Image Background Removal Services

Just when you need to quickly take a photograph or picture of a product, something distorts the background or you can not find your desired underlay.

Here’s a quick fix for your worries – online image background removal services. This method can’t go wrong!

An image background removal is a digital solution available for clearing an existing background of a photo to something new or different, usually a plain background.

Why You Need Image Background Removal Services

Product sellers often require image background removal services to:

  • Upload professional product photos
  • Maintain consistency and professionalism
  • Increase conversion rates
  • Get the desired taste

Whatever the reason is, a product photo background removal is always worth it if the existing background is not plain or white. Studies prove that 38% of consumers prefer a product with a white background. This preference means that they are more likely to buy products with a white or near-white background.

White backgrounds make the products more visible to the customer. Also, giant online stores like Amazon, eBay, Etsy require or recommend product images to have a white background.

Outsource Product Photo BackgroundRemoval

Product sellers on e-Commerce platforms are one of the biggest beneficiaries of product photo background removal services. However, when the volume of product photo backgrounds to be removed is high, many sellers prefer to hire product photo background removal experts.

Vserve Solutions is a top digital services agencies with over 300 product photo background removal experts. Three of the greatest benefits of outsourcing to Vserve Solutions are:

  • Advanced Skill, Expertise and Professionalism
  • Speed
  • Affordability of Services

This outsourcing helps to reduce the workload on internal team members and to ensure speed and accuracy.

Advanced Photoshop Background Removal Services

For learners or seller-companies, background removal in Photoshop can be quite tricky and time-consuming.

Automated background removals can be worse and they will hurt your images. But you can hire us to do a professional manual image clipping and background removal for your product photos.

Vserve Solutions are product photo background removal services providers with experience in Photoshop and usage of Pen Tool. We can not only change the background to a white background but also to any plain background of your choice to match your brand style guide. Maintain consistency with us.