How We Work


At Vserve, we maintain a consistent way in recruiting candidates. We select the candidate through a series of steps to extract best among the talent pool of graduates. As we maintain 100% accuracy, we pick each candidate with great care.

The selection process includes:


Promptness of delivery and accuracy are very important for any management or service provider and so a full pledged training is given in order to fulfill our client’s requirement.

Quality Policy

"We are committed to provide solutions conforming to international standards, through constant up gradation of technology and processes, to ensure consistent quality for our customers".

Delivering quality is the fundamental thought that fuels every department in Vserve. Ingrained into each of our processes, our efforts towards high quality services, translates itself into real benefits like reduced cycle times, improved customer satisfaction scores and better cost efficiencies. Having committed ourselves in providing the highest levels of customer satisfaction, we work tirelessly towards providing exceptional interactive customer care and enjoy quality assistance.

As a business process outsourcing company, we understand that every employee plays an integral part of the quality management system and employing quality measures that help constantly upgrade their skills is vital. Every member of the Vserve family is well-trained for optimal performance and is capable to work with you throughout, ensuring your goals and standards are met. Our commitment to technology helps to offer our customers the most advanced solutions on the market.

Over the years Vserve has successfully served retailers, B2B marketplaces, companies selling services online, companies providing tier 1 tech support and those communicating with customers online with fully integrated service solutions designed to meet all their business needs.


Vserve is an IT enabled service provider with state-of-the-art development center, equipped with 300 Pc's connected to a high-speed data communication lines allowing us to undertake and quickly deliver mission critical assignments. Thoughtfully designed and well networked, Vserve's facility is just what a skilled professional requires to effectively handle any time bound back office service.

With our hardware and software environments up-to-date, Vserve's facility could be explained as virtual extensions of the clients work environment. With a team of experienced people working multiple shifts, jobs such as accounts, scanning, payroll, revenue management, appropriate replies to the email processing inquiries, fax handling and bill processing has just got simpler.

With a facility more than 6000 Sq. ft. of carpet area, we function within an infrastructure that is secure, adept and one that is completely focused on your business outcome. So here's your chance to team up with an IT-enabled services provider to cut cost and gain a better business performance.

Our Strength
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