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45 Emerging New Business Opportunities for Post-Pandemic World

There is no doubt that the current pandemic situation with COVID-19 is changing our world. Not only are our daily routines shifting, but so is the way that most consumers view businesses. Ways of doing business and finding new business opportunities have had to change and adapt quickly.

This sets the stage for significant enhancements, innovations, and emerging business trends. Things will never be quite the same, so you’ll want to make sure you’re leading the way when we get back to business as (un)usual.

New Business Opportunities

Most Important Fields Being Revolutionized by the Pandemic:

While nearly every business has been impacted in one way or another, there are ten fields that are seeing needs arise and change rapidly. The businesses who are smart, agile, and creative will win in the following emerging business opportunity areas:

Medical – Telehealth, insurance, personal protective equipment and other medical supplies, and pharmaceuticals (like vaccines) have been hot topics throughout the pandemic, meaning that innovative solutions here that protect us from future outbreaks are in high demand.

Financial – From lending and online banking to digital payment platforms and blockchain, the way we bank and use money has been forever altered.

Education – With schools and universities across the country moving all classes online, this field is ripe for the picking.
Personal/Home Goods – Home sanitization practices and products will continue to be needed, as well as home delivery services, home fitness solutions, online shopping, and online dating platforms.

Food and Beverage – We’ve had to change the way we eat, meaning that restaurants, coffee shops, food delivery services, liquor stores, and grocers have also had to adapt.

IT/Technology – One of the most affected industries, technology has been highlighted during this pandemic. Cyber and data security, computer hard- and software solutions, AI to replace human face-to-face interactions, VOIP services, digital signatures, and video conferencing platforms have had to meet significantly increased demand. This also means that the backend of the internet, IT services (like SAAS solutions), and computing infrastructure (like the cloud) has had to step up as well.

Entertainment – Being quarantined means that we’ve streamed, read, gamed, video chatted, shopped online, and relied on media outlets more than ever before. Advancements in this area are a welcome reprieve from social distancing.

Entrepreneurial/Business – As businesses rush to respond to the changing environment, innovative support solutions like online/affiliate marketing, outsourcing, and creative HR and employment fixes will be required.

Communications – Never before have we had to communicate like we are now! This new landscape is wide open to new ways for humans to connect.

Manufacturing – Hands-off processes like 3D printing and dropshipping have never been more important!

Lead the Way with Vserve Ebusiness Solution

We’re an award-winning back-office, virtual assistance and eCommerce services provider with many years of experience in helping our clients adapt in quickly changing business environments. If you’re ready to take on one of these emerging business trends and new business opportunities, let’s talk about how Vserve can help!


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New Business Opportunities

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