Automobile Dealership Support Services

Increase your sales and customer retention through our low-cost customizable solutions

As a leader in automobile dealership support services with over 30 years’ industry experience, Vserve is dedicated to helping dealers maximize their profits by cost-effective solutions.

We are committed to delivering quick resolutions and customized campaigns to address the client’s requirement.

Our Automobile Dealership Support Services include:

Lead Generation & Prospect Follow-Up

At Vserve, we run targeted campaigns through multi-channels to generate leads. This includes direct mail, e-newsletters, online advertising and social media. The lead generation team identifies and nurtures the right decision makers who are in turn converted as qualified leads.

Prospect follow-ups are done through scheduled calls and email follow-ups. We have a dedicated team of business development professionals who are responsible for the support requirements of the customer.

Post –Sales Satisfaction & Service Follow-Up

The customer support agents at Vserve do post- sales follow-up with customers to understand any customer concerns, measure and drive customer satisfaction. The customer support agent runs personalized campaigns to keep customers returning to the dealership. Reminders are sent for maintenance, auto part, accessories and repairs via calls and emails.

Post service satisfaction surveys, direct mailers, calls, email follow-ups are conducted to capture any customer concerns and feedback. Concerns are resolved with quick turnaround time based on the standard operating procedure given by the dealership.

Data Mining & Equity Marketing

A dedicated team closely watches customers who near equity on their vehicle or those who near the end of the warranty. Our comprehensive equity marketing service is aimed towards repeat sales and personalized offers to each customer. The team identifies potential buyers of new or pre-owned vehicles. Customized campaigns are sent to targeted prospects with cost-effective offers for buying/leasing vehicles.

Online Reputation & Social Media Management

We monitor your dealerships’ online reputation through interactive dashboards that allows engaging with customers through various social media channels. Negative reviews are notified to the account managers who in turn will touch base with the customer via email or social media posts and resolve any customer concerns.

We streamline your online presence across social media sites and engage with the right audience to promote your dealership. Our social media specialists can set-up targeted advertising and pay-per click campaigns.

Search Engine Optimization

Our expert automotive SEO team can track the performance of your dealership website, evaluate competitor sites and drive traffic to your dealership website. Our SEO specialists can optimize your website with unique and keyword enriched contents.

The automotive search engine experts from Vserve take care of the end-to-end management of the website. This includes

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