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One question which comes to mind when resizing an image is, "What size is the image?" Resize is a unclear term; it has no particular meaning until we explain what it really means.

Let's Crop it for you - we simply cut away some at the edges, to include less area in the final image. Cropping throws away those trimmed pixels, making the image dimensions smaller, but primarily, it changes the shape too. A little cropping often enhances the composition of the images, removing gaps around the edges, concentrating on the actual subject larger (zooming tighter).

Resampling - Resampling changes the number of pixels present, but will still show the same scene. Reasons would be to make an larger image smaller, or to show it smaller on the video screen, or to send it as an email, or to print in a smaller size.

Scaling - Scaling doesn't change the image pixels. Its only action is to change the single number for dpi which is an arbitrary number that is simply stored separately in the image file.

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