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Data Conversion Services

Maximize the value of your Business Data with Vserve Ecommerce Data Conversion Services

Enterprise data has the potential to transform your business bottom line. Your eCommerce business can make strategic decisions based on these data-driven insights to improve internal operations and find new ways to generate revenue. However, the challenge is to make the data available and easily accessible for use in a unified format without any redundancy or inconsistency. And, eCommerce Data Conversion can help achieve it.

Outsource Data conversion services

Our industry-leading services allow you to successfully translate information from one form to another giving you access to high-quality results. Expand your business by choosing us as your data conversion service company and let us provide access to comprehensive data made available to you in a digitized format, resulting in better and quick decisions.

Having Vserve by your side you only stand to gain. Our structured process and our top of the line conversion technology provides you with the top-quality results you desire.

Data Conversion Services

Our various data conversion services include –

Catalog Conversion:

Convert and maintain an array of product offering in a timely fashion with Vserve catalog conversion services. Clean and error-free digitized catalog can attract customers and entice them with a better browsing and shopping experience. You can also easily revise prices, update product availability, and manage your catalog efficiently with our catalog digitization and customized format conversion services.

PDF Conversion:

Convert your data to be more adaptable and flexible to use with our PDF conversion services. We successfully convert data including digital hard copies, journals, books, brochures, reports and invoices to PDF formats. Our data conversion service assure superior drafting, organizing and file compression capabilities with easy access to the document on any PDF application.

Document Conversion:

When some of your files and documents are no longer compatible with your company’s current needs, Vserve’s document conversion service will be at your rescue. We offer digitization of hard copy files and conversion of your digital documents into the destination-compatible formats. Our document conversion service ensures data accuracy, flexibility and accessibility on desired platforms and operating systems.

HTML Conversion:

Transform your files into web-ready formats. Vserve has been the one-stop solution for companies that need voluminous data from documents, catalog and pages to be converted to HTML format. With latest software and skilled web creators, we streamline document  transition to HTML and readable display online for web browsers and web pages. Avail the benefit of always superior and high-quality results by outsourcing data conversion services to Vserve.

XML conversion:

Vserve’s comprehensive XML conversion service is designed to suit all business models and all capable formats. Be it word, HTML, PDF or any data files, we convert them to XML format. And, with Vserve data conversion services, it is now easy and inexpensive to store, index and publish data for default usage across various platforms.

SGML Conversion:

As important it is to the success of your business, converting and managing high-value data files can be time-consuming and expensive. At Vserve, we assist you with efficient and competitively priced SGML conversion services and defining the markup language for your documents. And as your data conversion service company, we are committed to your data safety – our comprehensive NDA and security procedures will give you the confidence of partnering with Vserve.

eBook Conversion:

Hard copies are vulnerable to wear and tear and stress overtime, with Vserve eBook conversion services, you can convert articles, brochures,manufacture specifications, catalogs and any scanned paper documents into an eBook format. While the quality of the document is maintained the format gains flexibility for easy upload onto server, publishing or archiving according to your needs.

Vserve Approach

Our data conversion service includes –

Data Collection and Profiling:

We study your current data and provide a customized report that suggests a suitable and efficient data conversion format to meet your business needs. We also profile the data for quality checks.

Data Cleansing:

Equipped with the insights from the data profile, we cleanse the current data for discrepancies to remove any redundant and inconsistent data. With data cleansing services we make sure that only the accurate and high-quality data makes it through our data conversion service to the end user.

Data Conversion Services:

With a combination of technology and human expertise, Vserve converts the original files and unstructured data from various sources into desired formats. We store, upload or create new databases that allow the necessary information to be easily retrieved and utilized.

Data Validation:

Once converted, we validate the data to make sure it looks and works as expected. As a professional eCommerce data conversion service company and eCommerce specialist in the industry for more than a decade, we would also assist with consultation and management of converted eCommerce data efficiently.

The Value we provide –

Simplified storage and access of data:

Disparity in data can complicate the data management process, post conversion, the resultant files in unified format makes it easy for your organization to integrate, validate and analyze data sets efficiently.

Use of both automated and manual data conversion service:

For speedy and accurate data conversion services, Vserve adapts a tailored combination of automated and manual approach to provide efficient results that best suit your business needs.

Custom made styles to enhance your document:

Your catalog and eBook data can come to life with aesthetically enhanced conversion features.  We creatively stylize your documents, eBooks and catalog to best enhance your company’s value so that your business stands out amongst your competitors. Vserve offers image editing and interactive media inclusions for catalog, eBook and PDF documents to enhance readability.

At Vserve, we strive to provide you with the right services with tools and technologies that give you access to the information as and when you desire it, thus allowing you to make faster decisions, avoid bottlenecks and create better customer relationships. Each organization follows its standards to format their data, which is why Vserve provides customized data conversion services as per the client’s requirements to offer that expected customer experience, while also building value chains.

Comprehensive Data Management Support:
Our end-to-end database management support helps maintain the flow of your business data. With services ranging from extraction to retrieval – We also provide customized data management solutions based on your eCommerce business needs.
Data Accuracy
Our quality assurance experts will make sure your data is validated twice before reaching your customers. Outsource eCommerce data management services to Vserve and rest assured the information provided to your potential customer is 99% accurate.
The magnitude of Data:
No matter the volume, we can extract and process data from various challenging sources. You can trust us with a large volume of data. We’ve had our hands-on experience on millions of eCommerce product data, yet never skipped on quality and promptness in delivery.
Data Security
As your eCommerce data management partner, we are committed to maintaining the highest data quality and security standards. In accordance with ISO 27001:2013, we have an established information security management system to safeguard the confidential information you have.
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Scaling Business Growth and Increasing Revenue for a growing eCommerce Client through Catalog and Inventory Management Support

The client approached us for complete backend support to manage inventory across all selling channels, and a hassle-free order management system for a better customer experience and improved sales.

The project involved managing an entire digital catalog; creating content for product detail and category pages; standardizing formats for product data for listing purpose in various channels; processing order and invoice; tracking and tracing shipment; monitoring and updating stock level.

Scaling Business Growth and Increasing Revenue for a growing eCommerce Client through Catalog and Inventory Management Support

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