eCommerce Product Data Cleansing Services

At Vserve, we have a highly-skilled project team who process data cleansing in well-organized workflow systems. Along with the automated processes, manual data entry effort is done. Our experts rewrite the product data wherever required to increase data efficiency.

ECommerce Product data cleansing process involves

  • Data Analysis – Identify critical product data for cleansing. Analyze the product data for missing information, duplication and gap analysis.
  • Data De-duplication – Set validation rules to find the duplicates. Automated workflow systems use those validation rules to remove the duplicates.
  • Standardize Data – To maintain data consistency, specified rules and parameters are set for the various components in a product data like the SKU number, price, Meta tags, product URLs, etc.
  • Normalize Data – Redundant data is removed and checked for inconsistencies.
  • Quality Check – Check product data again for the quality and repeat the process till will we arrive at 100% quality.
Product Data Cleansing

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