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How to Improve Photo Quality with Professional Image Editing Skills?

In today’s digital age, it is necessary to have aesthetically pleasing images on your website and social media platforms. Here are a few ways to improve the quality of your photographs—from learning a few basic skills yourself to hiring professional image editing services.

Ways to Improve Photo Quality with Image Editing Services

The images displayed on your website, blog, social media platforms or e-commerce interface communicate a lot about your brand. Bad image quality can drive potential customers away resulting in plummeting sales. It’s essential to make sure your photographs are edited and retouched to look impeccable. So it’s a good idea to pick up a few basic photo editing skills.

If you’re low on time or would prefer to hire a professional to touch up your images, you have the option to outsource image editing services. Keep reading to find out how you can make your photos look better than ever, and when it’s time to opt for eCommerce photo editing services.

1. Choose the Right Photo Editing Software

If you’re a beginner, many computers and cameras come with pre-installed photo editing tools that you can start experimenting with. If you’re looking for more advanced options to edit your photographs, there are plenty of excellent software packages that you can purchase online. 

Be clear about what platform you will be using the image on—some photo editing services are ideal for enhancing and retouching images, while others are more suited for resizing them. Always try out the free or trial version of the program before you decide to purchase the full version. 

2. Utilize Online Tutorials

There are tons of online resources like tutorials that can help you explore your chosen photo editing software or program. These tutorials are often free and are a great way to pick up the basics of photo editing. Youtube is an excellent platform where you will find helpful videos to guide you with using pretty much any photo editing program out there. 

You’ll also find step-by-step tutorials for specific tools and actions you want to perform. The interfaces may look complicated at first, but with some practice, you’re sure to get the hang of them. 

3. Focus On Picking Up Specific Skills

If you love photography and editing, it can be tempting to go crazy with all the tools available at your disposal. But you may end up with an overly touched up image, which looks unnatural. Instead, work on becoming an expert at a couple of skills that you will be using consistently. 

If you plan on putting up the photo on your website or blog, keep the retouching to a minimum and focus on enhancing its tone and colors. It’s a good idea to keep the style of the images used on all your online platforms consistent to present a professional image and attract customers. Many of the editing programs also give you the option of enhancing one photo and applying the same filters and settings to all the others.

4. Hire a Professional Image Editing Service Provider

Sometimes it’s a good idea to hire an expert to step in and do the job. Image Editing Services Outsourcing will help you save a ton of time. Several companies offer product image editing services providing all types of retouching and editing. They are affordable and easy to get in touch with online.

Explain your requirements clearly and professional photo retouchers will do the work for you. Be sure to read online testimonials and choose the right image editing service so that you are 100% satisfied with the output. 

Final Thoughts

By investing a good amount of your time, it is possible to learn to edit photographs like an expert. However, if you don’t have time on your side, hiring professional image editing services is a great option.

At Vserve Solutions, we offer eCommerce image editing services for all your business needs. Whether you’re an entrepreneur in the process of revamping your website or a photographer trying to save time, we have your needs covered. Our qualified photo editors will deliver incredible results that surpass your expectations. Get in touch with us today to find out more. 

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Professional Image Editing

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How to Find a Skilled eCommerce Image Editing Services Provider?

Did you know 75% of Online Shoppers check product pictures when making a purchase? So make sure that your product images are properly edited and look impressive before you upload them online. It will increase the conversion rate on your store, grow your sales and boosts your revenue. But since there are tons of eCommerce image editing services, finding a reliable one can be challenging.

Things to Examine Before Hiring an eCommerce Image Editing Service Provider

We’ve rounded up the best ways to find the professional eCommerce image editing service provider for your store:

# Experience

Not one photo-editing company may suit every eCommerce needs. If a company specializes in serving businesses selling fashion apparel, it may not suit an online mobile retailer. So make sure you consider experience and specialization.

Many top eCommerce image editing services specialize in all niches, such as textiles, electronics, jewelry, etc.

Choose a service provider who has demonstrated considerable experience in your industry. You can ask for relevant samples from the provider you are considering or check their website.

# Look into their Onboarding Process

A good image editing service follows a well-defined step-by-step process for its new clients. The onboarding process should be in-depth, involving meetings, calls, and if possible, on-site visits to understand your needs. They should first understand your requirements with patience.

Both – you and your service provider – need to understand each other before editing and uploading tens of thousands of your product images.

# Security

Product images are a great digital asset to your eCommerce store. So make sure the company you deal with provides full security of your assets. Check whether they have secure means of uploading and downloading images. They must use a reliable FTP or the cloud service for the purpose.

Also, check whether the technology they are using for image editing is reliable and secure. All their storage and transmission devices should be secure to ensure the effectiveness and security of the project. The service provider must largely focus on:

  • Secure encryption practices
  • Stringent backup methods
  • Data cleansing
  • Restricted sharing

Is the service provider ISO 9001 certified? You can ask them to show documentation to prove their ISO certification and other benchmarks.

All team members working with top product image editing services often undergo stringent background checks to prevent potential conflicts of interest. The company should not hesitate to sign an NDA, thereby maintaining the copyright and confidentiality of your images and data.

# Cost

Cost if one of the major consideration. But it should not be the only consideration when looking to outsource image editing services. First, set your budget that depends on variables such as workload, deadline, number of photos, type of services, desired editing techniques, etc.

# Turnaround Time

If you want your editing work within a strict deadline, you need to make sure that you choose a provider that is available 24X7. Moreover, communication is key to the success of any project. So make sure you choose a service provider that is responsive and has a good rating for communication.

Remember, professional eCommerce image editing services provider will help you to stay on budget while focused on your business goals.

# Look into Customer Reviews and Testimonials

Did you know excellent visual content is 40% more likely to get shared on social media platforms? So it’s good to check social media too. It will give a complete picture of their work quality.

Consult reviews and testimonials on their official website to identify whether or not trust a service. For this, you can also check online review sites.

Remember that customer review is a written reflection of their actual services. You can also try an additional search by typing ‘Google search: “provider name + scam.” It will help you make an educated decision.

 # Capacity to Handle Bulk Orders

Find out if photo editing company can handle orders in bulk or has some restrictions when it comes to ordering. It will be beneficial for you if you are planning to expand your business.

# Accepted Payment Methods

Check out what payment methods they accept, mainly if you are working with an international pictures editing agency. Also, identify how invoices are handled. Look for any hidden fees and international money transfer charges.

What to Do Next?

There is no surprise that high-quality eCommerce images are important for better sales and brand growth. Data on various online stores shows that 80% of eCommerce businesses fail. So it’s now your time to make a great impression and boost your brand conversion rate.

After your search and screening get over, you can contact your selected providers. It will help you to clarify what picture editing services they offer and what’s not.

If you are searching for the top ecommerce image editing services provider at an affordable budget, Vserve can be a good choice.

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What Are All the Best Practices of Product Image Editing?

Product image editing plays a crucial role in marketing as it instills and addresses the product’s appearance, quality, and likeability. If you are looking forward to understand the best practices of product photo editing, here they are.

Techniques That Bring out the Best of Product Image Editing Services

#1 of E-commerce Image Editing Services: Background Removal

Background removal is probably the most common product photo editing technique used by every image editing service provider. But nevertheless, it is one of the best practices to showcase products at their best.

Think about it, a product portrayed on a beautiful background will obviously please the eyes, but does it serve the purpose? Definitely not as we are trying to bring attention to the product and show its better qualities to improve the sales, not the scenery.

Background removal is also the reason for the recommendation to shoot the product with a white background as it makes removal easier.

#2 of Product Image Editing Services: Color Correction

Color correction is the technique used when all you have is one model but you need to portray it in various colors. But it is not limited to this small use case.

The captured picture might portray a dull version of the product. For instance, a picture might show a lighter version of a black shoe. And that doesn’t excite the viewer in any way.

Color correction fixes the color tone, saturation, exposure, contrast and every aspect of the products, making them more attractive to the viewers.

#3 of Image Editing Services: Image Retouching

Even if the product is photographed with the best camera, it ought to have inconsistencies that might not represent the product at its best.

For example, the image of a model shoe might have minute flaws with the laces or the sole. It might also have unwanted spots. And such spots can be removed with image retouching.

In brief, image retouching is the localizing adjustments to render picture with impeccability. While this is essential for all images, the emphasis for retouching is even higher for E-commerce product image editing as a picture here speaks volumes for the quality of the product.

#4 of E-commerce Product Image Editing Services: Photo Masking

Image masking is a non-destructive process of editing that involves isolating various layers or portions of the image.

E-commerce products, at times, have to be portrayed as worn by models to show how they look in reality. And during that time, editing the product separately might render the model a bad shape and vice-versa. Image masking can be used to individualize selected portions of the image for editing, while the rest remains unchanged.

#5 of Photo Editing Services: Drop Shadow

Too much editing is also bad for the products as it makes them look unreal, discouraging the viewers from buying them. But despite the shortcomings, it’s forcing us to rely on eCommerce product image editing services to make the product look as perfect as possible.

Drop shadow is the savior in such scenarios. When the original background is removed to obtain a clean, white background for the image, the shadow of the original image is also removed. Drop Shadow adds a fake shadow to the product image making them look more real and appealing.

#6 of Image Editing Services: Ghost Mannequin

Ghost mannequin is especially a boon for garment and clothing product photo editing. Clothes can get unnecessarily wrinkled when hanged in the air and that is bad as product image. It has to be the flawless to attract customers.

Ghost mannequin is the technique that involves dressing a mannequin with the product and removing the mannequin with special effects after the photoshoot. The technique also comes in handy when you want to portray the sophistication of the product from every angle.

#7 of E-commerce Image Editing Services: Mirror Effect

Mirror effect, as the name suggests, is mirroring of the images to improve the appeal of the product.

While it may not be useful for all the products, the mirror effect can prove to be highly effective and can potentially drive sales in the suitable ones.

The typical use case of mirror effect in image editing services is to portray the glassware or utensils as a classic fit for the surroundings.

Wrapping Up

The last step of E-commerce image editing is the most basic of all the processes: resizing. The product image that goes live online should neither be large nor small; it has to be apt.

We in Vserve emphasize on creating the best products images because we understand how crucial images are for sales. In fact, 75% of online shoppers decide a potential purchase based on the product images.

Get in touch with our executives if you want to support your product sales with highly optimized images. We offer E-commerce product image editing services that increase sales and conversion.

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How to Select the Best Image Editing Services for Your Business?

In this modern world images is an integral part of advertising. Images help in attracting the attention of the consumers. The success of marketing campaigns depends on the quality of the images. That’s why images need to be good in quality and most important they should be perfect. In order to make them perfect, businesses can utilize the services of an online firm that can help with image editing. Image editing service consists of the series of transforming the images it may be digital image graphs or traditional analog image graphs.

The image editing services consist of outstandingly design computer programs which can move towards adoring your image graphs of camera or computer system. It is the art of retouching or altering pictures to suit a particular format. The images can be digital images, analog images, illustrations, sketches and other forms of image graphs. Image Editing Service helps in generating new-angled image graphs without any hassles.

There are many image editing firms around the world offer such services online, therefore selecting the best firm could be very difficult, and hence you need to be very careful while choosing any particular firm.

Below are a few tips that will help you while selecting the best image editing service for your business?

Look out for various tools that they provide

A lot of tools are needed to edit any image. Make sure that the company you are hiring must have all tools that are require for editing any image.  You can check that image editing service provider website to know the various image editing tools that they provide.

Having Lot of Experience

As we understand that modifying an image is not an easy task at all. So, hire those who have a sufficient amount of experience in this field.  Moreover, experienced firms can deal with all kinds of images whether you want to change the old to new or want to edit some new one.

Good Quality of Image Editing Service

Choose a company that has a strong background in providing excellent quality and have a good reputation. If you want to know which company has a strong background then you can read the reviews of these firms by visiting their websites. These reviews help you in deciding whether to hire this company or not.

Affordable Rates

There are many image editing services companies online that promise to provide you best performance with affordable rates. But don’t believe them blindly. Call them to confirm first about their services rate.

Final Thoughts

At Vserve Solutions, we offer all sort of eCommerce support services. Out services includes image editing for eCommerce products, product redesigns, new product designs and many others. Reach us to know how we can help you to grow your eCommece business with image editing service.

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Image Editing Services

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