotional connection of the customer with the product. This emotional attachment is crucial to driving the customer through the sale funnel. Expert product description writers do that by mentioning the feelings and experience one gets using that product. This results in a quick surge in sales.

  • Provides SEO Advantages

Even if you craft the best product description ever, if there is no traffic on your website, things are not going to work for you. It is exactly like the customer does not know the whereabouts of your shop and the products you sell.

Therefore, an SEO optimized product description is mandatory to rank your website and products higher on search engine results. A creative product description helps to bring the customers to your site and ultimately end up in increasing your revenue. eCommerce product description writing experts do this by making use of the top trending keywords in the descriptions.

  • Helps Build Trust with Shoppers

Do you know of all the customers who return a product, 50% are those who do not find the product in accordance with the description? Also, more than half of those customers are not likely to purchase a product from the same seller again. Therefore, an all-inclusive and accurate product description keeps the element of surprise away while making online purchases. That necessarily means there builds a lasting trust between the seller and the buyer. And mind you, there is nothing more beneficial for a business than a happy and satisfied customer. Because such customers bring more customers and eventually help expand your business.

Why Should You Consider Outsourcing Your Product Description Writing?

Writing results-oriented product descriptions is not child’s play. It takes experts to make use of their extensive knowledge to come up with descriptions that bring sales. Therefore, if you want to see an instant boost in the sales of your products, it is crucial to outsource product description to those who can do this job better.

Here at Vserve, we have a team of professional writers who have years of experience and have helped countless businesses to grow by writing the most compelling product descriptions. So, if you think your products aren’t doing well across the internet or you are interested in boosting the online presence and revenue of your business, utilize our product description writing service and forget the rest.


It is pretty much evident that product description writing can make or break your business. No matter how much value and quality your products offer, if they are not described to the customer the right way, they are very less likely to make conversions. Hence, outsource your product description related work today and see the difference yourself. Feel free to talk to our expert by clicking here.

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Why Data Entry Outsourcing? Top 6 Benefits

Data Entry Outsourcing:

Data Entry Outsourcing sets outsourcers free from hassles and enables them to concentrate on their core activities, resulting in profitable actions. This entity can make the firm successful in both core and data aspects.

Benefits of Data Entry Outsourcing

Never Disturbs Your Core

Data entry outsourcing services allow you to stay focused on your core functions. Making your availability largely on the core can contribute to the development of the organization.

Time-Bound and Cost-Effective

Data entry operations might seem simple but the arrangements required for the setup and the time needed for the operation might not suit the firm. However, when it comes to offshore data entry services, they save your time by taking care of your data at affordable prices.

Strategical Improvement

The reliable data offered by the outsourcing companies can create a strategical method for improvement. The process involves analysis of data regarding the growth, the flaws, and the reason behind the fall. Discussing all relevant factors will result in a healthy strategy for improvement.

Reduce Your Risks

Reducing your risks happens only with Data Entry Outsourcing services, as they strongly understand your needs and the policies they need to follow. Therefore, they will never expose you to any risk.

End of Train and Hire Program

You do not need to engage yourself in hiring and training people with a data entry program. The platform provided by the offshore data entry services will handle this entire task. You can scale up your employees accordingly.

Gain Competitive Edge:

Outsource Data entry companies offer more than just data entry. They also take part in contributing to your growth. The collective information provided in the data when carried out in an intelligent way can increase your productivity and make you competitive in your platform.

Final Thoughts on Data Entry Outsourcing

When you choose to grow, choose the Vserve Ebusiness Solution. We have the capacity and capability to handle a large volume of data, both online and offline, with high-level accuracy. Our services extend to a wide range of industries and the techniques we follow to enable us to render the best services to each client.

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How Small Business Outsources Ecommerce Services

As a small business owner, you should know how to extract yourself from the day-to-day business operations. This is possible by outsourcing your business’s services. Read on to learn about ways to easily outsource the ecommerce services of your small business.

Customer Service

Outsourcing customer service is the first step every small business should take. Moreover, it is common knowledge that customer service is critical for the success of a small business. Responding to emails, managing calls and processing refunds are just some of the few tasks a customer service representative take care of.

These tasks are not too complex. However, although the tasks may not be too complicated, the sheer volume of work that need to be completed can pose quite a challenge. This is especially true if you are an owner of a small scale business and have more important things to take care of that relate to your business.

Outsourcing customer service related tasks to an Ecommerce services provider would be a wise move as you would be freeing yourself up and the customer service related tasks can be taken care of by professionals whose focus would solely be on customer service.

Order Management

This is another crucial task that is vital to the success of small business offering an array of eCommerce services. From managing orders daily to ensuring that every order is processed in a timely manner, the work involved can be tiresome and time consuming.

Order Management may also include other tasks such as inventory checks on a daily basis and report generation. So, with the proper guidance, all of these tasks are easily achievable. However, you need someone dedicated for these tasks who can invest adequate time to accomplish everything accurately

Unfortunately, if you are an owner of a small online business, you do not have that luxury. This is why seeking Ecommerce outsourcing services for order management tasks is the best course of action for you to take.

Product Sourcing

Ecommerce services include product sourcing which is of paramount importance for any e-commerce business.

This task involves a lot of research and communication with multiple suppliers (both local and international). This research and communication take a lot of time and human involvement. Therefore, it is best if you just outsource this task to an eCommerce services provider.

Your time as a small-sized business owner is just too precious to be squander on tasks that can outsource easily. Those tasks can be taken over by Ecommerce outsourcing companies who have more expertise in product sourcing and other similar eCommerce services. Outsourcing your product sourcing tasks will free up your schedule. As a result, you can rest assured knowing that you have engaged the services of professionals who excel in product sourcing and can do all the researching and negotiation on your behalf.

Final Thoughts on eCommerce Services

If you are a small business looking for Ecommerce outsourcing services, be sure to reach out to Vserve. We offer a broad range of eCommerce services that run the gamut from digital marketing, product management to customer support. As a result, by engaging our services, you will have the ideal outsourcing partner!


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Product Enhancement Guide for Alibaba

Manufacturers and wholesalers are increasingly joining Business-to-Business ecommerce platforms such as Alibaba to get leads and connect with potential buyers. What this means is that most of the sales now begin and end online. This renders the need for product enhancement more important than ever which serves as a glowing advertisement for your product and helps business buyers to build trust in your company.

Keep reading to find out how to optimize your product page so that you can get sizable orders from business buyers.

Include More Information

Business to Business purchases usually takes longer than Business to Customer purchases. It is primarily because there are multiple stakeholders and more money needs to be signed off on. What this means is that your product listing page needs to include all the relevant information that the decision-makers might want to see so that they can approve the purchase.

Add Product InfoProduct Details

By not listing down all the information upfront, buyers assume that your business does not offer what they are looking for and continue their hunt for a seller who meets their requirements. Be sure to invest time in adding every single detail regarding your product. This includes product features, sizes, pictures and an overview of your company.

Optimize Your Product Name

Optimizing your product name for search engines should take precedence over everything else. Try to step in the shoes of the buyer and think about what would they type in the search bar which would lead them to your product.

Next, try to include as much of this vital information as you can in the product title. Include terminologies that are highly searched such as ingredients and materials used to make your product.

As a case to point, a customer may search for “salt lamps” but a business buyer who seeks to produce their own salt lamps will have more knowledge on the subject and will run more targeted searches.  Hence listing your salt lamp as “Himalayan natural crystal salt lamp” will help you to garner a greater number of targeted leads.

Minimum Order Quantity


Put in Your MOQ (Minimum Order Quantity)

Including the minimum number of units a buyer has to buy to qualify for an order is just as critical as the price of the unit. Moreover, if you are offering a reduction in the overall price depending on the volume of the product ordered, include this information on the page. These discounts will convince your buyer to buy a larger quantity of your product. In addition, it is one of the most essential aspect of product enhancement.

Upload Videos and Quality Product Images

Images and product videos are not just an inspiration for business buyers that push them to buy your product. They use these images and product videos to inspect the product in detail. You can boost the chances of a sale by including several images of the product from different angles. All the images updated should be with the highest photo quality possible. Buyers are also genuinely interested in looking at pictures of the source where the product is made. Be sure to include pictures of the place where your product gets manufactured.

Product Video and Images


Put Up Your Catalogue Online

Business buyers do not just browse the products that are put up on your online storefront. They will also download the entire catalog your organization offers as this facilitates them to understand your capabilities. This is immensely useful for many buyers who do not want the hassle of asking questions back and forth. If they see a couple of products that strike their fancy, they will be sure to reach out to you themselves to proceed with the purchase.

Upload Full catalog


Test. Improve. Repeat Your Product Enhancement

Every business has ample room for improvement as your customers and market are perpetually changing. The best manner in which to respond to this change is by testing out parts of your product page to see if impacts the overall performance. You can start with the product listing’s name. Play around with the different keywords and observe how this impacts your leads and clicks on the product page. If there is a positive impact, you should keep on repeating the process to further boost the performance of your product.

Final Word

To summarize, in the cutthroat ecommerce market of today, it is imperative that you perfectly optimize your product page for your audience. If you seek excellent product catalog management services, be sure to reach out to Vserve Solution. We excel at setting up and managing their clients’ eCommerce online stores and product catalogs.


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What are Ecommerce Outsourcing Benefits?

The need for outsourcing your Ecommerce services grows as your business starts to prosper and you realize that you cannot manage everything at the same time. Read on to learn about some of the top Ecommerce outsourcing benefits.

The Key eCommerce Outsourcing Benefits

Limited Capital Needed

By outsourcing your Ecommerce services that include the inventory management, warehousing technology implementation, fulfillment, business infrastructure, customer support etc, you will be able to save about 85 percent on upfront costs when engaging the services of an Ecommerce services provider/partner.

If you take on and manage the Ecommerce services yourself in-house, a sizeable investment is needed for platform implementation, web development, systems integration, logistics work and for employing full-time employees to operate your Ecommerce business. However, when you seek Ecommerce outsourcing services, an Ecommerce services Provider will require a considerably smaller upfront amount. Because, they already have the workforce, warehouses, technology, and other processes in place and are ready to get to work. So, reducing capital needs is one of the greatest Ecommerce outsourcing benefits.

Exposure to the Best and Latest Technology

Your Ecommerce business should tap the markets that you want to target. Ecommerce outsourcing organizations can provide software development; web designing, operation services, and other IT related solutions. The outsourcing companies are well cognizant of the trends and can optimize it in accordance to your target market requirements. They can achieve it by using the best and latest technology available around the world. This can especially help the medium and small sized Ecommerce businesses, which usually lack the access to the best technologies that most of successful Ecommerce businesses are using.

Boost in Productivity Levels

As a single Ecommerce business venture, you are unlikely to accomplish the economies of scale that Ecommerce services providers offer. This is owing to the sheer volume of business that the latter conduct with technology partners, carriers, shippers, and packaging suppliers. By doing everything yourself, you will not have access to the best rates in different aspects. Those includes web servers, payment processing, tax solutions web developers, warehousing and shipping.

Furthermore, it is also highly improbable that you will see economies of expertise. Your core competencies are most likely to not include product fulfillment, Ecommerce conversion, managing subscriptions, global localization, and other complex details of global Ecommerce services.

What this means is that you will not be very efficient at managing orders, maintaining your supply chain and swiftly fixing problems as they surface.

Bottom Line

Operating your business becomes hassle free when you go for Ecommerce outsourcing services. This saves a lot of precious time that you need for you to concentrate more on core business. Also, it allows you to focus on matters that cannot be accomplished without the presence of you.

There is no denying that you would be better off outsourcing your key Ecommerce services. To that end, be sure to reach out to Vserve. We take great pride in being a leading provider of Ecommerce services around the globe. If you are looking for a support, we would be glad to assist you with your outsourcing needs.


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What are Ecommerce Platform Services?

It is important to understand the basic definition of Ecommerce Platform Services before you delve into further details.

Ecommerce Platform Services

In simple terms, Ecommerce platform services allow online businesses to manage and maintain their website, sales, marketing and operations. So, the kind of services you choose has a drastic impact on the stability and profitability of your business.

What are the Important Features of an Ecommerce Platform?

Any practical eCommerce platform will enable customers to purchase your services and/or products from your online store. Ecommerce platforms provide the amalgamation of important business processes where these businesses can get complete visibility across their organization and fulfill all their customers’ expectations. An eCommerce platform should be able to:

Provide a Holistic Customer View

Deliver personalized and consistent cross-channel experiences and exemplary customer service with a single view of all customer transactions and interactions across all the channels.

Manage Orders Intelligently

Surpass and set new consumer expectations for purchasing, fulfilling, and returning purchases, both in stores and online. Maximize the profitability margins by consolidate order management and having a single view of inventory across all supply chain business units.

Deliver Unique Consumer Experiences

Swiftly and efficiently create innovative and personalized web, mobile and in-store customer experiences to distinguish your particular brand and surpass consumer expectations.

How Will Ecommerce Platform Services Benefit My Business?

Apart from protection of your precious data and scalability, Ecommerce platforms, whether hosted in the cloud or on premises, offer a plethora of operational advantages and business tools

Some of these tend to encompass:

  • A product management suite
  • Pricing
  • Extensive search capabilities
  • Promotions
  • The ability to personalize Ecommerce services and sales to meet your preferences (for example: marketing features, payment options, add-ons and so forth.)
  • Merchandising

Ecommerce platforms offer the luxury to business owners the ability to tailor product information to best fit their own online retail requirements and the Ecommerce services that they provide. This can be mutual benefiting for both the customers and the business.

Likewise, other advantages of Ecommerce services include its around-the-clock availability, the speed of access, a wider selection of goods and services, accessibility, and international reach.

Bottom Line

Regardless of whether you do business in the B2C or B2B domain, your eCommerce platform services need to do a lot more. It’s more than merely facilitate transactions if you desire to be competitive in fast-moving markets. To sum up a complete ecommerce platform that ticks all the check boxes can provide numerous benefits over competitors who are not making use of similar technology.

If you wish to seek Ecommerce outsourcing services, be sure to get in contact with Vserve if you are an online business owner looking for superior Ecommerce platform services. To sum up with, from Electronic store development to customer support, we have got you well and truly covered!


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What Are the Benefits of SEO Outsourcing?

Before we delve into the benefits of SEO (Search Engine Optimization) outsourcing, it is important to understand what the term means.

What is SEO Outsourcing?

In layman terms, SEO outsourcing is what you call the process of engaging the services of a 3rd party contractor or business to manage your website’s off page and on page SEO. Keep reading to find out about the benefits of SEO outsourcing.

Benefits of SEO Outsourcing

More Affordability

In the long-term scenario, SEO outsourcing can save you a tremendous amount of money. Getting together a new team required you to train the staff, purchase relevant tools, and pay the staff their monthly wage apart from the other employment benefits.

All of these expenses add up especially if you want to seek the services of qualified professionals. High turnover can also shoot up the costs, as you have to constantly train new individuals.

On the flip side, you only pay for services rendered when you partner up with Search Engine Optimization outsourcing service. This gives you a lot more control over your expenditures that can significantly decrease your marketing costs.

Time Efficient

Unless you have adequate time to thoroughly analyze, research and monitor continuously, Search engine Optimization will become a very time consuming exercise.

It is common knowledge that the success of any online business website is contingent on well its online marketing campaign fares. Coupled with this campaign, you also have to maintain your business website, which is not an easy task and time consuming as well.

Hence, outsourcing  SEO will save you ample time as someone will have to bear the brunt of all the complicated SEO work. In this manner, you have more time focus on the other key areas of your business.

Premium Content

To acquire better traffic ratio, it is imperative to have top quality content on your business website. Most of the organizations do not have a full time writer on their payroll for content creation related tasks. Instead, they prefer to outsource the content writing work to Search Engine Optimization outsourcing companies who have a number of competent content writers. These writers can create amazing weekly blogs and great content to publish on your business website.

Different Perspective

It is always crucial to have a fresh and unique perspective on your business. By using an SEO outsourcing company, you have the privilege of receiving an outsider’s view. This can open up new and exciting marketing opportunities. These opportunities might not have come your way had you not hired a service for SEO outsourcing.

The other major benefit of an SEO outsourcing service is that they have a lot of experience and expertise. They have been working across a broad array of businesses and can cleverly spot opportunities as well as potential threats.

Final Word

We cannot stress the benefits of SEO outsourcing enough. To that end, if you would like to improve your website’s ranking, be sure to reach out to Vserve. We offer quality SEO services and have professionals on our team, trained in developing Search Engine Optimization strategies to enhance your company’s online visibility.


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How to Use Business Intelligence in eCommerce Sales? A Universal Guide

What is Business Intelligence?

In layman terms, Business Intelligence (BI) is a varied set of processes, technologies, and methodologies that convert raw data to meaningful and important information. This in turn drives profitable business actions. BI is a collection of Business Intelligence Services and software that transform data to practical knowledge and actionable intelligence.

Business Intelligence directly influences an organization’s strategic and operation business decisions. Business Intelligence tools perform data analysis and create summaries, reports maps, charts, and dashboards to provide detailed intelligence about the business’s nature.

The Use of Business Intelligence Services

Detailed Consumer Analysis

Today, customers interact with business in several ways. For instance, these include websites, emails, social media, chatbots, direct calls and many more. Hence, they gather data from various sources. What Business Intelligence does is to integrate this data from a variety of sources to gain a holistic view of the consumer. Basic data analysis only gives you insight about what is happening (which strategies worked and which do not). BI goes one-step ahead and assesses likely reasons why a particular strategy worked or failed to do so. Moreover, this helps to establish a cause and effect relationship for more thorough analysis on consumer preferences and behavior.

Identify Core Areas Where You Can Slash Costs

Business Intelligence software allows you identify which areas of your business you can save money on such as marketing and inventory. You might have excess inventory that translates into redundant costs in terms of acquisition and maintenance. After you have identified the areas where you can slash costs and boost productivity, you can take the necessary steps/actions to enhance your savings.

Business Intelligence in eCommerce

Accurately and timely available data is the primary factor that determines the success of an eCommerce business venture. Several Business Intelligence service providers develop Business Intelligence in eCommerce to present data that can facilitate decision-making. For example, some of the useful information/data includes:

  • Trending product analysis
  • Inventory, sales and marketing reports
  • Leading performers ( Most profitable customers, advertising campaigns etc)
  • Margin Analysis (cost and profitability of products)
  • Trend analysis

Safeguarding Your Business from Online Threats

Malware attacks and data breaches are some of the most common but dangerous online threats to businesses. So, this is precisely why it is critical to invest in Business Intelligence Services and solutions that come equipped with advanced security tools and powerful analytics. Cutting edge Business Intelligence software safeguards your organization from malicious attacks and hackers.


Organization small and big alike can benefit tremendously from the use of Business Intelligence solutions in all areas of their business- from customer relations to budgeting.

If you need Business Intelligence Consulting services, be sure to reach out to Vserve. We are a reputed IT enabled service provider based in India and excel in providing Business Intelligence Services that include but are not limited to Data Intelligence, Data Marketing, Digital Marketing, Customer Support, and Product data Management.

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Ways to Find the Right Business Intelligence Solution Provider

Picking the right business intelligence services for your business can be overwhelming. There’re general solutions, niche solutions and everything in between them. Some business intelligence services specialize in specific business sizes, industries or even job positions. To jumble things further, numerous providers offer solutions that are of remarkable quality, which makes unbiasedly picking the ‘best’ solution a tad of a test. In this blog, we’ll discuss the criteria you should think about when choosing a Business Intelligence solution for your company.

What is Business Intelligence Services?

Numerous businesses are utilizing BI software knowing what they actually need from this, without comprehending what it can truly do. BI fundamentally takes significant insights from massive unstructured data and turn them into important business information. Organizations can use this information to make key decisions, enhance operational effectiveness and improve productivity This information offers significant insights of buying habits, customer trends, online shopping statistics and so on which can give immense value to any organization.

How To Choose The Best Business Intelligence Solution

Business intelligence solution is a basic step for any undertaking hoping to democratize data and open clear visualizations and insights from the different data sources in their brand. Modern BI software effectively syncs up to your information warehouse and produce visualizations that make it simple to comprehend your data when it is questioned. Be that as it may, no two business intelligence tools are similar.

They vary around data sharing and democratization, visualization capabilities, last-mile modeling, and reporting intelligence. When in the position to choose business intelligence service provider for your business, here are a few elements to consider;

1.Which Challenges Do You Want to Solve?

The initial step to guarantee that your BI endeavor will succeed is to figure out which challenges you are trying to solve. This step requires continuous communication with the members of your company who will be interacting with the software. Often figuring out which challenge you are trying to solve is a procedure; through collaboration and discussion, new valuable ideas can develop.

There’s nothing worse – for vendor and client, both – than being promised the whole world, just to find out upon installation that the BI solution can’t do what your company ad trusted it would. Having an unmistakable idea of the challenges you’d like to solve within your organization enables you to ultimately ask the business intelligence services company for a proof of concept that relays directly to your brand and its development.

 2.Industry Recognition

You need to check that the business intelligence company you are considering is respectable. A good spot to begin would be a reputable BI user review. You can check out a survey where over 3,000 users answered different questions concerning their software. The survey could analyze 40 leading eCommerce intelligence services across 27 different performance aspects including customer satisfaction, vendor support, and business value. Looking into results from various BI surveys is an incredible approach to guarantee that your chosen business intelligence solution provider will produce what you need.


Some BI tools provide both client and role-based client security. This recommends who can create, publish, use, modify, or administer its applications. Nonetheless, some companies may need a BI tool to coordinate with existing security measures or operating systems. Therefore, check whether the BI software you picked can use its security alongside different systems from the networks, databases and operating systems. Hence, the software’s security ought to align with your current and future data security policies.

4.Visualization Capability

Does your business require more instinctive visualizations and dashboards, or do you place small value on the aesthetics and presentation data? Some providers may beat others in specific aspects. Some business intelligence consulting services are generally recognized for powerful and beautiful visualizations, while some are incredible for granular-level operational data. Also, some tools will enable users to use a filter on the information present in visualization. This results in drill-down of information into the little details for making high-level reports.

5.Find Out How Their Tools Perform Real-Time Data Updates

It is not enough hearing the sales personnel tell you everything their software will offer you. Other than requesting to see a demo, you may likewise want to see how this process happens. If you’re not a tech person, it might be ideal to have an IT expert with you. It helps in understanding more when you are having this conversation.

Make Your Move with Business Intelligence Solution

While engaging in your statistical surveying and looking at what your rivals use are greatly helpful, eventually, you have to decide what is right for you, your business and your customers. Think about the whole strength of your team. Know how many of your workers will be using the BI tool and regularly. Consider the data they actually need and want. Choosing a business intelligence analyst such as Vserve intelligence solutions helps organizations to maintain the veracity of their database. This results in delivering “genuine, real-time data” alongside automatic updates.

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