10 Proven Tricks To Attract Customers Through Product Data Entry

Total worldwide retail sales across all channels reached $22.512 trillion in 2015, up 5.6%  year over year. eMarketer forecasts sales will reach nearly $28 trillion in 2020, according to eMarketer’s updated estimates and forecast through 2020. When this being the scenario we foresee, e-Commerce entrepreneurs are working to determine effective ways to pitch customers via product data entry.

From Vserve, we’ve thoroughly understood what is exactly required to grab your customers to buy your products from your online stores and marketplaces. Below are the 10 proven tricks of product data entry.

10 Tricks of Product Data Entry in Ecommerce

A. Product Photo:

  • Use High Definition Images: Images speak a lot. Images leave a lasting impression about your brand in customers’ minds. Hence, using a High Definition image to display your product becomes inevitable.
  • Show all the views (top, down, left & right): Stopping not with only placing an image, there’s also a need for an image to have different views showing it top, down, left and right so as to let the customer have a complete look of the image.
  • Place it next to the product data: Placing image next to the product data adds more value to the product as the customer can easily compare and view the image with the product data.
  • Have a zoomed image on rolling mouse over the image: Zooming an image to have a look at the subtle details is always preferred by the customers. Hence, an option has to be given to zoom the image when the mouse is rolled over the product photo.

B. Product Data:

  • Needs to have bigger and bright Caption: Caption is the first way to make an audiences understand about the product. Enhance the caption adding brightness and making it bold.
  • Mention Brand Name: Your brand name is the identity of your product. Hence, mentioning a brand name becomes significant
  • Show MRP with Online Price: Both MRP and Online Price (after discounts) has to be shown so that the customer can understand that the product is sold for a good affordable price than before
  • Put the stock availability details: It is always best to mention the stock availability of the product so that the customer can decide whether to buy the product immediately if the stock is limited or later taking some time depending upon their needs.
  • Show Price Comparison data: Comparing your price with your competitors makes you achieve more sales.
  • Give Shipping details:Inform the customer about the shipping details, how many days it would take and additional charges.

C. Language:

  • Use user-friendly language & simple: Using a simple and user-friendly language which even a layman can understand is highly advantageous as the product can be easily understood and would yield you more sales benefits.
  • Use bullets always: The easiest way to make the audience comfortable in reading about the product is by giving the description or details about the products in bullets. Make use of bullets
  • Highlight the special features: Highlight the important features and captions that would make the buyers choose a product to buy at the first glance they see the highlighted ones.
  • Present it readable: A readable text will always have your audience like your page and product and make them come back for more in future.

D. Benefits:

  • Write the benefits of the product: A product, only by having an HD image and description and without making the buyer know the benefits will not be sold. Write down the benefits point after point.
  • Mention the components/elements: Mention the components or elements belonging to the product separately.
  • Provide tips: Your buyer will love to have some tips that are cost-effective and logical. Provide tips

E. Demos in Product Data Entry:

  • Add infographic: Infographic is the easy way to explain how a product is to be used and hence adding infographic is way good.
  • Include how to use steps & videos: Help the buyers with how to use steps and videos so that they would appreciate the way you care for them and come back in future too to buy your products.

F. Price comparison with other websites:

  • Explore Competitive Products: Spend time trying to find competitive products. As a result, you can able to know more about your competitor.
  • Select various prices: Choose different prices of similar products from other websites
  • Show the price-list in different websites:. Display the comparative Prices in other websites so that visitors will buy your products visiting your website.

G. Transactions:

  • Transaction mode: Avail & specify the transaction mode that is of use on every purchase of your product
  • Accept debit & credit Cards: Debit & credit cards are apparently the easiest way a buyer prefers and procures your products online.
  • Deliver goods by Cash-On-Delivery:. Cash-On-Delivery is preferred by buyers who wish not to do online transactions and without credit or debit cards. Give option to such buyers to buy your products

H. Tracking the order:

  • Order tracking details: Providing a Visual facility for the buyer for tracking the order is important. Have the details from the day of placement of order and the progress of the order day after day.
  • Date expected & delivered: Provide the date of delivery & actual delivery dates so that the customers can know how good you’re at keeping up the promise of delivering their order

I. Customer support:

  • 24/7 customer support: Let your customer support be available 24/7 for the convenience of few customers
  • Email & chat: Make available the support of email & chat so that your customers can get in touch with you apart from phone calls.
  • Contact Number: Avail a toll-free active contact number to call you. Activate a voice mailbox if you are busy during peak hours. You can also explain your various other products to keep them engaged during the call when they wait.

J. Replacement Guarantee:

  • Guarantee & Warranty: Show that you’re no way different from your competitors in terms of Guarantee and Warranty. Highlight those pertaining information.

Final Thoughts

At Vserve, we’ve been implementing all the above said proven strategies to acquire greater results. Also, we’ve been receiving good response from our clients about their sales growth. With our expertise in the eCommerce industry since a decade, we are available 24/7 to attend your inquiries and work upon your requirements.

Reach us out to know more and request for a free trial on eCommerce product data entry services.

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Why Competitor Price Analysis is Important?

In this age of E-Commerce and Online retailing, tremendous growth is happening in E-commerce industry with online stores cropping up and makes them market disruptions.  Competition among E-commerce websites in various parameters are:

  • Quality of the product listed in their portfolio
  • Website customization
  • User-friendliness to access the website
  • Affordability in terms of prices,
  • Easy payment mode,
  • Swift delivery etc.

Though one can compromise on quality and other terms, Competitive Pricing matters for any E-commerce website. It tends to have enough footfalls, likewise the leads getting converting to sales.

Competitor Price Analysis and its Importance:

As we know, from the consumers’ mindset, choosing a product of their interest and choice comes first. Secondly, an urge to price comparison of a product with two or more online stores arises. As a result, E-commerce websites trying to know about the pricing strategies of their competitors come forth into action here.

Judgment done by comparing prices will lead to a wise reprising of products and know-how of competitors’ pricing strategy. The task of monitoring competitor’s prices is herculean with an investment of time and manpower, eventually resulting in the need of services on competitors’ price monitoring.

Here, a debate might arise on what if the consumer interprets low price of a product as a product of low quality or value. Price is perpetually attractive. The factual reasons of consumers getting daunted to shop from an E-commerce website lies in other aspects such as brand, credibility, user-friendliness of sites, promotions, discounts, add-ons etc.

Key Aspects of Competitive Pricing

There are numerous factors that an E-commerce website has to look for when opting for competitors price analysis services. Most noteworthy key points are as follows:-

  • The price analysis service should be a combination of Automated and Manual process. As a result, both should ensure that you receive the benefits of both the methods with 100% product matching.
  • Price alerts / notifications should be sent via e-mail to keep you aware of the constant changes as and when they happen.
  • All information should be displayed in the form of a Customized dashboard and price matrix. Therefore, it enables easy comprehension of all the necessary data with a single glance.
  • Price updates on a weekly basis and monthly depending on the products and the nature of the competitors should be made available.
  • Price intelligence must result in the development of pricing strategies for the user along with competitor’s price change history, stock availability, and other product attributes.

Why Competitor Price Analysis with Vserve?

Vserve Solution offers all the above said services to E-commerce websites to have the best competitive edge in the E-commerce Industry. With all the data compiled, we at Vserve employ our price and category analysts to decipher your competitors’ pricing strategies and help you devise your own to accrue maximum sales. Market analysis is an important service that we provide to convert the collected information into action.

Finally, All because knowing competitors’ price does matter.  Also, you have to be proficient in such areas to stand ahead from your business competitors. Vserve Solution offers you the proficient and professional competitor price analysis services that you eCommerce business definitely requires.

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How Creative Product Description Helps You Sell More?

When you’re selling something, a creative product description is imperative. When your descriptions are flat, unappealing and boring, they are a turn-off to customers. Your descriptions must also build value. If they don’t, they are not serving any purpose to the customer or to you. People don’t want to waste their hard- earned money. You have to let them know the benefits of spending money on what you’re selling. A good description does that.

Is Your Product Description Writing Doing its job?

Product descriptions are generally short. However, their impact should be huge. Good product description writing answers the questions that customers may have. It also gets the customer excited about the product. The purpose of these short descriptions is to let the customer know that it’s a great product that will somehow improve their lives. The customer wants to understand the value and benefit of the product so that they can feel good about buying it. They feel like they are smart shoppers when they are able to pinpoint the value.

How a Product Description Writing Service Can Increase Your Profits

As a business owner, saving money and maximizing profit are always a concern. This can lead you to attempt your own product descriptions. Ask yourself, are you saving money? If your descriptions aren’t enticing customers to buy, you are simply wasting time. A product description service that has a team of experts with a proven track record may seem like an unnecessary expense, but when you see your sales soar, you’ll realize that it’s helping you make money. Keep in mind that just as a great description can help you, a bad description can hurt you.

SEO Product Description Writing Has Changed

SEO writing not only offers clients information about a product, but it also makes sales. Over the years, SEO has changed drastically. Your descriptions have to keep up. If you are still using the same type of descriptions that you used years ago, you are doing it wrong. To be a better marketer, you have to understand these changes. For example, keywords were once the backbone of SEO. These forced and sometimes stuffed words are no longer useful in marketing. In truth, they were never useful, but the companies did it anyway, until customers said enough by refusing to buy their product.

Good eCommerce Product Description Writing Informs

These days eCommerce product descriptions have to meet the demands of a smarter client. Customers are much savvier than they once were. They can spot a poorly done website and they notice shoddy writing. Visitors demand more from websites that they visit. They expect you to provide them with useful information and wanted to feel like they know everything about the product that they need to know. They want to feel like they’re making an informed decision. The product descriptions have to make up for the fact that they can’t touch the product.

eCommerce Product Content Writing Should Make Customers Feel Good About A Purchase

Of course, the main purpose of your eCommerce description writing is to make sales, but perhaps even more importantly, it must be helpful. Sizes, colors, and other helpful information are needed in these descriptions. Writing these descriptions is a balancing act. Customers want helpful information. They want to feel like they are making a smart purchase. They want to know why they should buy it. All this must be included in a short piece of writing.

Your Descriptions Need Substance

One thing that kills your description is fluff. If you don’t know how to present the facts in an interesting and readable way, without fluff, you may as well give up. Your clients are going to see through the fluff and they will quickly come to the conclusion that you are using fluff since there is little value. You never want a client to leave your page feeling unsatisfied.

One Chance to Make a Good First Impressions

As the saying goes, you only have one chance to make a first impression. This is true for the products on your web page. Potential customers come to check out a product that you’re selling. Your product description has to grab them right from the beginning. If it doesn’t, they are quickly going to click away from your site. They may never return. If your site makes a poor impression, that impression can last.

Be smart when it comes to your business and your sales. Do everything that you can to increase sales and please customers. Do not risk alienating clients and causing them to look elsewhere. You could have an amazing product, but if you do not have the very best product descriptions, customers may never know. Leave your product descriptions to the experts who know how to write the very best descriptions. Watch your sales and profits increase and your stress over product descriptions disappear. Make the right decision now and see how your business will change. Let us show your clients why they need your product.

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How to Choose the Right Ecommerce Services Provider for Your Business?

Running an ecommerce business requires lots of thought and even more work in order to do it well. You need to make sure your customers can find what they need when they want it, contact you easily with issues or questions, and make their purchases seamlessly.

You also need to grow your store while handling countless other aspects of owning a business, from accounting to logistics and back to marketing. With so many tasks to carry out and detail-oriented processes to oversee, it can quickly get overwhelming fast. Especially if you don’t have much experience with ecommerce services or running a business.

This article gives you the top four services to look for when choosing ecommerce service providers, customized ecommerce solutions, and ecommerce support services that will help to maximize your ecommerce customer experience.

4 Things to Look for When Selecting a Customized Ecommerce Solution

While there are so many articles about maximizing your ecommerce store, we’ll start with the heart of the matter—your customers and their experience.

Return customers are the easy way to maintain and grow your business, so let’s dive into how to make their experience with your store so impressive that they’ll keep coming back (and tell their friends).

First and foremost, choose ecommerce solution services that are customizable and will help you accomplish the four following vital functions:

1. Setting Up a User-Friendly Store

If customers get lost or can’t get what they need from your website quickly, they will click off and find somewhere else to buy that is more user-friendly.

With a focus on streamlining content, keeping products stocked, and telling a compelling story, you can minimize the number of clicks it takes to get where your customers want to go and make finding help easy.

Making your site easy to navigate, intuitive, informative, and exciting is the foundation of a great customer experience. A good ecommerce services provider will help with this by managing your catalog and product database for you. They can write product descriptions, track inventory, and even populate product specs and build out your store just the way you want it (on various ecommerce platforms like Shopify, OpenCart, or BigCommerce).

2. Provide Outstanding Customer Service

It’s now standard practice to give customers various ways to get in touch with you (like via phone, chat, and email), and it’s important to make sure they get timely responses. Online shoppers expect replies within minutes or hours, not days.

Offering a live chat option isn’t required, but it’s getting more commonplace all the time amongst successful online sellers. This single-channel, while being a bit more difficult to manage, seems to have the most positive impact on how consumers view your customer service efforts.

This is another key area where a proven ecommerce solution provider comes into play. They can handle almost all customer support inquiries without you ever having to touch your inbox!

3. Keep Up with Multi-Channel Marketing

For the biggest impact, you’ll want to use every channel available to your advantage—email, social media, your website, blogging, and mobile apps. While there is a challenge inherent with embracing so many varied channels, your marketing strategy will be robust, far-reaching, and impactful. Maybe more importantly, your business will grow.

An ecommerce services provider can help you keep abreast of changing platforms, stay on top of email marketing campaigns, and they can provide logo design as well as blogging and SEO copywriting.

4. Conduct Helpful Market Analysis

One key to remaining relevant in the online space is really a good market analysis. Knowing your competitors and what they’re doing well will only help you improve your own business. But who has time for all that research and analysis when trying to run a successful ecommerce store?

Your ecommerce support services provider, that’s who! They’ll take care of all the details and the data so that you don’t have to. And you’ll get all the benefits!

The Right Ecommerce Services Provider Works for You

There’s a lot of work involved with maximizing your ecommerce store. You’ll want some help along the way and working with a professional ecommerce services provider will assist you in tackling it all!

When you’re ready to take your business to the next level with a customized ecommerce solution and an accomplished provider with a proven track record, reach out to us! Vserve offers unparalleled ecommerce consulting services.

Vserve excels at the complex—and key—functions of product management, ecommerce store development, customer support, data management, market analysis, and digital marketing. Contact us today and let us help you streamline and transform your ecommerce store!

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9 Essential Tips to Maximize Your Ecommerce Customer Experience

When you run an ecommerce store, there are so many things to think about. You must make sure your customers can find what they need, contact you easily with issues or questions, and make their purchase smoothly and enhance ecommerce customer experience.

You also need to grow your business while handling all business aspects, from accounting to marketing. With so many facets to learn and moving parts to track, it can get overwhelming fast. Especially if you don’t have much experience with ecommerce services or running a business.

These nine essential tips will help to maximize your ecommerce customer experience. Read on for an in-depth look at each, as well as bonus pointers on ecommerce service providers, customized ecommerce solutions, and ecommerce support services.

9 Tips for Maximizing Your Ecommerce Customer Experience

While there are so many articles about maximizing your ecommerce store, we’ll start with the heart of the matter—your customers and their experience.

Return customers are the easy way to maintain and grow your business, so let’s dive into how to make their experience with your store so impressive that they’ll keep coming back (and tell their friends).

1. Be Super Customer Friendly

If customers get lost or can’t get what they need from your website quickly, they will click off and find somewhere else to buy that is more user-friendly.

Focus on streamlining content, keeping products stocked, and telling a compelling story. Minimize the number of clicks it takes to get where your customers want to go and make finding help easy. A good ecommerce services provider can help with this, (more on that later).

Making your site easy to navigate, intuitive, informative, and exciting is vital for great customer experience.

2. Ensure Seamless Purchasing

According to the latest stats, about 25% of online consumers will abandon their carts if they cannot make their purchase quickly and easily. You could be losing a quarter of your sales if customers find your checkout process too long or complicated!

Trial and error your way to as seamless a checkout process as possible. This will increase your conversion rates significantly.

3. Ace Customer Service

Give customers various ways to get in touch with you (like phone, chat, and email), and make sure they get timely responses. Online shoppers expect replies within minutes or hours, versus days.

Offer a live chat option. This single-channel, while being a bit more difficult to manage, seems to have the most positive impact on how consumers view your customer service efforts. This is where a proven ecommerce solution provider comes into play.

4. Leverage Multi-Channel Marketing

Use every channel available to your advantage—email, social media, your website, blogging, and mobile apps. While there is a challenge inherent with embracing so many channels (ecommerce solution services can help), your marketing strategy will be robust, far-reaching, and impactful.

5. Optimize for Technology

You want your site to mobile-friendly, and offering a mobile app is becoming the norm. Optimize your site for multiple operating systems and mobile platforms and use technology where possible to streamline every aspect of your business.

6. Personalize Offerings

Particularly when it comes to email marketing campaigns, make sure any pop-ups or direct marketing is personalized for your individual customers. This makes them feel valued, and it also makes it easy for and encourages them to spend more.

7. Forecast Accurately

Plan ahead and know your product demand. If you know you always sell out of a certain product around the holidays, stock accordingly in advance. You can’t sell something you don’t have!

8. Automate

Automating your ordering and order fulfillment process as much as possible will not only help you be more hands-off, it will also ensure a faster process for your customers.

9. Gather Feedback

Make sure you’re regularly collecting feedback from consumers on everything from the ordering process to your website to the products themselves. Knowing what customers are feeling and saying about your business can help you simplify, cut out unnecessary work, and improve continuously.

Making a Customized Ecommerce Solution Provider Work for You

There’s a lot of work to bringing these tips to life in and maximizing your online store. You are going to want some help along the way. Working with a professional ecommerce services provider will help you accomplish all the things listed here!

Choosing the Right Ecommerce Services Provider

When you’re ready to take your business to the next level with an accomplished ecommerce services provider with a proven track record, reach out to us!  Vserve Solution offers ecommerce consulting services to help you streamline and transform your efforts.

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Where to Find Creative Product Description Writing Service Providers?

Product description is basically a marketing copy that explains the product and tells the customer why it is worth buying. The purpose of the product description is to provide customers with important information about the product or service’s features and benefits so that they are compelled to purchase it.

Companies that need Product Description Writing Service

Descriptions of the products from leading brands are very enticing and captivating. Quality product descriptions writing is one of the indications of a brand’s credibility. For instance, if you look at Adidas’ product description for their innovative shoes, they tell you how there is a control-skin layer beneath the bottom of the shoes that help control and grip the ball when playing. Imagine if this was not mentioned; how many of the customers do you think would have still purchased the shoes? Product descriptions generate the sales of a product. They help the customers reconsider your product once they have left your website through retargeting and remarketing ads.

Companies selling merchandise and products need a good description of their products. Product descriptions are crucial to e-commerce businesses. They have to take care of buying and selling of their products. Product description writing is one of the main services they affiliate with for marketing purposes. E-commerce Products description writing is a widely used service in the realm of marketing.

Why is there a Need to Product Description Writing Service?

Product description content writing may seem like an easy task for which you may feel no need to hire a description writing service provider. But as simple as the task seems, there is a lot at stake for marketers due to which they cannot compromise on product description content. Product description writing ensures quality, attracting customers, and better marketing. Here is why product description writing service is crucial to the selling of your brand.

Time and Efforts

You think you know your product better than anyone and can easily write a product review. But running an e-commerce business, your job does not include writing product descriptions. E-commerce Product description writing requires time and effort, which you certainly cannot give with so many responsibilities and a business to take care of.

Writing Expertise

A poorly written product description can derail the value of your product. Your competitors are hiring the best of the product descriptive writing services to stay up in their marketing game. When it comes to e-commerce product content writing, professionals know their job very well. They have all the necessary tips and trick up their sleeves to write an enticing product description. They know what types of buyers are ideal for each type of product. They focus on the mentality of the targets and match the product description with it.

Where most products have the same features and qualities, you might end up writing similar product descriptions. The best product descriptions are unique ones. Google, especially, does not prefer duplicate content when it comes to ranking for search results. Well written product description makes sense to the readers and has keywords strategically placed that make sense to Google.

The great thing about the writers is that they excite the customers with the benefits of the products. They have a very good know-how of the power words that can help you achieve a high consumption rate.


The creativity level of professional writers is unmatched. They make the content appealing to the reader’s imagination while maintaining a natural tone. With creative words, they can lure the readers, making them think that the features and benefits of the product are top-notch.

SEO Optimization

Product content writing is a great tool for SEO optimization. Without Search Engine Optimization, your website won’t last long in the online market. Professional writers are experts in using the right keywords for SEO product description writing.

Where to Find Creative Product Description Writing Service Providers?

There are many Product Descriptions Writing Service Providing companies you can easily get in touch with. You can check and compare the portfolios and samples from each of the services providers you find. See which ones have worked for the top brands but get ready to give them a high pay scale.

If you want to start with product description writing on a budget, then get in touch with an expert free-lancer. You can find many freelancers online that have a very good experience in writing product description content.

If you like a one stop shop for product description writing service, then no need to look further as we make this task easier for you. We at Vserve E-business Solutions aim to make your brand stand out among your competitors and get maximum buyers. Contact us to get benefits from the best of our product description content writing services.

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E-commerce Website Development | Online Store Development

E-commerce website development is growing globally for both the B2B & B2C market segments. Technology advancements coupled with the rapid increase in the number of smartphones, broadband connections, and innovative payment solutions are driving this growth in online shopping. But the fierce competition makes it essential for organizations to partner with an e-commerce website development company to maintain an edge over the competition.

E-commerce website development delivers custom online store development services along with an exhaustive list of e-commerce website design offerings that include extension development, theme customization, and maintenance services.

E-commerce website development Services:

  • Custom eCommerce Web Development
  • eCommerce Shopping Cart Development
  • Payment Gateway Integration
  • eCommerce Website Design & Customization
  • Plug-in & Module Development
  • Responsive e-commerce Websites
  • Maintenance and Support

Our team of PHP developers is well-versed in delivering complete e-commerce solutions across all major platforms like Magento, Shopify, Bigcommerce, Zencart, Virtuemart etc. We can even provide you with custom eCommerce development over Java and .NET. Our experience over years helps us develop well-designed user-friendly eCommerce websites that can be integrated with various proprietary analytics tools.

Working with a strong Online Store development can deliver the Following Features:

  • Feature-rich e-commerce sites which cover all key retail functions, including campaign and promotions management, catalog management, trading analysis, a multi-channel and content management system for magazine-style content
  • e-commerce sites integrated with leading web analytics, marketing campaign tools, and standard merchant systems
  • Fraud prevention and third-party security checks as an integral part of the order process
  • Payment Card Industry (PCI) Compliant, full audit trails, managed authentication and authorization

In-depth reporting of key business metrics such as customer acquisition, sales, orders, payments, discounts, abandoned carts etc.

  • Improved visitor conversion rates
  • Maximized buyer intent rates (add-to-basket per customer visits)
  • Enhanced shopping basket conversion rate
  • Optimized page response time
  • Minimum abandonment from basket through checkout to sale
  • Experienced in developing great UI interface for e-commerce websites and mobile apps for the easy checkout process
  • Dedicated team to incorporate SEO friendly features for your online store
  • Strong experience in all prominent e-commerce web development technologies and frameworks
  • Comprehensive quality testing for your e-commerce portal, including functional and performance load testing with detailed test analysis
  • Transparency throughout the entire e-commerce site development process
  • Quick turnaround time

We follow a holistic approach to providing you with safe, ethical, and tailor-made website that increase the visibility of your website in search results, improve traffic to it, give it a competitive advantage, establish your brand as an authority, and lay the foundation for the overall growth of your business.

If you are looking for an E-commerce website development company capable of delivering customized e-commerce website design & development services on popular eCommerce platforms like Prestashop, Magento, OSCommerce, VirtueMart, Zencart, Opencart, Ubercart, Woocommerce, BigCommerce, Shopify etc., Vserve Ebusiness Solution is the best stop for you. Our highly skilled team of PHP programmers has extensive experience in creating custom extensions, specific modules, and user-friendly shopping cart software by integration of premium e-commerce themes and 3rd party solutions.

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