B2B eCommerce customer service is complex, but we can make it easy for your customers to stay loyal-

B2B eCommerce is no more a choice but has become a necessity!

Setting up an eCommerce store and shifting your business from a traditional to digital setup can create new challenges on the communication end. While the online self-service model remains a one-way, transactional method, it makes it hard to connect with your customers, win trust, and build lasting relationships.

That’s why it’s essential to set your foot forward to provide a personalized customer experience with real-time interactions through various customer service channels. But eCommerce business receives 5X conversational volume when compared to any other service-based business every month.

That means your business needs to go above and beyond traditional methods to provide timely and professional customer service when your customer needs it. Adding pressure, today, millennials are at the forefront of B2B buying decisions, and they expect a quick response time. They might swiftly move towards your competitor site when your response is slow.

At Vserve, we know it’s a challenge to handle this massive influx of customer queries on chat, calls, and emails. Especially dealing with other complexities in the B2B eCommerce landscape; multi-platform customer support service would have been the last in your priority checklist.

That’s why you need a practical solution to meet your growing eCommerce customer support  needs –

Outsource Your Customer Support Needs to Vserve

Partner with Vserve for top-quality customer support service and get the time and effort to focus on your core business activities. By working with Vserve customer support experts, you can provide your customers with an assurance that you are always approachable for all their business-related queries. No more frustrated customers, waiting on customer support calls or answering automated chatbot’s questions. We deliver real-timeB2B customer support service 24/7 with not just chat bots but experts who are skilled and trained in your core business competency.

On-demand Multi-Channel Customer Support Service

We can serve as an extension of your business, providing customer support across various channels, be it calls, chat, email, instant messaging, or social media. Depending on the communication flow, we build a team of dedicated customer service agents to take care of all your customer interactions. Our primary support services include

Email support services

Email support services

We have years of experience in providing cost-effective email support services to eCommerce clients across the globe. We are equipped with the right resource and an expert team to deliver prompt and personalized email responses to your customers round-the-clock. Our experts can handle the voluminous inflow of emails from multiple channels and marketplaces like Amazon, Sears, etc.

Live Chat Support Services

Live Chat Support Services

Business buyers who opt for service-service experience would still expect a quick conversation with your team before making any purchase. That’s when our experts can provide live chat support service to close sales by assisting customers through the shopping process effectively. We train our experts to handle both technical and non-technical queries from the customers.

Call center Support Services

Email support services

Hiring and training full-time call center staff can be expensive and time consuming. Instead, let our professionals take care of your valued customer’s questions 24/7 with no hassle from your part. You can get your dedicated team of call center agents for both inbound and outbound call center support services at just $6 per hour now.

Our B2B customer support Service capabilities include handling

And more based on your unique business needs,

Consistent Customer experience across Channels

With B2B buyers given the power to purchase products across various channels, including marketplaces, there is a need to provide consistent and omni-channel customer experience. Our customer support agents are trained to integrate with your people, process, and technology. With experience working in major CRM platforms, we collect the needed history about every individual customer to provide seamless support across channels.

Domain-specific support with a better Understanding of your Process

At Vserve, we create a knowledge base specific to your customer needs that will help us to communicate better and provide domain-specific help efficiently. Being aware that your business policies and guidelines might often be updated, we will provide our employees with ongoing training to effectively communicate with your customer queries. We can set up accounts that will allow our team to communicate faster with yours to feel that our team is an extension of yours.

Scalable Solutions for Seasonal Demands

From building a small team to recruiting more agents, we can utilize our implementation experience in going from contract to live in a few weeks. Hire Vserve for your seasonal demands, and rest assured the resource to ramp up for professional and technical support needs will be available on time.

Enabling Technology to Optimize Customer Experience

Vserve deploys the latest customer support technology to make sure the inbound and outbound support is well-optimized. Our tools and resources include facilities to support IVR, Automatic Call Distributor, Dialer, Voice Logger, Reporting Engine, and more.

On-time Metrics and Reports to make well-informed Business Decisions

Gauge your CRM strategies and redesign them to suit your objective with timely and regular metrics and reports from Vserve. Our ongoing reports can give you the ability to gain complete control over your customer support outsourcing process.

A COVID-proof Remote Workforce that operates 24/7 and 365 Days

Even if we are in charge of managing your entire B2B customer support service initiative, our staff members are available 24 hours every day. We have agents and managers from different time zones that will ensure their availability no matter what time the customer decides to contact you.

Established Information Security Management System for High-end Data Security

As your customer support service partner, we are committed to maintaining the highest standards of data quality and security. In accordance with ISO 27001:2013, we have an established information security management system to safeguard the confidential information that you share with us.

Vserve Advantage

Shopping cart

End-to-end eCommerce Solution

Our eCommerce management services and solutions are customer-focused, designed to provide an exceptional customer experience to increase conversion and improve retention. We offer comprehensive eCommerce management services from development, customization to integration, product data management, and ongoing maintenance

End-to-end eCommerce Solution

Data Accuracy

Our quality assurance experts will make sure the results are validated twice before reaching your customers. Outsource B2B eCommerce support services to Vserve and rest assured the information provided to your potential customer is 100% accurate.

Data Accuracy
Data Security

Data Security

As your B2B eCommerce support services partner, we are committed to maintaining the highest data quality and security standards. In accordance with ISO 27001:2013, we have an established information security management system to safeguard the confidential information that you share with us.

Data Security
eCommerce platforms

Competence to work on all eCommerce platforms

Our eCommerce support specialists are adept at working with every major eCommerce platforms and marketplaces. Be it Magento, Bigcommerce, Shopify, Zen Cart, Volusion, eBay, or Amazon – we can work with equal competence


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Our Expertise

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Business Savvy

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