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9 Things to Consider While Choosing a Product Data Entry Service Provider

The eCommerce industry is a crowded and competitive space, so it’s essential to always stay one step ahead. Opting for eCommerce Product Data Entry Services is a great way to save time and streamline your business efforts. In addition, it is important to find a reliable data entry service provider to streamline your business in a proactive manner.

Factors to Consider When Choosing Ecommerce Product Data Entry Service Provider

To be successful in the eCommerce space, companies are required to develop websites that appeal to their potential customers. Your website must also be updated regularly to stay relevant and exciting. In order to do this, you will need to maintain an elaborate product management system.

Many leading brands are opting to outsource their eCommerce data entry requirements because it allows them to focus on other essential business functions. Here are some of the factors to keep in mind when choosing a data entry service provider who can take care of all your business needs.

1. Accuracy of The Output Delivered

Ensure that the company you plan on working with follows strict quality management protocols. Their employees must be trained in various aspects of the job and must be well versed with the features of the platform they will be using.

2. Security of The Information Shared

The last thing you want is your competitors getting hold of your confidential business information. Your product entry service provider must have measures in place to safeguard your data at all times. Ensure that you have a confidentiality agreement in place before you start working with them.

3. Ability to Scale Your Data Entry Service Provider

It’s best to choose your service provider keeping your current and future requirements in mind. As your business grows, the amount of eCommerce data entry work is also like to increase exponentially. Your provider must be able to scale their resources to meet your needs.

4. Fast Turnaround Time

Considering how competitive the eCommerce industry is, even a slight delay in uploading product information can result in you losing orders. Your service provider must be able to execute the tasks allocated to them at a consistent and efficient speed.

5. Wide Range of Services

When outsourcing your data entry work, opt for a company offering a wide array of services. Whether you need Magento product data entry services, Shopify product data entry or have other platform requirements, they must be able to step up. This way you can avoid the hassle of coordinating with different service providers and outsource all your needs to one.

6. Problem Solving Capabilities

Ensure that your service provider has the bandwidth and the ability to troubleshoot any issues that come up during the product data entry process.  They must be able to tackle problems quickly and efficiently without the workflow coming to a standstill.

7. Value for Money

Get in touch with a few different service providers and compare the various cost packages offered by them. Keep in mind that cheap does not always mean best. Instead, opt for the company that will deliver high-quality work at a cost-effective price.

8. State-of-the-art Infrastructure

Your eCommerce data entry service provider must have the requisite infrastructure in place to meet your quality standards. Ensure that they are aware of the latest developments in the field and are able to keep up with changing trends.

9. Exemplary Customer Service

Another critical aspect to consider when selecting a company to take care of your data entry requirements is the strength of their customer service team. You are likely to be interacting with the team on a regular basis, so they must have the ability to understand and meet your business needs.

Final Thoughts

If your company operates in the eCommerce space, outsourcing eCommerce product data entry work is an excellent way to save time and money. It makes great business sense to hire a third-party to take care of your product data entry requirements. It will also help you stay one step ahead of your competition and see an improvement in your sales in the long run.

At Vserve Solutions, we provide a host of eCommerce product data entry services to help you achieve your business goals. We cater to clients all over the globe and have a comprehensive quality checking process to deliver a high level of accuracy. Get in touch with our team today to find out more about our services.

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How Can You Maximize eCommerce Sales by Product Data Entry Services

With the rapid expansion of the eCommerce industry, companies operating in this space face new challenges every day. Outsourcing eCommerce Product Data Entry Services is a great way to navigate these roadblocks and see a dramatic increase in sales.

Using eCommerce Product Data Entry Services to Improve Sales

Updating the product information on your eCommerce website accurately and in an efficient manner is critical to your success in this competitive industry. New and potential customers will gravitate to your website only if it is well organized and has regular updates. A messy eCommerce portal can keep buyers away and prevent them from making purchases.

Your user interface can make or break your website experience. For a customer to spend time exploring your offerings and making purchases, the interface must be clean and easy to navigate. While updating product information, the user interface of your website must not be disrupted in any way.

Unless you are a specialist, it’s best to outsource product data entry to a specialized service provider. Here are some of the advantages of using eCommerce data entry services.

–> Product Data Entry Services Can Help You Stay Ahead of Your Competitors

eCommerce is a fiercely competitive industry, and the best way to achieve success is by staying one step ahead of the competition. Your website has to stand out from the clutter of the eCommerce space to attract the attention of potential customers. So if you start to notice that your sales have plateaued, it may be time to revamp your eCommerce platform.

By outsourcing your product data entry requirements, you will be saving a lot of time which you can use to develop and promote your website. Any excess funds can be directed towards marketing activities to bring awareness to your brand. This will give you an edge over your competitors and help you develop your own niche in the industry.

–> Faster, More Accurate eCommerce Data Entry

When it comes to succeeding in the eCommerce industry, time is of the essence. A delay in uploading information about a new product can result in your company losing sales to a competitor. Hiring the right data entry service company, will not only help you save hours. But, also ensure that your products are uploaded in a timely manner.

Furthermore, the top data entry service companies put their employees through several levels of training. As a result, it results in a high level of accuracy and you can expect an excellent output every single time. When your tasks are completed efficiently and on time, you’ll soon start to notice a significant improvement in your sales.

–> A Reduction in Your Overhead Expenses

The primary reason why employers choose to outsource their eCommerce product data entry requirements is to cut down their overhead costs. Hiring in-house employees for data entry tasks can be an expensive affair. There will be additional expenses to consider such as infrastructure, compensations, and salaries.

As an employer, you will be able to cut down on these costs by choosing the right company to take on your product data entry needs. There will be also less risk, since you will be entrusting this work to reliable experts in the field.

Final Thoughts

Leading enterprises from all over the globe are outsourcing their data entry requirements to make the most of the many benefits that come with it. It allows employers to focus on core business activities while ensuring that other tasks still get completes on time. Outsourcing your eCommerce Product Data Entry Services is a great way to save time and boost your revenue. It’s important to make sure to choose the right service provider who can meet your needs and deliver great results.

At Vserve Solutions, we offer unparalleled product data entry services that are tailored to your requirements. Whether you’re looking for Shopify product data entry, Magento product data entry services or data entry for other eCommerce platforms, we have the right packages for you. Contact us today to find out more about what we offer and start on the road to success.

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Why Data Entry Outsourcing? Top 6 Benefits

Data Entry Outsourcing:

Data Entry Outsourcing sets outsourcers free from hassles and enables them to concentrate on their core activities, resulting in profitable actions. This entity can make the firm successful in both core and data aspects.

Benefits of Data Entry Outsourcing

Never Disturbs Your Core

Data entry outsourcing services allow you to stay focused on your core functions. Making your availability largely on the core can contribute to the development of the organization.

Time-Bound and Cost-Effective

Data entry operations might seem simple but the arrangements required for the setup and the time needed for the operation might not suit the firm. However, when it comes to offshore data entry services, they save your time by taking care of your data at affordable prices.

Strategical Improvement

The reliable data offered by the outsourcing companies can create a strategical method for improvement. The process involves analysis of data regarding the growth, the flaws, and the reason behind the fall. Discussing all relevant factors will result in a healthy strategy for improvement.

Reduce Your Risks

Reducing your risks happens only with Data Entry Outsourcing services, as they strongly understand your needs and the policies they need to follow. Therefore, they will never expose you to any risk.

End of Train and Hire Program

You do not need to engage yourself in hiring and training people with a data entry program. The platform provided by the offshore data entry services will handle this entire task. You can scale up your employees accordingly.

Gain Competitive Edge:

Outsource Data entry companies offer more than just data entry. They also take part in contributing to your growth. The collective information provided in the data when carried out in an intelligent way can increase your productivity and make you competitive in your platform.

Final Thoughts on Data Entry Outsourcing

When you choose to grow, choose the Vserve Ebusiness Solution. We have the capacity and capability to handle a large volume of data, both online and offline, with high-level accuracy. Our data entry services extend to a wide range of industries and the techniques we follow to enable us to render the best services to each client.

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E-Commerce Product Data Entry Services- Everything That It Offers

With the e-commerce industry spreading across the world, the need to stay updated with technology is also increasing. Effective Product Information Management is a must if you want your company to stay ahead of the competition and not get lost amidst it. Every product that you own has to be showcased on the internet with the right kind of description, the right images, reviews and stock available. And this is where E-Commerce Product Data Entry Services comes in picture.

These service providers are trained professionals who can upload bulk product data online in lesser time, and will be more accurate and efficient. So, outsourcing this task has a number of benefits as the job completed by the professionals will show professional work done, up-to-date product list, and relevant information, which will in-turn improve your brand’s image in front of your clients and customers.

Services Offered By E-Commerce Product Data Entry Services:

Product Data Sourcing:

The team of professionals is capable of sourcing the right data information for your products and adding it to your product descriptions, to enhance their relevance.

Physical/Digital Catalog Sourcing:

These experts will also help your company in sourcing different and unique catalogs, online and offline, for your brand, from which you can extract relevant information. Therefore, you can get vital information’s in a single place.

Catalog Entry:

Similarly, these service providers can also help you with product catalog entries. As a result, you can have additional time to focus on your core business.

Addition And Removal Of Product Information:

These experts will help your team in adding newfound, more relevant information to your product database. Also, if need be, you can take help in removing unwanted/ outdated information from these portals. This includes-

  • Adding/ removing product images
  • Adding/removing product descriptions/specifications/features
  • Adding/removing sales and discount information
  • Adding/deleting new/old products

Categorization Of Products:

Another important service by the E-Commerce Data Entry Services provider is that they can help you categorize your products, according to sizes, types, availability, etc. This will be very beneficial to your customers in sourcing and locating relevant products.

Updating Product Information:

Product information keeps changing from time to time, and this has to updated on timely manners, so your clients and customers aren’t viewing outdated products or their descriptions. The E-Commerce Product Data Entry Services providers help you keep your portal/catalog updated by updating your product information regularly. These professionals update the product images, information, specifications, details, sale, etc. in a timely manner.

Final Thoughts

It is always advisable to choose a trustworthy and reliable service provider to take care of your e-commerce portal. It’s mainly because to take care of your products, and your reputation. These professionals are experts at the E-Commerce Data Entry Services, and they can do everything in a better manner. So, choose a service provider who can help your business grow and help you build a name in your industry.

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10 Proven Tricks To Attract Customers Through Product Data Entry

Total worldwide retail sales across all channels reached $22.512 trillion in 2015, up 5.6%  year over year. eMarketer forecasts sales will reach nearly $28 trillion in 2020, according to eMarketer’s updated estimates and forecast through 2020. When this being the scenario we foresee, e-Commerce entrepreneurs are working to determine effective ways to pitch customers via product data entry.

From Vserve, we’ve thoroughly understood what is exactly required to grab your customers to buy your products from your online stores and marketplaces. Below are the 10 proven tricks of product data entry.

10 Tricks of Product Data Entry in Ecommerce

A. Product Photo:

  • Use High Definition Images: Images speak a lot. Images leave a lasting impression about your brand in customers’ minds. Hence, using a High Definition image to display your product becomes inevitable.
  • Show all the views (top, down, left & right): Stopping not with only placing an image, there’s also a need for an image to have different views showing it top, down, left and right so as to let the customer have a complete look of the image.
  • Place it next to the product data: Placing image next to the product data adds more value to the product as the customer can easily compare and view the image with the product data.
  • Have a zoomed image on rolling mouse over the image: Zooming an image to have a look at the subtle details is always preferred by the customers. Hence, an option has to be given to zoom the image when the mouse is rolled over the product photo.

B. Product Data:

  • Needs to have bigger and bright Caption: Caption is the first way to make an audiences understand about the product. Enhance the caption adding brightness and making it bold.
  • Mention Brand Name: Your brand name is the identity of your product. Hence, mentioning a brand name becomes significant
  • Show MRP with Online Price: Both MRP and Online Price (after discounts) has to be shown so that the customer can understand that the product is sold for a good affordable price than before
  • Put the stock availability details: It is always best to mention the stock availability of the product so that the customer can decide whether to buy the product immediately if the stock is limited or later taking some time depending upon their needs.
  • Show Price Comparison data: Comparing your price with your competitors makes you achieve more sales.
  • Give Shipping details:Inform the customer about the shipping details, how many days it would take and additional charges.

C. Language:

  • Use user-friendly language & simple: Using a simple and user-friendly language which even a layman can understand is highly advantageous as the product can be easily understood and would yield you more sales benefits.
  • Use bullets always: The easiest way to make the audience comfortable in reading about the product is by giving the description or details about the products in bullets. Make use of bullets
  • Highlight the special features: Highlight the important features and captions that would make the buyers choose a product to buy at the first glance they see the highlighted ones.
  • Present it readable: A readable text will always have your audience like your page and product and make them come back for more in future.

D. Benefits:

  • Write the benefits of the product: A product, only by having an HD image and description and without making the buyer know the benefits will not be sold. Write down the benefits point after point.
  • Mention the components/elements: Mention the components or elements belonging to the product separately.
  • Provide tips: Your buyer will love to have some tips that are cost-effective and logical. Provide tips

E. Demos in Product Data Entry:

  • Add infographic: Infographic is the easy way to explain how a product is to be used and hence adding infographic is way good.
  • Include how to use steps & videos: Help the buyers with how to use steps and videos so that they would appreciate the way you care for them and come back in future too to buy your products.

F. Price comparison with other websites:

  • Explore Competitive Products: Spend time trying to find competitive products and competitive pricing. As a result, you can able to know more about your competitor.
  • Select various prices: Choose different prices of similar products from other websites
  • Show the price-list in different websites:. Display the comparative Prices in other websites so that visitors will buy your products visiting your website.

G. Transactions:

  • Transaction mode: Avail & specify the transaction mode that is of use on every purchase of your product
  • Accept debit & credit Cards: Debit & credit cards are apparently the easiest way a buyer prefers and procures your products online.
  • Deliver goods by Cash-On-Delivery:. Cash-On-Delivery is preferred by buyers who wish not to do online transactions and without credit or debit cards. Give option to such buyers to buy your products

H. Tracking the order:

  • Order tracking details: Providing a Visual facility for the buyer for tracking the order is important. Have the details from the day of placement of order and the progress of the order day after day.
  • Date expected & delivered: Provide the date of delivery & actual delivery dates so that the customers can know how good you’re at keeping up the promise of delivering their order

I. Customer support:

  • 24/7 customer support: Let your customer support be available 24/7 for the convenience of few customers
  • Email & chat: Make available the support of email & chat so that your customers can get in touch with you apart from phone calls.
  • Contact Number: Avail a toll-free active contact number to call you. Activate a voice mailbox if you are busy during peak hours. You can also explain your various other products to keep them engaged during the call when they wait.

J. Replacement Guarantee:

  • Guarantee & Warranty: Show that you’re no way different from your competitors in terms of Guarantee and Warranty. Highlight those pertaining information.

Final Thoughts

At Vserve, we’ve been implementing all the above said proven strategies to acquire greater results. Also, we’ve been receiving good response from our clients about their sales growth. With our expertise in the eCommerce industry since a decade, we are available 24/7 to attend your inquiries and work upon your requirements.

Reach us out to know more and request for a free trial on eCommerce product data entry services.

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