Document Management Services

Vserve began its document management services after fully understanding how a huge percentage of organizations were struggling with huge volumes of information made available to them in unstructured formats. So Vserve went on to provide a document management solution that saw to the conversion of paper documents in to a digitalized form that allowed for proper storage, deployment and retrieval.

Vserve was now a one stop shop solution to all those seeking for an outsourcing partner with the right skills and technology in document management. As you work towards raising the standard and quality of your services, Vserve’s document management services team can help play a crucial role by meeting critical challenges with ease and delivering information as and when you require it in formats that you are comfortable in. We offer electronic documentation, which includes the process of scanning and digital conversion. We understand the requirements of our clients, in terms of the frequency of databases, their purpose and types

With a document management solution provider like us, you are never short of intellectual capital and you get what you need at a price that you are comfortable with. Choosing us would mean access to better turn around time, cost advantage, a huge pool of talent and assured quality as you work with experienced personnel.

Having successfully met the stringent deadlines and electronic document management demands of many a client, Vserve has perfected its document management methodology which consists of the following phases:

Accumulating and Assorting True Documents :

Paper documents are scanned and converted into digital images and it is arranged logically to be placed in the database. Vserve helps its clients to arrange the data in an orderly manner for easy retrieval and usage.

Document Scanning and Conversion:

The first step to e- documentation is the scanning process which needs due attention and conscientiousness. V serve ensures a well-planned scanning process with no loss of data and on-time delivery of work using the latest scanners and a cost-efficient project plan. Our advanced scanners have an excellent resolution and provide high-quality images with no compromise on quality.

For every scanning process, the scanned digitized images are analyzed, edited and compiled at Vserve before converting them into digital documents. Our use of OCR/ICR software to modify scanning and conversion reduces our time and deliver competently.

Document Indexing/Coding:

Vserve helps to index the data fields such as name, customer/product id, document code, date, client details and department details present in the current document. Indexing services at Vserve helps in easy accessibility and retrieval of the data.

Document Archiving and Retrieval:

Vserve uses advanced technologies for archiving and retrieving data from various storage devices. The electronic and digital documents are stored in the authenticated areas of the database which gives high security and the documents are archived in such a way, were easy retrieval is possible in a short period. The data stored in a centralized warehouse provides high security and allows only authorized user to access.

The Vserve Advantage:

  • Compressed storage space
  • High resistance against calamities
  • Easy storage, sharing and transportation
  • Advanced technology
  • Easy document search and retrieval
  • High security and integrity to the documents
  • Accessibility to multiple copies of the documents
  • Cost savings up to 60%