Case Study: Competitor Price Analysis

Client: Our client is a leading online marketplace with wide-ranging offerings across different brands and product categories such as Electronics, Appliances, Home & furniture, Books etc.

Objective: Having a competitive edge in the online marketplace was a major challenge for our client. Monitoring multiple sites and a large number of products due to the extremely dynamic market, manual pricing data analysis can be time-consuming. Also a completely automated price monitoring did not provide the required results in terms of exact product match. This is where Vserve Competitive Intelligence was a real game changer.

Competitor Price Monitoring from Vserve

A combination of Automated and Manual process ensuring that the client receives the benefits of both the methods with 100% product matching was implemented.


  1. All the Product line was covered even in the absence of UPC/Model No.
  2. Products (Food-PL) coming with package, Units were also covered using price per unit concept.
  3. Pricing differed based on the color. This was achieved using Manual Mapping.


* Price - Price was given to customer

*Availability - Based on the availability, product price differed:

  1. Price was unavailable when product had Discontinued or OOS.
  2. Price was lower for limited stocks.

*Rebate - Offers & Promotions had a great impact on Pricing

  1. Offer expiry date was recorded and based on that price, updated.

*Shipping Price - Pricing was based on shipping price as competitors offer free shipping with higher price.

Benefits to the client from Vserve's Price Monitoring

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