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eCommerce Store Development Services

Launch a Conversion-Focused, Custom eCommerce Store within 2 Weeks with Vserve eCommerce Store Development Services

The secret to winning the eCommerce game lies in a eStore that provides an exceptional user experience. You need a site interface that meets customer expectations and compels them to convert. Our experts are adept at cutting-edge technologies to build a robust eCommerce store that is highly user-friendly and conversion-focused.

We also assist with seamless integration and customization of advanced features to automate the online process and simplify your task. Our service doesn’t end with providing a solid foundation but long-term assistance to achieve consistent growth through evolution.

eCommerce Store Feature Highlights

Exceptional User Experience

We develop high-performance, thoughtful designs with a clean user-interface. The design is crafted to reflect your specific needs and to meet both customers and merchant-friendly requirements.

eCommerce Store Development Services

Customer Experience

  • Easy navigation and engaging interface
  • Multiple visual product representation
  • Quick and convenient checkout process
  • Simple and secured payment gateway
  • Order tracking and support modules

Exceptional User Experience

  • Easy to track and manage orders.
  • Effectively manage offers and discounts
  • Well-equipped product catalog management
  • Efficient inventory management
  • Easy integration of tax and shipping providers
  • Effortless eCommerce analytics monitoring

Seamless Store Enhancement Services

As eStore integration experts, we help connect your eCommerce storefront with a diverse range of third-party systems and applications. From ERP and CRM systems, to payment gateways, and shipping providers, we integrate your storefront to enhance functionalities and ensure a seamless performance.

Scalable Integration:

Our cloud-based integration solution ensures reliability and security to scale growth without compromising on quality.

Tailor-made to your business needs:

Every business is unique, and so do our solutions. Our solutions are designed to cater to the needs of every individual business and their budget.

Responsive Website Design

In the last 6 months, about 79% of smartphone users have made a purchase online using their mobile device.

It is crucial for every eCommerce business to intuitively adapt to devices that the customer is accessing. Ignoring the evolution of mobile eCommerce means missing out on profit and other potential benefits of responsive design as the trend continues.

Vserve’s responsive website design provides compatibility among various operating systems on desktop and mobile devices. From smartphones to laptops and tablets, your eStore will gain the benefit of swiftly reaching your world of the target audience.

Lifetime Support

You want your e-commerce store up and running consistently with optimum effectiveness. We can make that happen while giving you the time to focus on your core business activities.

Vserve maintenance and support extend beyond the site launch. We are available round-the-clock to deal with bugs and resolve glitches at the earliest. Our services include

  • Website Reviews
  • Constant Monitoring
  • Speed and Performance Optimization
  • Ongoing maintenance
  • Emergency support
  • Vulnerability scanning
  • Bug fixing and security patching
  • Disaster recovery
  • Backup and restore
  • eStore upgrades

Vserve eCommerce Store Development Solutions

Custom eCommerce Store Development

Vserve understands the importance of utilizing cutting-edge technology to maximize profitability. We offer the features and functionality that are best in standards, yet remain completely customizable. 

Our eStore development software is a powerhouse of an eCommerce website builder created specifically for online store development and design. We can work within Magento, OpenCart, Shopify, Zen-Cart, BigCommerce, and Yahoo Store eCommerce platforms!

eCommerce Store Development Lifecycle:

Our Custom eCommerce store development process includes –

Strategy Planning:

We connect with you to understand your detailed requirements and conceptualize the design for the site. We conduct research on your business goals, target audience, competitors and the current market.  Our strategies are well-defined to meet your current needs, and gain a competitive edge in the market.


Our team of designers and developers will help design a roadmap to implement the right themes, develop the eStore ground up, enhance the site with integration and customization features; Provide web hosting services; and offer product data management and digital marketing assistance. 

Post-deployment Support:

Our expert team provides reliable ongoing maintenance with all the essential support needed for scaling growth. Our services include eStore optimization; monitoring and maintenance; and troubleshooting support.

eStore Customization and Integration

We develop custom eStore integration solutions that create limitless possibilities to integrate new functionalities.

Payment Gateway Integration:

Our simple and secure payment gateway integration service ensures fraud protection; secure card-holder information storage and PCI-compliance.

Shipping Provider Integration:

Shipping integration automates the fulfillment process with seamless connectivity between drop shipping, warehousing, shipping, and tracking solutions.

CRM Customization:

Improve sales, customer service, and marketing efforts with our streamlined CRM customization solutions that are tailor-made to meet every business need.

Product Data Migration

Setting up a storefront is easier when compared to migrating your product information from one platform to another. There is a risk of data loss and an impact on the site ranking. We at Vserve will assist you with seamless migration of all the web store’s data and content, without the hassle and risk of data loss.

Our Designers and Developers have a decade of combined experience in data migration. Our team helps migrate crucial data from various complex sources to the eCommerce storefront.

Digital Marketing Services

While choosing an eCommerce store development company, it is important to guarantee a design that is SEO optimized. And, not many service providers will choose to build in an SEO-friendly site. 

As Digital Marketers ourselves, Vserve understands the need to optimize your eStore for search engines. So, we provide an eStore rich in SEO features that help rank your site top on the search results.  Further, we assist with SEO strategies that help earn maximum ROI.

Expert Design
Our experts help create high-performance, thoughtful designs with a clean user-interface crafted to reflect your specific needs and create an experience that converts your visitors to customers.
Streamlined Customization
Improve sales, customer service, and marketing efforts with our streamlined CRM customization solutions tailored to meet every business need.
Seamless Integration
We can seamlessly integrate third-party API integration of payment gateways and shipping providers to facilitate a simple and secure payment and fulfillment process.
Lifetime Support
Reliable ongoing maintenance with all the essential support needed for scaling growth. Our experts are available round-the-clock to deal with bugs and resolve glitches at the earliest.
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Scaling Business Growth and Increasing Revenue for a growing eCommerce Client through Catalog and Inventory Management Support

The client approached us for complete backend support to manage inventory across all selling channels, and a hassle-free order management system for a better customer experience and improved sales.

The project involved managing an entire digital catalog; creating content for product detail and category pages; standardizing formats for product data for listing purpose in various channels; processing order and invoice; tracking and tracing shipment; monitoring and updating stock level.

Scaling Business Growth and Increasing Revenue for a growing eCommerce Client through Catalog and Inventory Management Support

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