A Strategic Approach towards Building a Comprehensive B2B eCommerce Solution

The B2B eCommerce market is growing rapidly, and around 50% of B2B purchases happen online. That’s why it’s time to prioritize setting up an eCommerce platform as a part of your digital transformation process.
But, mimicking a B2C eCommerce store development setup will not work for your B2B business. You need an eCommerce engine that supports the unique complexities of your technical and business needs. The site should be designed to support complex capabilities such as the ability to manage personalized pricing, quote workflows, advanced product configuration, and global inventory allocation. That’s when you need an IT implementation service provider who has specialized skills to develop an eCommerce platform that addresses all your unique business needs. Vserve can be your strategic partner in developing an end-to-end B2B eCommerce store development solution that empowers your business to effectively manage your digital presence and provide your customers with a unique and seamless experience across multiple platforms.

Custom eCommerce store Design and Development

In B2B terms, great design means more on utility and organization than aesthetic criteria. Business buyers expect quick answers to the questions, easy navigation, and relevant content.

Understanding your customer needs throughout their purchase journey, we create designs that satisfy your customer expectations and meet your brand, customer demographics, and business goals.

Not just about creativity, we focus on building websites featuring efficient navigation allowing users to gain the most relevant information with the least possible clicks. Our designs are easily scalable that you can integrate more functionality and content down the lane without issues.

Responsive Website Design

42% of B2B buyers use mobile during the purchase process

Ignoring mobile responsive design can have an impact on effective customer experience and eventually, potential business opportunities. Our B2B eCommerce support solutions that extensively cover mobile-optimized B2B eCommerce store development and mobile application development.

Vserve’s responsive website design provides compatibility among various operating systems on desktop and mobile devices. From smartphones to laptops and tablets, your eStore will gain the benefit of swiftly reaching your target customers and providing them a seamless experience at every touchpoint.

B2B eCommerce Store Integration with Backend Systems

You need no more duplicate data or to replicate efforts on the webstore to keep it up and running. Our B2B eCommerce store integration support provides a platform to unify various independent operations in a single portal that can be effortlessly monitored and maintained.

ERP Integration:

Integrate your eCommerce store with the back-end ERP system to streamline business processes and improve site performance.

Payment Gateway Integration:

Our simple and secure payment gateway integration service ensures fraud protection, secure card-holder information storage, and PCI-compliance.

Shipping Provider Integration:

Shipping integration automates the fulfillment process with seamless connectivity between drop shipping, warehousing, shipping, and tracking solutions.

CRM Customization:

Improve sales, customer service, and marketing efforts with our streamlined CRM customization solutions tailored to meet every business need.

PIM Integration:

Integrating product information management systems with your eCommerce store enables you to manage the product data efficiently and provide a seamless customer experience across multiple channels.


Corporate Account Management
Customized Catalog Management
Personalized Pricing
Bulk and Recurring Orders
Quote Requests and Customer Negotiation
Customer Segmentation
Multiple Shipping and Allocation Options
Corporate Account Management
Customized Catalog Management
Personalized Pricing
Bulk and Recurring Orders
Quote Requests and Customer Negotiation
Customer Segmentation
Multiple Shipping and Allocation Options

Corporate Account Management

Give your buyers the ability to configure and manage their account structure,authorize and create purchasing rules.

Customized Catalog Management

A unique feature that enables you to customize product catalogs to specific corporations, divisions, business units, or individual customers.

Personalized Pricing

Create and customize multiple price lists for each customer with unlimited price points, various tiers, and different currencies. Sync the personalized pricing system with your current ERP system.

Bulk and Recurring Orders

Inspire your customers to purchase by offering special discounts for bulk orders, providing cart price rules, and reordering all in a few clicks.

Quote Requests and Customer Negotiation

Enable customers to request quotes fromshopping carts and respond to proposals withcustom prices and shipping offers as a part ofVserve B2B eCommerce store development services.

Customer Segmentation

Display personalize content, pricing and sendtimely promotions based on customer purchase pattern and behavior.

Multiple Shipping and Allocation Options

Add multiple shipping addresses within one orderand organize dispatching and allocation ofproducts anywhere.

Vserve Advantage

End-to-end eCommerce Solution

Our eCommerce management services and solutions are customer-focused, designed to provide an exceptional customer experience to increase conversion and improve retention. We offer comprehensive eCommerce management services from development, customization to integration, product data management, and ongoing maintenance

Data Accuracy

Our quality assurance experts will make sure the results are validated twice before reaching your customers. Outsource B2B eCommerce support services to Vserve and rest assured the information provided to your potential customer is 100% accurate.

Data Security

As your B2B eCommerce support services partner, we are committed to maintaining the highest data quality and security standards. In accordance with ISO 27001:2013, we have an established information security management system to safeguard the confidential information that you share with us.

Competence to work on all eCommerce platforms

Our eCommerce support specialists are adept at working with every major eCommerce platforms and marketplaces. Be it Magento, Bigcommerce, Shopify, Zen Cart, Volusion, eBay, or Amazon – we can work with equal competence.

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