Case Study: Product Catalog Management

Client:Our client is a leading and very large multi-branded Commerce site having about 1.5 million SKUs

Challenges: As the client was managing a large number of SKU with plans to add over a million SKUs every year, more efficient operation and cost reduction were the major challenge. Eventually, margins were under pressure. Client approached Vserve to effectively handle these challenges and arrive at a cost-effective solution for which will enable them to grow that a fast pace.

Vserve’s effective strategy on Product Catalog Management

Appoint 50 Full-time Employees (FTE) to upload 200,000 SKUs per month.

Product upload includes:-

Result and Advantages of the Product Catalog Services offered by Vserve:

By having implemented the strategy of appointing 50 full-time employees for product upload including Catalog building & Indexing, Catalog Content Management Catalog Conversion, Image editing & resizing, as planned 200,000 SKUs were uploaded successfully leading to the advantages such as below which was never seen before by our client.

  1. 50% of Cost saving in manpower when compared to the In-house team at the client’s place.
  2. Quick product addition in the site resulting in 10-12% higher sales as products were available more in categories when compared to earlier scenario.
  3. Customer was engaged with the store due to proper indexing & catalog building.
  4. Increase of Sales Conversions by 3% due to better quality of contents and images.

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