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Outsource Document Management Support and Focus on your Business Efficiency and Productivity

Want to streamline your business workflow by managing documents efficiently?

A comprehensive document management service gives you a hassle-free way to create, convert, and share critical documents across your organization. Document management support not only opens up a new horizon for digitization but also help –

  • Reduce storage space,
  • Speed up your business process,
  • Improve employee efficiency, and
  • Reduce operational cost up to 60%
Document Management Service

It is important to manage documents effectively. It is not your entire business, so outsource document management services to a reliable document management service provider and utilize your newfound resources to improve client relationships and find new opportunities for scalability.

 Vserve is now a one-stop-shop solution to all those seeking an outsourcing partner with the right skills and technology in document management support. As you work towards raising the standard and quality of your services, Vserve’s document management services team can help play a crucial role by meeting critical challenges with ease and delivering information as and when you require it in formats that you are comfortable in.

  • We offer electronic documentation service that involves data capture, conversion, archiving, and document workflow management support.
  • We understand the requirements of our clients in terms of the frequency of databases, their purpose, and types. And,
  • We provide a seamless transition to a paperless document management solution using the latest electronic document management support.

Vserve Document Management Data Compliance and Security Measures

Connect with Confidence –

We are aware of our responsibility to your business, and that’s why we apply industry best practices to protect your data with utmost confidentiality and integrity. Vserve is certified ISO/IEC 27001:2013 for the information security management system. We assure an enterprise-data security system to store and maintain the documents that you have entrusted with us. Our solutions also guarantee the legal validity of your electronically stored material.

The Document Management Support Process

A Holistic and Secure Approach to your Document Management Needs

Having successfully met the stringent deadlines and electronic document management service demands of many a client, Vserve has perfected its document management methodology, which consists of the following phases:

Document Capture and Conversion:

Avoid inefficient and time-consuming tasks with old paper files and unorganized documents. Trust Vserve to capture and convert your technical documents and present them to you in a format that best suits your business needs.  

We capture documents from various sources, including websites, office files, emails, and other unstructured sources to convert them into long-term storage formats for quick and easy retrieval. Our use of OCR/ICR software to modify scanning and conversion reduces our time and delivery competently.

Document Scanning:

For paper documents such as invoices letters or older printouts, Vserve provides a well-planned scanning process with no loss of data and on-time delivery of work using the latest scanners and a cost-efficient project plan. 

Our advanced scanners have an excellent resolution and provide high-quality images with no compromise on quality. For every scanning process, the scanned, digitized images are analyzed, edited, and compiled at Vserve before converting them into digital documents.

Document Indexing/Coding:

Vserve helps to index the data fields such as name, customer/product id, document code, date, client details, and department details present in the current document. Indexing services at Vserve helps in easy accessibility and retrieval of the data.  

  • Vserve indexing and coding system is incredibly organized and effective to prevent documents from getting lost or being misfiled.
  • Indexing flags every document with appropriate tagging to avoid duplicacy.

Document Archiving and Retrieval:

With an established and regulated physical and electronic archive, we provide you with an effective control and management over the stored documents and media files. The documents are stored in authentic areas that are highly secured and legally compliant. Laying the groundwork for arranging and archiving, we manually organize the archives and delete unnecessary material. 

Workflow Management:

We know you need efficient document management support not only to store your documents but share, edit and retrieve it as and when required. With a comprehensive workflow system, we help manage the organizational workflow of your documents and provide remote access with rules to be routed to the right people in the organization.

Control and audit various document versions:

Automatically manage multiple versions of your documents. Outsource document management services to Vserve and get access to our version control feature that allows you to automatically audit and differentiate every change made in the document and access every maintained version of the document. 

Keep track of every order:

With online and in-store retail offerings, it cannot be easy to track every order effectively. With our retail document management support– you can save all your orders in one central system and integrate it with your retail workflow to keep a consistent track of everyday orders and your customer information.

Control and audit various document
Comprehensive Data Management Support:
Our end-to-end database management support helps maintain the flow of your business data. With services ranging from extraction to retrieval – We also provide customized data management solutions based on your eCommerce business needs.
Data Accuracy
Our quality assurance experts will make sure your data is validated twice before reaching your customers. Outsource eCommerce data management services to Vserve and rest assured the information provided to your potential customer is 99% accurate.
The magnitude of Data:
No matter the volume, we can extract and process data from various challenging sources. You can trust us with a large volume of data. We’ve had our hands-on experience on millions of eCommerce product data, yet never skipped on quality and promptness in delivery.
Data Security
As your eCommerce data management partner, we are committed to maintaining the highest data quality and security standards. In accordance with ISO 27001:2013, we have an established information security management system to safeguard the confidential information you have.
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Scaling Business Growth and Increasing Revenue for a growing eCommerce Client through Catalog and Inventory Management Support

The client approached us for complete backend support to manage inventory across all selling channels, and a hassle-free order management system for a better customer experience and improved sales.

The project involved managing an entire digital catalog; creating content for product detail and category pages; standardizing formats for product data for listing purpose in various channels; processing order and invoice; tracking and tracing shipment; monitoring and updating stock level.

Scaling Business Growth and Increasing Revenue for a growing eCommerce Client through Catalog and Inventory Management Support

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