Product Information Management System

Everything You Need to Know About Product Information Management (PIM) System

Everything You Need to Know About Product Information Management (PIM) System

With the advancement in technology and diversification of e-commerce industries, you might be familiar with the term product information management system(PIM). Content management and product information are often considered to play a crucial role in achieving the e-commerce goals of an enterprise. However, the benefits of PIM are not limited to the e-commerce industries and entities rather it has been utilized for diverse purposes. You might be wondering “what PIM actually is and does PIM worth in an omnichannel environment?

PIM refers to the system that effectively assembles, maintains, enrich, and distribute the product information to the omnichannel environment of an entity. Here’s the detailed information and benefits of the PIM system in today’s era.

How has a product information management system improved the maintenance of product content?

A Product is much more than a name, quantity of an item, description of colors, sizes, or model name. Usually, the content of each product differs to a great extent. For instance, while buying a television, resolution matters whereas for buying fabrics and trousers the users always consider the care instructions. There are several products which have the same descriptions for the entire brands, channels, and languages; however, following the product details in depth, you may realize that the description usually varies on the basis of brand, language, and medium. This is the major hurdle that makes the product management tricky. The major role of Product information management is to manage the content of all the articles of diverse languages and brands.

Impact of Product information Management system on global markets

In today’s world, almost every e-commerce store operates internationally that often compel the utilization of international standards such as GS1. Apart from categorizing items to sales organizations and product hierarchies, articles associated with PIM system can be easily categorized as per international standards. Secondly, collaborating with the international organizations increases the translation requirement. The PIM system taking the assistance of external translation agencies easily sort out the language issues.

Multimedia and Product information management (PIM) system

Nowadays, you may hardly spot a product sold without multimedia effects (audio, video, images, infographics, and much more). Every organization requires Digital Asset management (DAM) to bring multimedia effects to the product. An effective PIM system provides the organizations with several such facilities including searching, formatting, cross-referencing, multiple-format images, automatic conversion, and data export.

Benefits of PIM system in Product onboarding

Onboarding is one of the most discussed concepts of the product information system. It mainly refers to receiving the product content into your PIM system. For instance, importing the product content from an Excel, product suppliers, ERP, and much more. An efficient PIM system often involves merging and mapping potential to import and combine the content from the above-mentioned sources.

In addition to this, the PIM system is often termed as the best possible way to increase and improve the product data quality and maintain product structure and reference.

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