Ecommerce Data management and Product Image Management Services

Product Data and Image Management

Ecommerce Product Data Management Services

Running a successful eCommerce business generates an extraordinary amount of data to be managed daily. And there’s more data flowing in all the time in various forms. However, as you already know, having access to all this information does your business no good if it’s not user-friendly. You can’t make good business decisions with messy, bad data.

On top of managing all the data in your eCommerce database, your online business also requires a substantial amount of image editing and management. But, really, who has time for all that?

At Vserve, we know that database and image management is a struggle for busy eCommerce store owners. Even if you have the skills to perform excellent data management for your business and to wrangle and edit all the images your eCommerce store needs, do you really have the time? Or would your efforts be better focused on other, mission-critical tasks?

Data and Image Management Service

We would be willing to bet that you could find other important things to fill your time with. So, why not let Vserve handle the database management services? Oh, and while we’re at it, we’ll provide you with professional photo editing services, too!

Outsourcing Data Management Services for Online Store

With so much data flowing into your eCommerce database daily, even storage and retrieving anything useful can be difficult. That’s where Vserve comes in. Our database management specialists perform skillful data conversion, data processing, data entry, and document management services that:

  1. ensure the products in your catalog are properly classified and categorized, including building a strategically planned product category tree, for easy searching
  2. clean (remove duplication and obsolete data, etc.), organize, and maintain the data therein through efficient automated processes and expert data review
  3. enrich your catalog by analyzing product data for inconsistencies, spelling errors, and duplicate entries, and adding missing information from the manufacturer and enhancing for SEO

Vserve experts will also make sure that your product descriptions and product detail pages are thorough, yet easy to skim, and written in clear and concise language. By avoiding jargon and adding details, we make your products more relatable and desirable to your customers.

We can build databases from the ground up or simply support our clients by making the information in existing databases more usable, engaging, effective, and profitable. These are results that you can use to help make informed business decisions, better-targeted marketing campaigns, and more effective store management efforts.

We’ve seen great success with customers across various industries and countries. No matter the size of your company database, Vserve’s data management services can meet your needs.

What’s more, our strict policies ensure high quality and confidentiality. Vserve provides the best database management services in the outsourcing industry with 100% accuracy. We maintain high standards of data security and enable you to realize the cost-saving benefits of up to 60%!

Outsourcing Data Management Services for Online Store

When it comes to creating and managing the images on your eCommerce website, it can take a lot of precious time and energy. But outsourcing photo editing efforts is easy! Whether you need images created or edited, Vserve has the expertise to handle your image editing needs.
For digital eCommerce asset and product image management, we provide:

1. Image Editing

  • Resizing
  • Proper cropping
  • Adding context (like product dimensions and features)

2. Image Conversion and Improvement

  • Improved image quality
  • Enhanced or added zoom capability

3. Image Background Removal

4. Image Color Variant

Image Management Services

We can also source additional images from product manufacturers, add specs and images of various angles to showcase more of the product features, and create detailed product videos that encourage customer engagement and improve your SEO results.

Working with Vserve: High Quality Ecommerce Outsourcing Services

Vserve specializes in delivering top-quality eCommerce solutions. We handle the details behind the scenes with your data and images so that you can focus your attention on the more strategic task of running a wildly successful online business.

End-to-End Image Editing Services

From basic image editing such as resizing and color correction to advanced photo editing services, we cover it all.

One-Stop Solution for Image Editing
We are a one-stop-shop for image editing services. We deliver tailored image editing services that meet your current business needs and customer requirements.
Secure File Transfers
With FTP for secure and quick file transfer and automatic backup options, we transfer your image in a safe way to update your ecommerce platform as and when required.
Latest Software Tools
We deliver high-quality flawless images with the latest software tools such as Adobe Lightroom®, Adobe Photoshop®, and Skylum Luminar®.
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Scaling Business Growth and Increasing Revenue for a growing eCommerce Client through Catalog and Inventory Management Support

The client approached us for complete backend support to manage inventory across all selling channels, and a hassle-free order management system for a better customer experience and improved sales.

The project involved managing an entire digital catalog; creating content for product detail and category pages; standardizing formats for product data for listing purpose in various channels; processing order and invoice; tracking and tracing shipment; monitoring and updating stock level.

Scaling Business Growth and Increasing Revenue for a growing eCommerce Client through Catalog and Inventory Management Support

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