e-Commerce Database Management Services

At Vserve, we know that database management for business effectiveness is a struggle in itself. With the existing volume of data and the continuous addition of new data regularly, simple operations such as storing or retrieval of this data has just got strenuous. The lack in the ease of flow of information handicaps the business process affecting the performance, productivity of employees and results in more displeased customers.

Vserve's database management services insure that your business database is fully operational and churns out accurate and consistent results. Database management is essential when it comes to making informed decision or even sales. Our experts are trained to build a database from the ground up, clean and successfully maintain. the same.

We support our clients through various processes such as creation, deletion, selection, modification and updation of data or information in their databases. Our clientele vary across various domains and countries worldwide.

Why Consider database management outsourcing

Vserve provides all its customers a chance to expand their business at a cost advantage. No matter the size of your company database, our database management services can meet your need and our strict policies ensure high quality and confidentiality of information.

Database management services at Vserve

Database management outsourcing has opened up opportunities for organizations on the look out for vendors that offer database management services. Vserve has the right workforce and infrastructure to provide you just the type of service you need.

Our database management services include the following methods:

Database Collection:

This probably is the most important stage of the database management service. It is here that Vserve begins to gather information. This could be collected both online and offline

Vserve helps to collect information from both online and offline source, existing database from the clients or from their website according to their specific requirements. Information is collected through various research methods. The collected information is entered into windows applications like MS-Excel or MS-Access database or into customized application. We also do on-line data entry through remote desktop applications.

Methods of Data Collection:

Mailing List Development:

Vserve provides mailing list compilation services to enhance your online presence and helps to grow your business in the competitive market. We follow international standards to secure the data in the mailing list and this helps to promote your business.

Data extraction from the web

Vserve extracts the data from web and stores them in the organizational database or excel sheet in a systematic way, which can be used for various purposes. Data which is collected from different pages are grouped together and maintained in a single location through remote access.

Data cleansing and cleaning:

Checking of data in the database is important to avoid duplication, and thus Vserve helps in data cleansing services. We clean the data to correct the spelling errors and to check whether there is incomplete data occurred in the data fields. This service helps in checking the quality of the content present in the organization's database, and helps in business co-ordination. In a regular routine, cleansing services at Vserve helps to validate and correct the data.

Data check is done to maintain:

Vserve provides the best database management services in the outsourcing industry with 100% accuracy and no loss to your data. We maintain high standards of data security and enable you to have a cost savings benefits up to 60%.

We provide the following service:

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