Duplicate Products Identification in Ecommerce Catalog

Product matching is an authentic way to optimize the product data of your estore and effectively calculate the process. With relevant experience in the industry, we are the ones to help you in identifying your product data to de-duplicate your master product list.

What Do We Do?

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Why Vserve?

We as a team follow only the best practices to achieve our goals and improve your business. We use techniques and tools to provide one of the most comprehensive product data.

Data de-duplication is important to maximize the value of your clients and prospects. Data decays at over 30% every year and duplicates prone to create errors in reporting, data analysis and business decisions. The importance of keeping your customer records is primary to ensure that money is not wasted on sending offline and online campaigns to inaccurate data.

With our extraordinary service, we ensure that your customers get a perfect list of the product data.

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