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What is (DAM) Digital Asset Management System – Vserve Solution?

What is (DAM) Digital Asset Management System - Vserve Solution?

Digital asset management system (DAM) helps you get more value from creative assets like images and videos by making them easy to organize, access and distribute. Digital asset management is comprehensive file storage software that enables companies to secure digital media. DAM is an essential component of brand management, ensuring marketing and brand assets are easy to maintain and share. Cloud Digital asset management system is dynamic, flexible and gives teams access to company files anytime, anywhere and from any device. It empowers organizations to accelerate content creation and forgo time-consuming hunts for pictures, videos, and other digital assets.

A digital asset management system is necessary when the size or complexity of asset storage and sharing increases

The most common use-case is a marketing team that requires brand and content growth. A DAM system allows companies to expand content while maintaining brand consistency. It saves time and money, which is why so many organizations are adopting DAM software. Once implemented, DAM optimizes content and branding workflows. Decentralized teams have easier access to assets while minimizing duplicates. The most successful DAM systems offer a naturally intuitive user interface and experience.

When your boss tells you to research digital asset management systems, the first thing you’ll probably do is head to the internet to search for information and learn more about what DAM systems can help you accomplish. That’s great, and really important, as all research needs to start somewhere, but you may be missing a very critical step: internal research to determine what requirements are most important. That internal research will help you find a DAM solution that’s right for your company.

The fact is, not all Digital asset management system is the same. Some systems are a fit for certain organizations, while others aren’t. That’s why understanding your own organization’s needs first is key to finding a solution that will work for everyone.

We recommend creating a document that lists your requirements. You can use the template below as a guide. Start it off with a description of your company. List what industry you’re in, what you do, and anything else relevant that you think your DAM provider should know.

  • Do you do work with outside partners that will need access to the DAM?
  • Do you have multiple locations that need to collaborate together?
  • Do you have multiple language requirements?

With DAM, digital assets are organized in a central location, automating workflows and streamlining content creation. Innovative concept production is increased with sophisticated search capabilities. Distribution embargo dates can manage press kits and image collections. Watermarks can be placed on completed images or work-in-progress photos, and copyright, as well as contact information, are automatically embedded into images.

E-commerce website development

Ecommerce Website Development | Online Store Development

E-commerce Website Development | Online Store Development

E-commerce website development is growing globally for both the B2B & B2C market segments. Technology advancements coupled with the rapid increase in the number of smartphones, broadband connections, and innovative payment solutions are driving this growth in online shopping. But the fierce competition makes it essential for organizations to partner with an e-commerce website development company to maintain an edge over the competition.

E-commerce website development delivers custom e-commerce development services along with an exhaustive list of e-commerce website design offerings that include extension development, theme customization, and maintenance services.

E-commerce website development Services:

  • Custom eCommerce Web Development
  • eCommerce Shopping Cart Development
  • Payment Gateway Integration
  • eCommerce Website Design & Customization
  • Plug-in & Module Development
  • Responsive e-commerce Websites
  • Maintenance and Support

Our team of PHP developers is well-versed in delivering complete e-commerce solutions across all major platforms like Magento, Shopify, Bigcommerce, Zencart, Virtuemart etc. We can even provide you with custom eCommerce development over Java and .NET. Our experience over years helps us develop well-designed user-friendly eCommerce websites that can be integrated with various proprietary analytics tools.

Working with a strong E-commerce website development can deliver the Following Features:

  • Feature-rich e-commerce sites which cover all key retail functions, including campaign and promotions management, catalog management, trading analysis, a multi-channel and content management system for magazine-style content
  • e-commerce sites integrated with leading web analytics, marketing campaign tools, and standard merchant systems
  • Fraud prevention and third-party security checks as an integral part of the order process
  • Payment Card Industry (PCI) Compliant, full audit trails, managed authentication and authorization

In-depth reporting of key business metrics such as customer acquisition, sales, orders, payments, discounts, abandoned carts etc.

  • Improved visitor conversion rates
  • Maximized buyer intent rates (add-to-basket per customer visits)
  • Enhanced shopping basket conversion rate
  • Optimized page response time
  • Minimum abandonment from basket through checkout to sale
  • An e-commerce Website Development Company:
  • Experienced in developing great UI interface for e-commerce websites and mobile apps for the easy checkout process
  • Dedicated team to incorporate SEO friendly features for your online store
  • Strong experience in all prominent e-commerce web development technologies and frameworks
  • Comprehensive quality testing for your e-commerce portal, including functional and performance load testing with detailed test analysis
  • Transparency throughout the entire e-commerce site development process
  • Quick turnaround time

We follow a holistic approach to providing you with safe, ethical, and tailor-made website that increase the visibility of your website in search results, improve traffic to it, give it a competitive advantage, establish your brand as an authority, and lay the foundation for the overall growth of your business.

If you are looking for an E-commerce website development company capable of delivering customized e-commerce website design & development services on popular eCommerce platforms like Prestashop, Magento, OSCommerce, VirtueMart, Zencart, Opencart, Ubercart, Woocommerce, BigCommerce, Shopify etc., TIS India is the best stop for you. Our highly skilled team of PHP programmers has extensive experience in creating custom extensions, specific modules, and user-friendly shopping cart software by integration of premium e-commerce themes and 3rd party solutions.

Data Management Services

Data Is Worthless Without Data Management Services

Data is worthless without data management services

The concept of data management services arose in the 1980s as technology moved from sequential processing to random access storage. Since it was now possible to store a discreet fact and quickly access it using random access disk technology, those suggesting that data management was more important than business process management used arguments such as “a customer’s home address is stored in 75 places in our computer systems.”

However, during this period, random access processing was not competitively fast, so those suggesting “process management” were more important than data management services used batch processing time as their primary argument. As software applications evolved into real-time, interactive usage, it became obvious that both management processes were important. If the data was not well defined, the data would be misused in applications. If the process wasn’t well defined, it was impossible to meet user needs.

Organizing your data efficiently and analyzing the full value within it will drive:

  • Operational efficiencies
  • Valuable market insights
  • New strategies and business opportunities

Resulting of data management services:

  • Extract the full value of your data
  • Ensure your data security is robust
  • Enable your businesses to achieve a true competitive advantage
  • The first challenge of data management is capturing all of your available data.

We then go on to align the data we find with your business processes and market opportunities. Our ability to generate accurate and genuinely useful insights very quickly is what we believe sets us apart. Using a mix of technical tools and robust data science methodologies we will take your data and shape it so that you have access to analytics that is specifically focused on your business needs. The way the analytics are presented will make it easy to extract the competitive advantage held within your data.

The key to data management services success is:

  • Speed
  • Accuracy
  • Relevance
  • Genuine insight

Data is worthless if you can’t interpret it. No matter how good the data you hold is, if you can’t extract its insights, you can’t extract its value. The quicker you can get to insight, the more potentially valuable your data can be in gaining competitive advantage. The Virtual Forge is continually building on our deep-seated experience of designing data analytics solutions specific to clients’ needs.

Services Offered By Professional Article Writing Companies

Services Offered By Professional Article Writing Companies

Services Offered By Professional Article Writing Companies

Sustaining a professional venture in present competitive times is a tough task. You need to retain the loyalty of existing customers whereas continuously convert leads into clients. The article, optimized for search engine, can be an effective tool to help you strengthen your market foothold. Our SEO article writing services, helps you gain that invincible edge which will keep you ahead of adversaries in the niche segment. You may be looking for a trustworthy article writing services that you can count on. If so, you have certainly come to the right place. You obviously value quality, original articles as much as we do. We cater to all types of articles:

  • Magazine articles
  • Newspaper articles
  • Writing an article to be published online
  • Writing an article to be printed in an advertisement
  • Article for professional journal publication
  • 24/7 customer service to assist you in any way
  • Using only native English speaking writers
  • Giving you 100% original and authentic articles
  • Providing you with speedy email delivery
  • Allowing you to have free revisions (yes!)
  • Meeting your tightest deadlines (even overnight)
  • Allowing you to choose your writer if you wish
  • Giving you open communication with your writer
  • Using speedy and efficient email delivery for your articles
  • Article writing of the highest quality level
  • Satisfaction guaranteed – 100%

When you publish an article with your name on it as the author, it is a reflection of you. People will judge you by the quality and tone of your article writing services work. You want to make the best impression possible. It doesn’t matter if you are a high school newspaper writer or a college professor. Every time you submit an article somewhere for people to read, make sure that it meets the highest standards possible. We are here to help you do that.

We have professional article writing services experts for you. Don’t ever settle for poor or sub-standard quality. Content farms are around every corner on the internet and they would deceive you into thinking that it’s the number of articles you have that matter and not the quality. That’s just not true! Terrible articles are worth nothing. They only tarnish your reputation.

Our article writing service can take on any topic you require. Our writing team is trained and experienced in many different fields. We conduct good research and write engaging content. Our skilled writers produce new original content each time they write, which means that you never have to worry about plagiarized or copied paragraphs.

Contacting us is as easy as can be. You can simply phone, email or use our website to start the conversation. It doesn’t matter if your writing needs are large or small. We are happy to hear from you and be of service to you.

Data Management Service Plan & Benefits

Data Management Service Plan & Benefits

Data management service is the practice of organizing and maintaining data processes to meet ongoing information lifecycle needs. Emphasis on data management began with the electronics era of data processing, but data management methods have roots in accounting, statistics, logistical planning and other disciplines that predate the emergence of corporate computing in the mid-20th century.

Preparing a Data management service plan before data are collected ensures that data are in the correct format, organized well, and better annotated. This saves time in the long term because there is no need to re-organize, re-format, or try to remember details about data. It also increases research efficiency since both the data collector and other researchers will be able to understand and use well-annotated data in the future. One component of a good data management plan is data archiving and preservation.

By deciding on an archive ahead of time, the data collector can format data during collection to make its future submission to a database easier. If data are preserved, they are more relevant since they can be re-used by other researchers. It also allows the data collector to direct requests for data to the database, rather than address requests individually. Data that are preserved have the potential to lead to new, unanticipated discoveries, and they prevent duplication of scientific studies that have
already been conducted. Data archiving also provides insurance against loss by the data collector.

Funding agencies are beginning to require data management plans as part of the proposal and evaluation process. Data management service includes

  • Observational
  • Raw or derived
  • Physical collections
  • Models
  • Simulations
  • Curriculum materials
  • Software
  • Images

Data Management Association International, or DAMA International, chartered to improve data-related education. Data arose again as a leading descriptive term when IT professionals began to build data warehouses that employed relational techniques for offline data analytics that gave business managers a better view of their organizations’ key trends for decision-making. Modeling, schema and change management all called for different treatments with the advent of data warehousing that improved organization’s views of operations.

DAMA International and other groups have worked to advance the understanding of various approaches to data management. One such approach, master data management, for example, is a comprehensive method of enabling an enterprise to link all of its critical data to one file, called a master file, which provides a common point of reference. Data stewardship, data quality management, data governance, MDM and data security management are among the components of many professionals’ data management practices. DAMA, among other groups which oversee certifications in data management skills proficiency, has created the DAMA Guide to the Data Management.

Is it Essential to Opt for Ecommerce Catalog Management Services?

Is it Essential to Opt for E-commerce Catalog Management Services?

E-commerce product catalogs provide multiple services including but not limited to product descriptions, display of items, shipping policies, prices, item dimensions, product descriptions, and features, analyzing of relevant products for cross-selling and upselling, manufacturing details, and high-quality product images. The e-commerce catalog management services mainly aim to aid the vendors to display their commodities in the most appealing way with full details and specifications. In short, catalog management refers to the planned procedure of maintaining the e-commerce product catalog to guarantee your article’s data across your entire sales means. Let’s discuss the significance of catalog management in today’s time:

The significance of e-commerce catalog management services

Today’s e-commerce world always recommends that it is worth spending your precious hours and resources in the appropriate maintenance of your product catalog. After all, it is your e-commerce catalog only that aids you create the foundation of your enterprise. Here’s what all you need to do to properly manage your catalog product:

Design rich and consistent product details

Of course, an appropriately maintained product catalog results in the top-quality data. The foremost thing that has to be taken into the account is to write a high-quality, informative and engaging product description. The content should be properly-attributed with almost all the essential description required. For instance, color green should always be written as ‘green’, instead of GRN in some products whilst GN in the rest.

Create an Omnichannel experience

E-commerce catalog management indeed creates the base for your omnichannel policy. As per the recent research, consumers tend to move flawlessly among diverse channels. For instance, they would initially get you on Amazon, however prior to finalizing a purchase; they would go on to your site or app. Now, the reliable product data makes it effortless for the consumers to search and get the same product by way of multiple channels.

Enhance your customer’s experience

The consistent, detailed, and rich information is all that improves your customer’s online shopping experience with your products. According to the famous studies, around 30% of the buyers would like to invest in purchasing the commodities from an online retailer considering their detailed and brilliant product description, they could have otherwise preferred. Hence, when you opt for e-commerce catalog management services, you could get detailed and rich information to your customers that further help you to build up their trust and get their repeat order.

Expand your business

As stated earlier, the product management catalog provides the sellers with a better base to diversify their business. Apart from easily expanding your product assortment, catalog management services have proven to be effective enough in working with suppliers data.

So having read the above-listed benefits, you would have made up your mind of seeking the top-notch e-commerce catalog management services. If not yet, get it and enjoy its premium benefits.

5 Benefits of Product Lifecycle Management that Every Organization Should Know

5 Benefits of Product Lifecycle Management that Every Organization Should Know

For the manufacturers, companies, and industries that require sourcing, designing, and producing and supplying their commodities across diverse corners of the world, a single source to handle the entire data and process is perhaps essentiality. It is very obvious to say that having a product lifecycle management system is the only way to achieve the same. Right from the initial designing of the product to its final distribution, the PLM plays a vital role in making the process smooth and effective. Now, the PLM has a lot more to offer. Read on to find out its benefits:
  • Product lifecycle management diminishes compliance risk
The chief advantage of PLM is its capability to handle a sole version of truth for almost all articles’ data. This serves to decrease compliance risks to a great extent. The major benefit here is typically one of cost prevention, as company comprehends the expenditure of legal fees, product recalls, lost productivity, and so on.
  • Boost up your revenue growth
PLM has now reached the stage where its ROI potential is providing a real business advantage. In general, there exist only two possible approaches to boost up the revenue generation of a firm namely – revenue growth and cost reductions. Comparing with the later, former has the major influence on the profit contribution. Unlike ERP, the Product lifecycle management system has proven to be effective enough in cost control, cost reductions, and revenue enhancement. Now, since the key purpose of almost every second enterprise is their revenue growth, implementing a PLM system becomes a requirement.
  • Decrease costs
Using the potential of mutual development brings in the opportunity to alleviate both the production as well as material cost. This reduction comes from 2 major sources, the first one being the reduction in scrap and prototyping costs and second is the diminished retooling expenditure.
  • Enhanced productivity
For the industries that haven’t yet opted for product lifecycle management (PLM) system, getting it implemented in the organization can eliminate time-consuming activities. For instance, duplicating data in diverse systems, cross-checking the data for possible irregularities, having to rummage for the lost or misplaced data. All in all, implementing PLM, the individuals working on the product designing and operations aren’t apt to encounter any processing issues and the related rework requirements caused due to the utilization of out-dated data.
  • Improve your product’s quality
Do you desire to make your product details and the overall factors linked with the quality of product easy? With the utilization of PLM, developers are able to put into practice the entire procedures required to manage both the customer satisfaction and the product quality. This is mainly essential in the circumstances when the group is spread across diverse regions, to make certain that your product’s quality isn’t compromised.

Ecommerce Website Analysis – The Basics of Your Site’s Analysis

E-commerce Website Analysis – The Basics and Essentially of Your Site’s Analysis

In today’s era, e-commerce platforms are diversifying to a great extent. Be it a small grocery online store or huge jewelry selling online market, online marketing has undeniably made the business reach the next level. With the continuous modification in e-commerce today, the requirement of the evolvement of your business strategies becomes essentiality. Furthermore, the amendment in your marketing strategy is the only way that can help you survive in the competitive market. Now the question is how can you modify your strategies? In order to expand your eCommerce business, the foremost step is to make the e-commerce website analysis.

Basically, to turn the visitors of your website into the regular customers, the first thing your website requires is SEO optimization. You might have heard that better the content of your website is the more is the probability of its visibility at the top of the search engine list. As per the research and famous reports, around 80-87 percent of the visitors click the first or second page they get at the search engine. Now you might be wondering the tricks of how to get your content to appear at the top of Google, Yahoo, and Bingo, so here’s how you can make your website SEO rich:

Initiate your e-commerce website analysis with Search engine optimization (SEO) and benchmark

Prior to reaching your earning goals and traffic, it is worth to know your position in the online market. For instance, from where your traffic is generated and the amount of revenue coming from every traffic source, which of your pages are mostly viewed or rarely clicked? (Take certain steps to improve the performance of the pages that needs attention) what are the major keywords that have lead to the generation of traffic to your website? And much more.

Coming to SEO factor, it is necessary to apply on-page as well as off-page SEO factors to boost up your search engine rankings. Here’s what else to be considered:

  • Are your page’s title unique and SEO optimized with the proper insertion of the long-tail keywords?
  • Is the URL of your page’s link keyword rich and the image alt text appropriate?
  • How have you designed your content strategy? Are your product descriptions 100% unique with the proper placement of keywords? Is blogging your part-time tasks or you often post the content to gain visitors?
  • Is your internal and external linking strategies accurate enough to draw the traffic to your website?
  • Have you been writing top-class meta-data that compels the visitors to have a look at your content?
  • How reliable and quick is your website to load? (Usually, the websites that load rapidly are often preferred by the visitors).

So these were some tips to have your e-commerce website analysis to expand your online e-commerce platform.

Choose the Top-Most Ecommerce Solution Provider Services

Choose the Top-Most E-commerce Solution Provider Services

With the enhanced growth of e-commerce in today’s era, online retailers and the modern firms are opting for the organized technique to let the shopping experience of their potential customers an easy and stress-free thing. There is no doubt to say that the major focus of building a strong e-commerce strategy relies on socially encouraged shopping, cross-channel integration, and mobile marketing. By eliminating the expensive and time-consuming approaches to maintain consumer’s satisfaction, this technique perhaps plays a vital role in maximizing the firm’s success parameters. With this aim, the eCommerce solution provider are offering the latest features to boost up the overall performance of your enterprise. Be it a small retail outlet, an online wholesale store, or a huge enterprise, opting for an appropriate e-commerce solution providers is all that you need to expand your organization. Here’s what you can expect from an experienced and highly skilled solution provider:

  • One-click mobile shopping carts
  • Inventory and stock management
  • Smart button ordering approach
  • Analytics and data collection
  • Supply chain and digital wallets
  • Cloud-based and SaaS marketplace

Apart from the above-listed features, the solution provider is also responsible to introduce your brand to thousands of customers and enhance its visibility by making it search engine optimized rich.

Role of e-commerce solution provider in online markets

When it comes to online marketing, Search engine optimization (SEO) is the foremost thing the seller considers while introducing his/her product on the e-commerce platform. In order to drive traffic to an e-commerce website, getting your product SEO optimized is essentiality. Be it one-page optimization or off-page SEO, with that short yet accurate product description including but not limited to title, sub-headings, bullet points, conclusion, and insertion of long-tail keywords, the probability of getting your product at the top of the search engine list increases. Hiring the best eCommerce solution provider that are experts in SEO marketing can undeniably assist you in boosting up your sale and revenue.

Besides SEO optimization, some solution providers also offer PPC advertising (Pay-per-click advertising) to help the customers earn extra revenue by placing the ads provided by Google on their website. For every click on the ads, the seller is entitled to receive a certain percent of payment as their commission. The solution provider not only design a standard and customized website but they’ve also proven to be effective enough in App store optimization (APO) i.e., driving the customers through Android applications. They further make website analytics to ascertain the ultimate result and performance of your e-commerce store and suggest the marketing strategies to enhance sale.

From website designing to website analytics and hosting, a well-trained e-commerce solution provider can cater to your entire requirement efficiently.

E-Commerce Product Data Entry Services

E-Commerce Product Data Entry Services- Everything That It Offers

E-Commerce Product Data Entry Services- Everything That It Offers

With the e-commerce industry spreading across the world, the need to stay updated with technology is also increasing. Effective Product Information Management is a must if you want your company to stay ahead of the competition and not get lost amidst it. Every product that you own has to be showcased on the internet with the right kind of description, the right images, reviews and stock available. And this is where E-Commerce Product Data Entry Services comes in picture.

These service providers are trained professionals who can upload bulk product data online in lesser time, and will be more accurate and efficient. Outsourcing this task has a number of benefits as the job completed by the professionals will show professional work done, up-to-date product list, and relevant information, which will in-turn improve your brand’s image in front of your clients and customers.

Services Offered By E-Commerce Product Data Entry Services:

Product Data Sourcing: The team of professionals is capable of sourcing the right data information for your products that will be added to your product descriptions, to enhance their relevance.

Physical/Digital Catalog Sourcing: These experts will also help your company in sourcing different and unique catalogs, online and offline, for your brand, from which you can extract relevant information.

Catalog Entry: The service providers can also help you with product catalog entries.

Addition And Removal Of Product Information: These experts will help your team in adding newfound, more relevant information to your product database. Also, if need be, you can take help in removing unwanted/ outdated information from these portals. This includes-

  • Adding/ removing product images
  • Adding/removing product descriptions/specifications/features
  • Adding/removing sales and discount information
  • Adding/deleting new/old products

Categorization Of Products: Another important service provided by the E-Commerce Data Entry Services provider is that they can help you categorize your products, according to sizes, types, availability, etc. This will be very beneficial to your customers in sourcing and locating relevant products.

Updating Product Information: Product information keeps changing from time to time, and this has to updated on timely manners, so your clients and customers aren’t viewing outdated products or their descriptions. The E-Commerce Product Data Entry Services providers help you keep your portal/catalog updated by updating your product information every now and then. These professionals update the product images, information, specifications, details, sale, etc. in a timely manner.

It is always advisable that you choose a trustworthy and reliable service provider to take care of your e-commerce portal, your products, and your reputation. These professionals are experts at the E-Commerce Data Entry Services, and they can do everything in a better manner. So, choose a service provider that will help your business grow and prosper and help you build a name in your industry.