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Digital technologies and platforms are disrupting B2B sales models and forcing players to rethink their pricing strategies. While the traditional pricing approach no longer works in today’s current market conditions, what’s needed is a dynamic approach, leveraging data analytics and insights.

41% of B2B businesses believe in competitor research as the most useful approach to design their pricing strategy. What about you?

Competitive price monitoring is the foundation of this game plan. To gain a fair market share, it is essential to monitor your competition and know the profitability of your products and services. 

Vserve eCommerce business intelligence solution allows you to drill down to the depth of every data point related to your business and your competitors. With our strategy, team, and technology – You can effectively use insights to make decisions to set optimal pricing, and get the value out of every unique purchase.

$ 0 Trillion

B2B e-Commerce transactions is expected to reach $1.2 trillion by 2021

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Millennial B2B Buyers make purchase online and check for competitor pricing online

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B2B businesses believe competitive intelligence is important for their pricing strategy

B2B eCommerce Cross-referencing

Equip your Sales team with Insights to Win RFQs and Bids

Does your sales team have all the information needed to respond to RFQs on time? B2B buyers tend to remember your products with competitor part numbers and names. In that case, finding the exact competitor product and an equal match in your complex catalog can be a real challenge. It can lead to incorrect product and pricing quotations, and even losing the bid, sometimes valuable ones. That’s when Vserve B2B cross-referencing can be a real game-changer. Let Vserve help you with complete data on the exact product matches from your catalog in response to the competitor details mentioned in the RFQs. And not just that, Vserve also helps with data on the product matching, category, unit of measure, and stock availability for better product related insights.

Insights on Competitive Position in the Market:

Get REAL-TIME information on competitor pricing strategies, product, and brand promotions with Vserve B2B competitor price monitoring services. The comprehensive data gives a clear insight into your current position in the market. Learn and adapt to price variations across different websites, partners, channels, and domains; and device promotional strategies with Vserve price monitoring data at your fingertips.

Product Level Pricing Insights

Product Level Pricing Insights

Gain actionable pricing insights for every specific product in your catalog. Vserve competitor price monitoring for B2B businesses provides a complete one-on-one analysis of your competitor’s product pricing to that of yours. You can use the data to set your pricing competitively with similar suppliers, industry leaders, and marketplaces. Combine our stock status report with product pricing to make smarter and aggressive pricing decisions.

Product Level Pricing Insights

Track Pricing History

Track Pricing History

Gain an in-depth view of your competitors, channels, and marketplace pricing strategies over a period of time. At Vserve, our price tracking experts will break down the data and analyze it on dimensions across – categories, product types, brands, and every individual product. 

Comparing this data with your pricing evolution will give you insights that can be used to-

  • Reprice products dynamically,
  •  Predict demand fluctuations, and 
  • Make well-informed pricing decisions to increase sales and ROI.

Category-level Pricing Insights

Category-level Pricing Insights

Maintain a healthy competitive position in the market for all your products across product types, categories, and brands. With Vserve B2B eCommerce price monitoring data, you can focus on optimizing pricing positions that can trigger more sales. Drill down more on pricing insights for product categories of interest against specific competitors.

Category-level Pricing Insights
0 Hours Alerts

Price changes in last 24 hours are alerted through dashboards and matrix

0 Competitor Sites

5 to 15 and more competitor sites will be monitored based on the industry and business needs

0 % Accuracy

Assured 98% and more accuracy with a combination of human and automated intelligence

Product Assortment Intelligence

Fine-tune your Product Assortment Based on Real-Time Competitive Intelligence


B2B Assortment intelligence helps plan products profitably by using big data to know what’s hot in your market. Optimize your product assortment and take complete control of online product merchandising with the data needed to sell the right product to the right audience.

With Vserve Product assortment intelligence solution, your B2B business can

  • Gain insights on the most profitable and discoverable brands and products on your competitor’s eCommerce site.
  • Identify and act upon demand gaps in your product assortment compared to your top competitors.
  • Drill down to your product assortment depth to act on areas of improvement in price ranges, product categories, brands, and more.
  • Spot newly added, out-of-stock, discontinuous products in your assortment relative to your competitor.

We’re Geared Up to Make your Life Much Easier

  • Cross-Referencing grading system

Our cross-referencing experts grade the products based on product match, which helps the client understand the average percentage of selection they have for their customers.

  • Comprehensive yet personalized Dashboards

Reports of all the needed price and product monitoring data at a single glance. You get to see only what you care about!

  • Currency Normalization

We help analyze pricing across global websites normalizing the price details to a single currency format.

  • Constant Price Alerts

We send regular price alerts and email notifications to keep you aware of any changes as when it happens.

  • No more Filtering

You need not undergo any filtering process to extract the actual data; instead, we give you the detailed data analysis that you require.

Vserve Advantage

Shopping cart

End-to-end eCommerce Solution

Our eCommerce management services and solutions are customer-focused, designed to provide an exceptional customer experience to increase conversion and improve retention. We offer comprehensive eCommerce management services from development, customization to integration, product data management, and ongoing maintenance

End-to-end eCommerce Solution

Data Accuracy

Our quality assurance experts will make sure the results are validated twice before reaching your customers. Outsource B2B eCommerce support services to Vserve and rest assured the information provided to your potential customer is 100% accurate.

Data Accuracy
Data Security

Data Security

As your B2B eCommerce support services partner, we are committed to maintaining the highest data quality and security standards. In accordance with ISO 27001:2013, we have an established information security management system to safeguard the confidential information that you share with us.

Data Security
eCommerce platforms

Competence to work on all eCommerce platforms

Our eCommerce support specialists are adept at working with every major eCommerce platforms and marketplaces. Be it Magento, Bigcommerce, Shopify, Zen Cart, Volusion, eBay, or Amazon – we can work with equal competence


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