E-commerce-MAP-monitoring Services

A vast group of manufacturers and online retailers don’t have the resources to identify who are the real culprits who are violating their MAP agreements. Those who have tried finding out manually have ended up saying it is a difficult, time consuming process and also very costly. Those who have tried automated solutions to find out MAP violation are fed up with a heap of reports that are without filters which includes unwanted data and as a result they spend hours to sort out the actual violators.


In this competitive world retailers are changing the price below MAP within minutes which is not found by many. They have started to price at style, size and color level which again go undetected as we keep on monitoring at style level. There are retailers who add a price in cart which will be totally different from their advertisement. Brands find it difficult to figure out who are authorized and unauthorized seller of their products.


We the Vserve members are domain expertise to help you monitor MAP. Vserve groups maintaining a dedicated workflow serve you the best.

Thorough search for prices:

This is the process that should be done prior to check the violator. At Vesrve we check the pricing stage by stage of all the retailer websites you wish to monitor. By this you will be able to conclude which website is violating your MAP policies so that you can take necessary steps to stop them.

Tracking violation:

At Vserve, we give a detailed report on our analysis pointing who have violated your minimum advertised pricing policies and when, thereby you will be able to determine who your real violators are and what action to be taken against them. We provide you with a track of screenshots, violation history and pricing events of your tracked site.

Simple and intuitive reports:

Vserve Ebusiness Solutions create an exclusive report discarding all the unwanted data. We will provide you the reports either as a dashboard or by price matrix so that you can easily go through the report and mark where and when the MAP violation has taken place.

Customized alerts:

We can also trigger you with alerts immediately through emails when your retailers violate your MAP agreements.


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