Product Lifecycle Management

About the Product Lifecycle Management Services

PLM (Product Life Cycle Management) is the process of running the entire lifecycle of a product from its beginning, through design and manufacture, to service and disposal. Product Lifecycle Management is today’s all-encompassing approach for innovation. In this modern society, every business aims to gain a competitive advantage by improving its product development.

Product Life Cycle Management services provides the foundation for companies to compete with their rivals in an innovation environment that constantly demands rapid time to market, high product quality and a cost- effective product cost. The understanding of a product life cycle of a product can help a company to understand and to make decisions like, what is the right time to introduce the product, how to plan marketing activities and what price has to be fixed.

Few of the major benefits of Product life cycle management are

  • Real-time support system
  • Quality improved system
  • No prototype costs
  • More opportunities in terms of sales & revenue.
  • Improve operational functionality.
  • Production line improves their working performance.

The four phases of the product lifecycle are conceived, design, realize and service. These steps are necessary to manage a product from beginning to end.

  • In phase first, we will plan on how the product will be developed, and we will determine what new and innovative features our product will include.
  • In phase two we will actually proceed in designing our product defining what the parameters for our project are
  • Our third phase covers bringing to life our new product. In this phase we get to manufacture, procure, sell, and deliver.

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Product Lifestyle Management Service Provider Selection

A number of PLM systems are available in the market today and a careful analysis is required with respect to cost and benefit analysis while selecting the PLM Vendors.

  • Cost
  • Software and Hardware
  • Business Process Designing/Re-engineering
  • Implementation and support
  • Integration and synchronization with ERP and other system of product records
  • Training and Change Management
  • Benefits

Product LifeCycle Management System is very much successful in simplifying the creation and development phase of the product by any organization that chances to implement it. The charges for PLM services are enormously high.

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