eMarketplace Solutions

Millions of shoppers buy products from major online shopping sites like Amazon and eBay. It is crucial for the online marketplaces to include a wide variety of products in their online site and therefore manage a large inventory. When the product range is higher, it becomes difficult to manage the products in an online store. With our end-to-end ecommerce solutions, managing products on a marketplace is simpler and time-saving. The boom in the online shopping space has made professional sellers to create online storefronts in the major marketplaces. Selling through these marketplaces is one of the quickest ways to reach the target audience of buyers, increase orders by various discounts and in turn increase the revenue of the storefront. The hassle of selling and managing products in an online marketplace is easier with our cost-effective catalog processing services.

Our solutions are meant for:

  • Web store Development Our web design can develop custom storefronts that attract potential buyers. We provide high quality designs and optimized contents for the e-store.
  • Product Upload/Product Listing Our product management team can upload your products to the marketplace according to their specific product information such as SKU, product title, product id, product description, product tags etc.
  • Product Catalog Management Products are classified into the right category and will contain the product attributes defined by you/manufacturer optimized for easy search in the online store.
  • Product Data Entry Product data is entered using the templates specified by the marketplace. Multiple products which are in bulk are uploaded using bulk upload tools. We offer a “Free Trial” with no obligation for smaller lists and product uploads.
  • Product Description Writing & Image Editing Product descriptions are vital as they give the specifications of the product. We write product descriptions which contain keywords enriched for SEO. We can edit product images to make it better quality, resized for better viewing and correct images mapped to the products.


  • Product Catalog Management – This includes a range of catalog processing services like catalog building & indexing, catalog content management, catalog conversion, product classification, image editing & resizing.
  • Product Description Writing – Rewrite/Write new product descriptions which are SEO enriched and optimized for better search.
  • Product Image Editing – Enhance your product images to make it high quality.
  • eCommerce SEO & SMM – Our SEO experts can increase the visibility of your online store by implementing various SEO strategies and by promoting through various social media channels.
  • Competitor Intelligence – We use a unique competitor tracking system to analyze and gather competitor intelligence like price, product and seller information.

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