How to Find a Skilled eCommerce Image Editing Services Provider?

Did you know 75% of Online Shoppers check product pictures when making a purchase? So make sure that your product images are properly edited and look impressive before you upload them online. It will increase the conversion rate on your store, grow your sales and boosts your revenue. But since there are tons of eCommerce image editing services, finding a reliable one can be challenging.

Things to Examine Before Hiring an eCommerce Image Editing Service Provider

We’ve rounded up the best ways to find the professional eCommerce image editing service provider for your store:

# Experience

Not one photo-editing company may suit every eCommerce needs. If a company specializes in serving businesses selling fashion apparel, it may not suit an online mobile retailer. So make sure you consider experience and specialization.

Many top eCommerce image editing services specialize in all niches, such as textiles, electronics, jewelry, etc.

Choose a service provider who has demonstrated considerable experience in your industry. You can ask for relevant samples from the provider you are considering or check their website.

# Look into their Onboarding Process

A good image editing service follows a well-defined step-by-step process for its new clients. The onboarding process should be in-depth, involving meetings, calls, and if possible, on-site visits to understand your needs. They should first understand your requirements with patience.

Both – you and your service provider – need to understand each other before editing and uploading tens of thousands of your product images.

# Security

Product images are a great digital asset to your eCommerce store. So make sure the company you deal with provides full security of your assets. Check whether they have secure means of uploading and downloading images. They must use a reliable FTP or the cloud service for the purpose.

Also, check whether the technology they are using for image editing is reliable and secure. All their storage and transmission devices should be secure to ensure the effectiveness and security of the project. The service provider must largely focus on:

  • Secure encryption practices
  • Stringent backup methods
  • Data cleansing
  • Restricted sharing

Is the service provider ISO 9001 certified? You can ask them to show documentation to prove their ISO certification and other benchmarks.

All team members working with top product image editing services often undergo stringent background checks to prevent potential conflicts of interest. The company should not hesitate to sign an NDA, thereby maintaining the copyright and confidentiality of your images and data.

# Cost

Cost if one of the major consideration. But it should not be the only consideration when looking to outsource image editing services. First, set your budget that depends on variables such as workload, deadline, number of photos, type of services, desired editing techniques, etc.

# Turnaround Time

If you want your editing work within a strict deadline, you need to make sure that you choose a provider that is available 24X7. Moreover, communication is key to the success of any project. So make sure you choose a service provider that is responsive and has a good rating for communication.

Remember, professional eCommerce image editing services provider will help you to stay on budget while focused on your business goals.

# Look into Customer Reviews and Testimonials

Did you know excellent visual content is 40% more likely to get shared on social media platforms? So it’s good to check social media too. It will give a complete picture of their work quality.

Consult reviews and testimonials on their official website to identify whether or not trust a service. For this, you can also check online review sites.

Remember that customer review is a written reflection of their actual services. You can also try an additional search by typing ‘Google search: “provider name + scam.” It will help you make an educated decision.

 # Capacity to Handle Bulk Orders

Find out if photo editing company can handle orders in bulk or has some restrictions when it comes to ordering. It will be beneficial for you if you are planning to expand your business.

# Accepted Payment Methods

Check out what payment methods they accept, mainly if you are working with an international pictures editing agency. Also, identify how invoices are handled. Look for any hidden fees and international money transfer charges.

What to Do Next?

There is no surprise that high-quality eCommerce images are important for better sales and brand growth. Data on various online stores shows that 80% of eCommerce businesses fail. So it’s now your time to make a great impression and boost your brand conversion rate.

After your search and screening get over, you can contact your selected providers. It will help you to clarify what picture editing services they offer and what’s not.

If you are searching for the top ecommerce image editing services provider at an affordable budget, Vserve can be a good choice.


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What Are All the Best Practices of Product Image Editing?

Product image editing plays a crucial role in marketing as it instills and addresses the product’s appearance, quality, and likeability. If you are looking forward to understand the best practices of product photo editing, here they are.

Techniques That Bring out the Best of Product Image Editing Services

#1 of E-commerce Image Editing Services: Background Removal

Background removal is probably the most common product photo editing technique used by every image editing service provider. But nevertheless, it is one of the best practices to showcase products at their best.

Think about it, a product portrayed on a beautiful background will obviously please the eyes, but does it serve the purpose? Definitely not as we are trying to bring attention to the product and show its better qualities to improve the sales, not the scenery.

Background removal is also the reason for the recommendation to shoot the product with a white background as it makes removal easier.

#2 of Product Image Editing Services: Color Correction

Color correction is the technique used when all you have is one model but you need to portray it in various colors. But it is not limited to this small use case.

The captured picture might portray a dull version of the product. For instance, a picture might show a lighter version of a black shoe. And that doesn’t excite the viewer in any way.

Color correction fixes the color tone, saturation, exposure, contrast and every aspect of the products, making them more attractive to the viewers.

#3 of Image Editing Services: Image Retouching

Even if the product is photographed with the best camera, it ought to have inconsistencies that might not represent the product at its best.

For example, the image of a model shoe might have minute flaws with the laces or the sole. It might also have unwanted spots. And such spots can be removed with image retouching.

In brief, image retouching is the localizing adjustments to render picture with impeccability. While this is essential for all images, the emphasis for retouching is even higher for E-commerce product image editing as a picture here speaks volumes for the quality of the product.

#4 of E-commerce Product Image Editing Services: Photo Masking

Image masking is a non-destructive process of editing that involves isolating various layers or portions of the image.

E-commerce products, at times, have to be portrayed as worn by models to show how they look in reality. And during that time, editing the product separately might render the model a bad shape and vice-versa. Image masking can be used to individualize selected portions of the image for editing, while the rest remains unchanged.

#5 of Photo Editing Services: Drop Shadow

Too much editing is also bad for the products as it makes them look unreal, discouraging the viewers from buying them. But despite the shortcomings, it’s forcing us to rely on eCommerce product image editing services to make the product look as perfect as possible.

Drop shadow is the savior in such scenarios. When the original background is removed to obtain a clean, white background for the image, the shadow of the original image is also removed. Drop Shadow adds a fake shadow to the product image making them look more real and appealing.

#6 of Image Editing Services: Ghost Mannequin

Ghost mannequin is especially a boon for garment and clothing product photo editing. Clothes can get unnecessarily wrinkled when hanged in the air and that is bad as product image. It has to be the flawless to attract customers.

Ghost mannequin is the technique that involves dressing a mannequin with the product and removing the mannequin with special effects after the photoshoot. The technique also comes in handy when you want to portray the sophistication of the product from every angle.

#7 of E-commerce Image Editing Services: Mirror Effect

Mirror effect, as the name suggests, is mirroring of the images to improve the appeal of the product.

While it may not be useful for all the products, the mirror effect can prove to be highly effective and can potentially drive sales in the suitable ones.

The typical use case of mirror effect in image editing services is to portray the glassware or utensils as a classic fit for the surroundings.

Wrapping Up

The last step of E-commerce image editing is the most basic of all the processes: resizing. The product image that goes live online should neither be large nor small; it has to be apt.

We in Vserve emphasize on creating the best products images because we understand how crucial images are for sales. In fact, 75% of online shoppers decide a potential purchase based on the product images.

Get in touch with our executives if you want to support your product sales with highly optimized images. We offer E-commerce product image editing services that increase sales and conversion.


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How Outsourcing eCommerce Catalog Management Services Save You Time & Cost?

As an online retailer, it can be daunting to manage your eCommerce platform on your own. But, you can accomplish this tedious task if you outsource eCommerce catalog management services.

Here’s why:

Quality Maintenance

With around 120 million registered products on Amazon alone, it can be hard to compete with other retailers. So, you need to keep a consistent quality for your products and that too across several channels.

If you plan on doing it yourself, you might end up with product content that has wrong descriptions, information, spelling mistakes, etc. Hiring a reliable eCommerce product catalog management team for quality maintenance ensures that your product descriptions, data, and attributes are top-notch.

Furthermore, if you are managing the data with software like Excel, then managing your product catalog will become time-consuming. Even if you end up with a small team of employees to manage entering data on Excel sheets, etc., it would not be productive in the long run. As a result, you end up with wastage of time and money.

An excellent product management service indexes your catalog through cutting-edge tools for hassle-free data management. Besides, professionals will have a faster turnaround time to give you updates on your eCommerce catalog.

Constant Updates For eCommerce Catalog Management

Ecommerce websites need to refurbish their product lists regularly to maintain quality and variety. That prompts you to make an effort to update your product catalog to suit the requirements of your customer base.

Jeopardizing your online reputation could break your business for good. Instead of relying on an inexperienced team, you must choose professionals for this work.Such experts are always monitoring the product data and updating it consistently for keeping you in the eCommerce market at all times.

Outsourcing will let you have the time to focus on the expansion of your venture by targeting other departments, such as customer relations, branding, operations, and marketing. That way, you can reach out to more people, create new customers, and give your eCommerce business a boost in sales.

Product Catalog Management Via Multiple Channels

If you are targeting more than one eCommerce platform for your products, then you can unquestionably imagine the work pressure. Simultaneous cataloging of all the products in high quality is a challenge for sure.

Furthermore, each eCommerce channel will have its criteria that need to be abode. If you miss a certain point while doing it yourself, you might lose a valuable customer instantly. And, the chances of the client revisiting your eCommerce page is also limited.

The confusing rules and specifications of multiple platforms can make it frustrating for you to do eCommerce product catalog management on your own. As a result, you might lose your reputation too.

Moreover, CNBC states that nine out of ten customers will always compare the same product on multiple eCommerce platforms. That makes it obligatory for you to have an omnichannel presence.

With expert product management services, you have a reliable setup for inputting precise and eligible details for your eCommerce catalog on several channels at once. That way, you save time and energy for managing your products.

Appropriate Supplier Data

You might be working as a reseller, which makes it significant that you publish the seller’s data correctly. Adding error-free content to your eCommerce page is a necessity, as you do not want to lose a valuable client.

Some suppliers do not have complete information listed for their products. Moreover, you might even find spelling errors in their provided information. As a reseller, you will have to correct and complete the product data to maintain your standard on the eCommerce platforms.

If the task is lengthy, then you will need to take help from a reliable team to revamp the supplier data for you. Additionally, such experts will research incomplete product data for helping you maintain your standards online.


Ecommerce product catalog management services streamline the workload by centralizing the process. They have specific tools that manage the product information to give you a productive approach.

As a retailer, you might not be able to spare your valuable time on finding products, registering them, adding descriptions, comparing with competitor’s data, etc.

Moreover, such tasks cannot rely on amateur team members. What you need is a professional team that unifies the responsibilities to give you consistent outputs without wasting your time. 

Such a team will have the right way of updating you at all times so that you have a strong presence on eCommerce platforms, both internally and externally. As a result, you save a ton of costs on product management, services, workforce, etc.

Final Thoughts

Outsourcing eCommerce catalog management services give you many privileges that an amateur team of handlers cannot. After all, it is your reputation that is on the line.

Contact Vserve Ebusiness Solutions to outsource reliable ecommerce product catalog management services today!


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How to Pick the Right Product Data Management Service Provider?

Data is the backbone of any successful organization today. Although it comes in numerous forms and can be utilized to many ends, the worth scarcely changes — at least when discussing performance and optimization. You need the information to be competitive; however, you also need data to keep satisfying your customers’ needs. The right PDM system is accessible by multiple teams and multiple applications across businesses and supports business-explicit needs. Picking the right product data management service provider can offer an organization in any industry with a strong foundation that can be effectively ventured into a full PLM platform.

At its core, a product data management offers solutions for secure configuration management, data management, and process enablement.

Every Business Needs a Product Data Management Solution

Even though the digital transformation in some organizations is still in its early stages, eCommerce product data management system is already prominent in some businesses. For their success, these organizations depend on the safety standards and highest quality of their sustainable products. The ideal PDM aims to make product data readily available at the point of need. New data can be stored in a couple of simple steps. This is quick and saves a lot of work and expenses.

How To Land The Right Product Data Management Services Provider?

Owing to the massive amount of choices available, businesses may feel overwhelmed when they start the quest for a PDM provider. Different recommendations might come from friends and colleagues in similar businesses that leave people seeking for a PDM provider feeling confused.

When running a product campaign, you need to ensure that you are targeting the right market for a higher ROI. The ideal data management provider can likewise help organizations facilitate better customer relations and customer care service by keeping information organized. Businesses end up with a more proficient custom data system when managed through a decent PDM. The followings are the critical factors to consider when looking for the right product data management service provider;

–> ROI

The first move to precisely assessing a PDM service provider is to check whether their service will offer an adequate return on investment (ROI). This doesn’t mean only up-front cost, but all it takes to install and maintain the system. By linking data sources, adding structure to the data on account of the publisher’s business rules, and helping make the data significant, the PDM brings higher revenue for their inventory, gives more insights into their audience, and comes up with better business decisions. There are numerous ways a PDM can help an organization build its bottom line.

–> Size Versus Flexibility in Product Data Management Service

How large is the data management service provider you are considering working with? Some PDM companies reduce their personalized services as they grow. Indeed, data management providers that are part of a more prominent company will have fabulous marketing resources; however, you should find out how responsive they will be to your needs.

When you are looking for support, a provider that responds professionally and quickly is extremely valuable. Who is going to be your direct point of contact once you have an agreement? Are you going to have a dedicated resource for your company or only a set of online FAQs? Depending on how much of a support you’re looking for, that may influence how you pick a product data management service.

–> Ensure Collaboration

Product data management services are primarily used to centralize data storage, but likewise to maintain it, update it, and have easy access to it. Therefore, you have to circulate your data from central storage to all your working folders, and the other way around. One point to consider is that the PDM service provider you pick ought to be able to manage conflicts of data.

–> Excellent Technical Group

Numerous data management providers in the market will meet your requirements. Along these lines, pick a provider who has brilliant technical support and an attentive account team. When issues emerge within the data management network, they usually have a major effect on your business. Your capability to resolve these issues timely will be crucial to your success.

–> Good Customer Care Service

Every data you control acts as a powerful tool; however, what if you do not know how to go about your PDM or have one or two questions, what are you going to do? Who will you call? When you are looking for a PDM service provider, a company that responds rapidly and professionally is valuable.


For businesses to be successful, they need to identify the issues they are trying to solve and how well they know the tools provided to solve them. Then execute the project understanding what you are trying to accomplish, have the ideal people who can make it happen, and the most appropriate procedure that will take you there. Vserve product data management services offer you with the characteristics as mentioned earlier. It would be best if you kept in mind that picking the ideal PDM provider is the only way to make your business grow.


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Top 5 Things You Need to Know About Product Data Management

A sound product data management system provides a business with a “solitary source of truth”. It is also, a central system where you can easily access the company’s product data, in the knowledge that the information is valid. In a PDM system, you gather all of the product data, enrich it and disperse it rapidly and productively to the entirety of the channels, digitally to websites, online stores, and marketing channels, for example, eBay Amazon, and PriceRunner, and in printed brochures, datasheets, and catalogs, and so forth.

The Need for A Product Data Management

The requirement for a PDM system often emerges when a business’ product information requirements increase, and the old method of managing data is never again satisfactory. The organization’s ERP system is too rigid, unfit to manage the expanding complexity of the product information, and chaos of databases and Excel sheets makes finding the right data and dispersing it to the right channels.

The PDM system is incorporated into the company’s different systems. It’s set up between the company’s sources for product data on the side (PLM, ERP supplier data, and so forth.) and the external data distribution marketing channels on the other (CMS lists, online store, datasheets, catalogs, etc.)

Things You Need to Know About Ecommerce Product Data Management

While it is standard for some big ventures to monitor their vast databases of parts, associated documentation, assemblies, it does not mean smaller organizations can’t profit from all the benefits related to enterprise-level information management. Effective data management services keep your company moving like a well-oiled machine.

Are you using data management services in your company? If you aren’t, it is time you did. Be that as it may, where do you start? To start with, you have to understand some fundamental things about the data management system. Some of which you never knew before.

  • PDM Is More Accessible To Smaller Companies Now

Generally, PDM software has only been accessible to big organizations with substantial and healthy budgets. Anyways the era of expensive and sophisticated business software only being available to large organizations is about to end. With the introduction of some new PDM essentials, you can make use of the same secret weapons that organizations like Volvo and Philips use. Now the software is priced and scaled for different team formations, from only one user to many users. What’s more, here is the best news: it very well may be the installation and configuration takes only a day!

  • Product Data Is Critical to Purchasing Decisions

The battle for the cutting-edge customer – in B2B and B2C – is generally a battle about data. The cutting-edge consumer does a ton of researching online prior to making a buying decision, and the more and better product data available, for instance, in your online store, the more the probability that the buyer will become your customer.

A PDM system makes it simple to develop and maintain all sorts of product data so that you could provide the customer a full description of the item, its exact specs, the necessary videos, and images, relevant, and so forth. The entirety of this is the combination of user-focus descriptions rather than internal item numbers and different terms that the ERP system commonly uses.

  • A Data Set Brings Benefits Only When It Is Used on Decision Makings

If you use best practices, for instance, clean a data collection, distribute its schema, assign a data steward, and layer on an open API. Still, no one ever uses the data set; then you have not delivered any direct benefits. Decisions and actions bring about benefits, and until we utilize a data set to support our decision making, it is merely incurring costs. (We recognize that a data index that is “all set” has an option value; however, that shouldn’t be your initial ecommerce product data management focus).

  • You Have to Consider Security

Storing your data is just an aspect of data management services. You will have to remember a few different things. Security ought to be the priority on your list. Information security is more critical as an ever-increasing number of organizations get the risks of hacking. No customer likes discovering the compromising of their data. No company does either. Be mindful of security breaches. Consider security measures like a regular part of your data management.

  • It Saves Time

Setting up a data management system requires time and effort, particularly when you are working with too much existing data. The result, however, will be worth what it took you to get there. When you have your system fully operational, you will wonder how you ever coped without it. When your data is overseen productively, you have more time to commit to other things.

Product Data Management Services

Product data management Services is very critical to the success of your organization. It makes it run smoothly and allows you to focus on other meaningful things. With vserve product data management, your company’s data management will take your business to more productive heights. If you do not have a data management system already set up, start the process today.

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Impact of Product Data Management in Ecommerce Business

Product data management systems offer a centralized location for product data that all your other departments and channels can source from. Well-executed PDM has a massive impact on a business by standardizing your product information and streamlining the process of sending it out to all other channels, especially the product data management in eCommerce business. PDM software is available from various providers and can integrate with specific aspects of your other eCommerce software like your control systems and inventory tracking.

Some eCommerce businesses have PDM features built-in straight out of the box. The sole purpose of PDM is to mitigate the difficulties of product information management and consistency through the whole of your business, ensure distribution of the top-notch quality product information as smoothly as possible, and offer you the opportunity and tools to improve your product data in all cases.

What Is the Most Common Scope of Product Data Management in eCommerce?

PDM ordinarily acts as centralized data management and repository system for eCommerce businesses, or brick and mortar, retail brands. Its focus is entirely on product information, and other aspects of eCommerce, for instance, marketing (besides data identified with digital marketing channels), returns processing, customer, segmentation, and order management have no spot within the PDM.

As the ultimate source for product information, PDM feeds the eCommerce businesses, as well as other third-party systems. Combined online and offline trading system and multi-language, omnichannel environments, and multi-store set-ups all have exceptionally complex information management needs. PDM guarantees data integrity across all these environments and systems.

The Impacts of Product Data Management Services

The reality of e-commerce and business today makes data management services a fundamental part of operations. Regardless of whether it is your client’s data stored in your CRM, in-application analytics, conversations done via chatbots, the thousands of Slack messages exchanged between your team, or any blend of these, data management is a significant part of running a company.

You could summarize the fundamental benefits of PDM by saying that it unfathomably improves the manner in which your business deals with product information, but what precisely does this mean? How about we take a look at the details of how a decent PDM system can impact your business in many ways:

Improves Data Management

Having a focal information management tool brings both responsibility and ownership, with an unmistakable workflow for product data within the company. Information quality improves and the time needed to amend or add product data is highly reduced. PDM’s can likewise add reports about the quality of product information (at different levels), workflow to urge different users to improve various aspects, the capacity to automate enhancement in places and localize different fields, and so forth.

Improves Customers Experience

When your products are correctly described, categorized, and stocked, customers can quickly locate what they’re looking for, be positive about their buying decision, and be enticed by up-sells and related items they come across. This is what a proper eCommerce product data management brings.

Productivity Gains

With PDM, retailers can bring in product information from numerous sources, which includes suppliers, to develop a mind-boggling product data rapidly, precisely, and effectively. Users are likewise able to automate different aspects of the enrichment procedure and establish workflows to make checking more effective.

There is no compelling reason to manage information into different systems. Since the PDM acts as the grand source of product information and afterward feeds other systems where required. With minimal time spent on the data entry, there is enough time to be spent on product optimization. This will help you in bringing about increasing sales.

Improves Speed to Market

When your business has a new item, getting it quickly to the market is significant. Every minute you’re, your product is on the proverbial rack, you’re losing money. That, however, you are allowing your rivals to get their items to the market first. This results in reducing the effect of your product launch. Product data management services are one of the best methods of speeding up to the market. Once every product data is on hand, you only need to input them, and you are good to start selling.

Makes Searching for Product Information Easier

Almost everyone in your business will require easy access to product data, particularly your sales group. Obviously, you would have already trained your business group about the items; however, it is imperative that they can address technical questions decisively. PDM system will guarantee that all the latest product data is in one place and is easily accessible. This will ensure that every member of your staff is informed and well equipped to sell the products.

Restructuring your product life-cycle requires a deep dive into the information output from your current system. However, getting to this degree of visibility utilizing data silos or spreadsheets is a vain effort, considering the sheer amount of information created at each stage in the lifecycle. By embracing a PDM strategy, you will reduce unnecessary costs, empower your workers, and develop a good relationship with customers.

Final Thoughts of eCommerce Data Management in eCommerce Business

Now, you may know the importance and the impact of product data management in eCommerce business. It is one of the most important task in online retail business to stay on top of your competitors. You can outsource to a reliable PDM agency to make your eCommerce business reach millions of customers online.

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Why Catalog Management in eCommerce is Important?

In today’s retail world, the importance of incorporating and utilizing a reliable eCommerce catalog management cannot be over-emphasized. As you probably battle your way to turning your store into a raging success, a well detailed and structured product catalog management might just be all you need to attain victory.

And why is this so?

By having an effective product catalog management that caters to the distribution of adequate information for your customer’s different chosen products, you can unlock doors to many seeming opportunities and constantly keep yourself afloat of the market competition.

As a case study, in an article published in Harvard Business Review in 2016, a yearly cost of poor quality data in the US alone amounts to $3.1 trillion. That’s the extent to which poor data can damage business revenue. But the good news is that you can avoid such fate.

The more reason why, in this article, we will be discussing the importance of having an effective eCommerce catalog management. And in addition, how to outsource catalog management service.

But before we dive in yet, let’s quickly zoom in and take a look at some of the challenges often faced in the process of executing an effective eCommerce catalog management.

Challenges of eCommerce Catalog Management

The challenges in eCommerce catalog management can be enormous, for many different reasons:

  1. In eCommerce catalog management, it is very easy for your product data to get messy and inconsistent especially if you are a multi-channel seller.
  2. You can decide to settle for sub-par product information if your catalog management system is not properly outlined, a result which can tell on your sales and customer satisfaction.
  3. Having the need to update your products constantly can pose a serious challenge if you are operating on multiple channels.
  4. In eCommerce catalog management, you will have to deal with variations and misspellings in supplier data. Because suppliers have little or no regard for effective catalog management.
  5. Also, the size of the catalog with respect to the number of products and SKU’s
  6. The freshness of data: how recent is your data? Data is good but only if it is recent.

The Importance of eCommerce Catalog Management

Maintaining an efficient eCommerce catalog management is key in building up your business. In fact, it is the most fundamental aspect of a retail enterprise. If you can commit the time, the effort, and the resources required to properly manage your product catalog, in the end, you will be glad you did.

Below are some of the reasons why we think eCommerce Catalog Management is so important:

Omni-channel Experience

Product Catalog serves as a building block of omnichannel strategy. Consistent catalog management system across different channels helps your customers to establish a strong connection with your products. Therefore, they can easily recognize your fingerprints in the product listing without having to check for the seller info. Going in-between channels like this, will strengthen your overall omnichannel experience and helps boost your strategy.

Improve customer experience

In a survey conducted among online adults site in the US, 30% of them said they would consider buying a product from a totally unknown retailer that has detailed product information than one that doesn’t. This clearly affirms that good customer experience is key in a retail business. By creating and imbibing a rich and detailed product information service that is readily available, easy-to-find, and user-friendly, you can be sure of beating your competitors hands down.

Create rich and consistent product information

One of the goodies of product catalog management is that you get to maintain rich and consistent information all across your sales channels. With access to quality data, you would have conquered inconsistency in spellings and information gathering which happens to be a common plague in product listing. Also, sooner or later, you would have had product information that is fully-attribute to you.

Improve business growth

There is no denying the fact that product catalog management helps create a solid foundation for business enlargement. When you have a brilliant eCommerce catalog management strategy, you can easily expand your business and dominate the market. As a matter of fact, with a proper structure in place, you can easily add extra SKUs without feeling overwhelmed or consumed.

How to outsource catalog management service?

Competition becomes rife across many different retailers. So, there is a need to fast-track the pace in which eCommerce catalog management is being created. To do this, you need an extra pair of hands and that’s why Vserve Solution is your go-to service. At Vserve Ebusiness Solution, we do the grunt work so that you can do the great work you’ve always nursed. We can help you wow your customers at a price that isn’t above your chest. By partnering with Vserve Solution, you are on your way to having an unmatched and unbeatable catalog management record.


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How to Write Creative Product Descriptions With Ease

Why is product description writing important?

The answer is simple: if you see yourself from the customer perspective! As a customer, everyone would look more towards descriptions than the product. Creative product descriptions help the user make buying decisions regarding different products.

Use professional product description writing services to get the best descriptions for your products.

However, if you wish to write the texts yourself, here are the ways to crack it:

Study the Product

Before writing the creative product descriptions, have a keen understanding of the product. You need to know how it differs from the other products, and what are its additional features and key benefits so that you can connect the content to your targeted audience. Also, come up with an engaging title for the description.

Attract Your Customers with

Practice attracting your customers in your product description writing. Highlight the natural ingredients, amaze them with your offers or you can choose to excite them by creating personalized quotes. Adding flavors to your product will certainly produce an aroma to customers that will create a sense of urgency.

Invite Humor

Include humor in your descriptions. This way, you can engage your readers and keep them from getting bored. It is not necessary that every product must have humor in it, but the fact is when you involve the customers in the product via humor, they are more likely to try the product. Seek help from product description writing outsourcing to incorporate humor in your writing. They can help you with perfect examples.

Product Benefits

Concentrate largely on this part, as almost every customer will review it. Only if the customers find it beneficial will they come forward to buy the product so give them every key benefit of the product. Highlight the natural ingredients on top, as it can draw more attention to people.

Avoid Complicating

Make it simple and understandable. Do not force yourself to put all of your creative ideas into a single product. Choose a natural tone of words and frame the sentence as you are suggesting it to a friend. You can approach Amazon product description writers to make your writing more clear and catchy.

Upload Images

Include images of the product. Sometimes, it is the beauty of the product that attracts customers. If it is available in a wide variety of colors, add a picture of every model in every color. Colors always will have an impact on humans.

Final Thoughts

Fear not for like how can I make it happen. Vserve is ready to help you with amazing product description writing services that are unique, appealing, and informative. We aim in convincing the customers so that they are more likely to buy the product from your website.


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What are the Good Practices in eCommerce Catalog Management

When it comes to providing a delightful online shopping experience, it’s important to understand the art of eCommerce catalog management.

Yes – we said it. Catalog management is like an art where you have to be thoughtful and customer-centric to deliver comprehensive and accurate product information.

When done right, it can help you emerge as a credible brand and boost your sales.

The What’s and Why’s of Catalog Management

Catalog management is a dynamic process where the products are managed in a standard format to ensure high-quality and consistent data across different sales channels.

An eCommerce catalog offers product names, price, supplier information, descriptions, hierarchy and other related details. Within those categories, other details can be organized. For instance, a garment merchant can add details like sleeve length, neckline, pattern, color, style and fit need to help customers find the correct and desired product.

While developing a marketplace model, the success of your eCommerce relies on the quality and functional power of your product catalog management.

If you are a multi-vendor marketplace businessman, you should ensure having a customer-ready, consistent and rich product information on your e-store. It is a must to develop a genuine omnichannel experience for your customers.

Let’s look at some good practices to ensure a successful eCommerce catalog management for your eCommerce business:

Good Practices in eCommerce Catalog Management


In the present scenario, there’s fierce competition in the eCommerce marketplace. This makes it necessary to handle catalog management in eCommerce in a manner that constantly keeps your business ahead of the competition.

In other words, the products or items copies should be user-friendly, attractive, searchable and grammatically correct to improve customer experience. Your Google-friendly website will help you top the SERP and divert more organic traffic.

Product Information Enrichment

Information is the most important factor in the success of any product. It is like a competitive advantage and a tremendous sales asset for retailers who focus on improving the quality of that information. What seems to be general, required steps such as adding using high-resolution images, product videos, and writing high-quality descriptions are normally overlooked while extending the eCommerce space.

An effective and useful product information system is not just about meeting such standards but using tools and processes to make them more effective and efficient. In a nutshell, if you have a properly optimized eCommerce catalog management will boost your sales.

Deploy Product Information Management System (PIMS)

Implementing Product Information Management System (PIMS) is a good deal to simplify your eCommerce catalog management. The PIMS prevents the issues of handling multiple spreadsheets at a single time across different departments.

It also helps one to enlist, manage and centralize their products on multiple sales channels. Helping in resolving the issues in data quality, the PIMS helps retailers to standardize and customize the product information by utilizing various tools, hence, saving a lot of their time. You can also list the same product on different channels by using the PIMS.

Maintain Uniformity While Displaying Product-Related Information

Customers place an order from a website when the UI and navigation of the website are user-friendly. No customer will ever shop from a platform if irritates them or makes them go through so m.

To keep your users engaged, the product information on your website is uniform, well-written, accurate and placed perfectly. This will decrease the bounce rate of your website and help you fatten up your bottom line.

Say No to Plagiarism

Although sometimes it is just more comfortable to copy product data from other websites. Duplicate or plagiarized content will not get attention by search engines, which is you would not want to see happening. Such type of poor information presentation on your e-store can decrease the conversion rate and hurt your online visibility.

Replace the duplicate content with continual improvements and check your product pages and online store from your customer’s perspective to maximize benefits.

Define Structure of Your Website Smartly

If you have a big product catalog, using large menus is an ideal deal. However, it would not be more effective in results if you have limited or a small list of products you provide to your customers.

This is because categorizing the products list can stop your customers from checking and exploring new products in your basket or even find the products they might purchase. So, it is recommended to know your business size carefully. Once known, then it is easier to define the online catalog’s product categories in your e-store.

You should create parent categories along with different sub-categories to help your customers know about your products. Helping your users to use filters based on their needs like the style and product material is a great way to improve customer experience.

Final Words about eCommerce Catalog Management

Maintaining and organizing data is essential for your business success. Investing in eCommerce catalog management is an ideal step to provide an interactive and easy-to-access interface to your customers. Also, it is one of the vital aspects of improving sales.

To develop a functional and optimized eCommerce website, feel free to connect with our team. Vserve experts can help you with product catalog management services and other business process outsourcing solutions. To get details, contact us today!


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