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10 Proven Tricks To Attract Customers Through Product Data Entry

vservesolution November 13, 2019 0 Comments

Total worldwide retail sales across all channels reached $22.512 trillion in 2015, up 5.6%  year over year. eMarketer forecasts sales will reach nearly $28 trillion in 2020, according to eMarketer’s updated estimates and forecast through 2020. When this being the scenario we foresee, e-Commerce entrepreneurs are working to determine effective ways to pitch customers via product data entry.

From Vserve, we’ve thoroughly understood what is exactly required to grab your customers to buy your products from your online stores and marketplaces. Below are the 10 proven tricks of product data entry.

10 Tricks of Product Data Entry in Ecommerce

A. Product Photo:

  • Use High Definition Images: Images speak a lot. Images leave a lasting impression about your brand in customers’ minds. Hence, using a High Definition image to display your product becomes inevitable.
  • Show all the views (top, down, left & right): Stopping not with only placing an image, there’s also a need for an image to have different views showing it top, down, left and right so as to let the customer have a complete look of the image.
  • Place it next to the product data: Placing image next to the product data adds more value to the product as the customer can easily compare and view the image with the product data.
  • Have a zoomed image on rolling mouse over the image: Zooming an image to have a look at the subtle details is always preferred by the customers. Hence, an option has to be given to zoom the image when the mouse is rolled over the product photo.

B. Product Data:

  • Needs to have bigger and bright Caption: Caption is the first way to make an audiences understand about the product. Enhance the caption adding brightness and making it bold.
  • Mention Brand Name: Your brand name is the identity of your product. Hence, mentioning a brand name becomes significant
  • Show MRP with Online Price: Both MRP and Online Price (after discounts) has to be shown so that the customer can understand that the product is sold for a good affordable price than before
  • Put the stock availability details: It is always best to mention the stock availability of the product so that the customer can decide whether to buy the product immediately if the stock is limited or later taking some time depending upon their needs.
  • Show Price Comparison data: Comparing your price with your competitors makes you achieve more sales.
  • Give Shipping details:Inform the customer about the shipping details, how many days it would take and additional charges.

C. Language:

  • Use user-friendly language & simple: Using a simple and user-friendly language which even a layman can understand is highly advantageous as the product can be easily understood and would yield you more sales benefits.
  • Use bullets always: The easiest way to make the audience comfortable in reading about the product is by giving the description or details about the products in bullets. Make use of bullets
  • Highlight the special features: Highlight the important features and captions that would make the buyers choose a product to buy at the first glance they see the highlighted ones.
  • Present it readable: A readable text will always have your audience like your page and product and make them come back for more in future.

D. Benefits:

  • Write the benefits of the product: A product, only by having an HD image and description and without making the buyer know the benefits will not be sold. Write down the benefits point after point.
  • Mention the components/elements: Mention the components or elements belonging to the product separately.
  • Provide tips: Your buyer will love to have some tips that are cost-effective and logical. Provide tips

E. Demos in Product Data Entry:

  • Add infographic: Infographic is the easy way to explain how a product is to be used and hence adding infographic is way good.
  • Include how to use steps & videos: Help the buyers with how to use steps and videos so that they would appreciate the way you care for them and come back in future too to buy your products.

F. Price comparison with other websites:

  • Explore Competitive Products: Spend time trying to find competitive products and competitive pricing. As a result, you can able to know more about your competitor.
  • Select various prices: Choose different prices of similar products from other websites
  • Show the price-list in different websites:. Display the comparative Prices in other websites so that visitors will buy your products visiting your website.

G. Transactions:

  • Transaction mode: Avail & specify the transaction mode that is of use on every purchase of your product
  • Accept debit & credit Cards: Debit & credit cards are apparently the easiest way a buyer prefers and procures your products online.
  • Deliver goods by Cash-On-Delivery:. Cash-On-Delivery is preferred by buyers who wish not to do online transactions and without credit or debit cards. Give option to such buyers to buy your products

H. Tracking the order:

  • Order tracking details: Providing a Visual facility for the buyer for tracking the order is important. Have the details from the day of placement of order and the progress of the order day after day.
  • Date expected & delivered: Provide the date of delivery & actual delivery dates so that the customers can know how good you’re at keeping up the promise of delivering their order

I. Customer support:

  • 24/7 customer support: Let your customer support be available 24/7 for the convenience of few customers
  • Email & chat: Make available the support of email & chat so that your customers can get in touch with you apart from phone calls.
  • Contact Number: Avail a toll-free active contact number to call you. Activate a voice mailbox if you are busy during peak hours. You can also explain your various other products to keep them engaged during the call when they wait.

J. Replacement Guarantee:

  • Guarantee & Warranty: Show that you’re no way different from your competitors in terms of Guarantee and Warranty. Highlight those pertaining information.

Final Thoughts

At Vserve, we’ve been implementing all the above said proven strategies to acquire greater results. Also, we’ve been receiving good response from our clients about their sales growth. With our expertise in the eCommerce industry since a decade, we are available 24/7 to attend your inquiries and work upon your requirements.

Reach us out to know more and request for a free trial on eCommerce product data entry services.

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