Data Driven Intelligence for Ecommerce Businesses
At Vserve, we offer e-commerce business intelligence that helps in making better decisions and maximizing profits of online stores and marketplaces.

Studies have shown that, on average, businesses that invest in quality data driven business intelligence see a return on their investment (ROI) of over 1000%. That’s more than $10 of profit for every $1 spent on eCommerce business intelligence!

Business Intelligence (BI) is the process of using technology to collect and synthesize mass quantities of your sales and competitor data in order to tell a story. That story can then help you to make better business decisions. Our solutions are well-structured and customizable according to the requirements.

With a constant increase in the volume of products and price changes, businesses must keep track of their competitors. Vserve uses cutting edge technologies to automate and research competitor intelligence from various sources.

Your Business Data Tells an Intelligent Story

How does telling a story help to grow your e-commerce business? By using eCommerce business intelligence to turn your raw business data into something that makes sense, you get a new perspective that’s extremely useful in decision making. What’s more, that story is rooted in validated data.

Ecommerce platforms store vast quantities of data, including information on sales, competitors, and trends.  Making sense of unrefined data can be difficult, and most business owners simply don’t have the time to comb through piles of numbers looking for gold.

That’s where Vserve comes in! We offer customizable retail business intelligence solutions to help you increase profits and sales, cut unnecessary expenses, and use limited business resources more efficiently.

Benefits of Employing Business Intelligence in Your Business

A sample of the benefits Vserve’s clients have seen when engaging with our BI services:

  • The ability to craft smarter, more targeted marketing campaigns
  • Increased sales and profit margins, along with reduced costs
  • More leads being generated with higher conversion rates
  • Retaining clients for longer periods of time
  • Overall better decision-making capabilities supported by data driven intelligence
Vserve Business Intelligence Services for Ecommerce

Vserve’s comprehensive array of BI services includes the following:

Competitor Cross Reference

Our competitor cross-reference tool allows you to look up and compare products and other information used by your competitors.

Competitor Price Analysis

Optimize your pricing strategy with real-time price monitoring solutions from Vserve. Get robust competitive insights and generate interactive reports that are easy to understand.

Shopping Feed Creation

The shopping feed creation specialists at Vserve are well versed in using all the major shopping comparison sites. Our specialists expertly manage product feeds on sites like Google Shopping and optimize them for various shopping cart platforms.

Digital Asset Management

Managing huge collections of images is a time-consuming task. With Vserve’s digital asset management, you’re able to organize images in one centralized location and search easily.

Vserve is here to save you the hassle that comes with data analysis and strategic business intelligence. Why not call in the pros? Let Vserve start working to grow your online retail eCommerce business today!