Competitor Cross Reference

At Vserve, we analyze and cross-reference your products with competitor sites and give a detailed audit report with recommendations to add/modify content on your site. Accurate and detailed information about a product is a must to attract shoppers to your site by providing them the right product needed at the right price. If you are an industrial products manufacturer or distributor Cross-referencing will also help you win RFPs and bids by providing the customer with the right product at the right price. We help categorize the products into an exact match and close match based on the specifications provided.
We offer the following Competitor Cross References for your product:

  • Product specifications/descriptions
  • Competitor pricing/ offers/ discounts
  • Missing images, model/serial numbers, manufacturer specifications
  • Alternate product suggestions
Competitor Cross Referencing

We don’t charge you huge license fees. We provide cross-reference as a service and you can use us no matter what your budget is!

Help your customer search for the right product:

Help your customer search millions of products from several competitors from across categories from your site.

Compare several options – retain your customer:

Easily compare several competitors and map products based on the degree of closeness of the match.

Increase revenue:

Cross-references are grouped into distinct categories and we help you cross-sell and up-selling by suggesting upgrades and downgrades.

Access detailed specifications and attributes:

With one click your customer can access datasheets, parametric details, lifecycle status, market availability and other information for all competitors you want them to compare.

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