“How to do effective sales with product page optimization? ” – Simple ways

E-commerce entrepreneurs have been devising various strategies on how to have effective eCommerce Conversions. The number of strategies for which they invest their time and money is more. But, Vserve’s simple ways to overcome such challenges has helped our clients in bagging success. Below are the steps on how effectively one can see the conversion rates go high.

Is your audience staying at your site for long? – Make them stay

This step being the first is always challenging. How can you make your audience stay on your site for long? We’ve always seen audience disappear very soon. While analyzing & doing research, we’ve found out that visitors always like to have content that is appropriate, so that they feel that they’re in the right place and spending their time usefully, had good value, and the definite thumb rule called Trustworthiness which is always expected by the visitor. Keep your customer engaged with a live chat by volunteering yourself to assist them in answering to their queries instantaneously. By making sure that all these three are positioned on your site, you’ll be awed to see high conversion rates.

Place products in the right section

This is just like the purchasers walking to a departmental store, figuring out the product of their choice, where it is placed. Here, the store owner makes sure that the customers are directed correctly to the right section so that they can find the product with much ease and there’s no need to move around to find product wasting their time. The concept is similar to the online store as well. The customer should be able to navigate to the correct product page easily. At the same time, you need to be a bit careful,since on some sites the majority of ”add-to- carts” happens on category pages, in search results or perhaps directly in the search box! Ensure all these are implemented on your site or you might not be driving your paid traffic to the right landing pages which will incur loss to you.

Adding Items to Cart

Though adding something to the cart does not always mean that the visitor will surely buy it, it’s a significant step on their way to the purchase. So, have a convincing or compelling Add-to- Cart design on both customization and content on your page to increase your add-to- cart rate. One main point you have to note here is, in case there are multiple windows opened by the visitor and products are added to cart in different windows, automatically the Carts should be updated in all the windows so that the visitors will have all their products chosen in the cart from the window they choose to check-out.

The Checkout persuasion

Indeed a brilliant step that has to be implemented once you find that the buyer’s cart is full of products and a great profit to you. You need to devise a plan to how quickly and smoothly push the customer to checkout. For this, you need to determine the place to start the checkout. And just because you can find it, doesn’t mean you are motivated or persuaded to do so. Before commencing to persuade, questioning yourself on where and how you can start pushing your visitors towards the exit in a gentle but firm way has to be done.

Purchase completion

The order confirmation with the receipt is provided to the buyer. And finally, you’ve reached the goal of successful sales.

From Vserve – The effectiveness emphasized

As product page optimization is an important strategy, Vserve has put in enormous efforts to develop that expertise in-house on each step explained above. We are focused in delivering the best optimized product pages, right from how to make the audience stay on the online store, till the purchase and receipt of the purchase. Thus, effective sales conversion is made possible.

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