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FAQ - Question and Answer

1. When I offshore my work to Vserve Solutions, Who does what?

When you offshore the work with us, we set up an overseas division for your company that handles facilities, Labor laws, IT support services, HR, payroll, and recruitment services. We also provide seamless team culture, including social events and birthday celebrations. Vserve Solutions is an amazing place to work with. You can handle the quality, productivity, and work practices as you want. We will handle all your tricky tasks with ease.

2. How good are the services offered by Vserve Solutions?

With our state-of-the-art office, we have a dedicated health clinic, server room, on-site tech support team, training room, consistent internet connection, power backup, sprinkler system, and fire detection system. We also have round the clock security system, locker rooms, and a security guard.

Our offices are as good as a typical American office with all the latest technology and services.

3. Why offshoring the work to Vserve Solution can help you cut the cost?

Due to comparatively low living costs in India, the cost of occupancy and labor are lower than the US and Australia. Hence, you can significantly reduce the operational cost. We provide high-quality work that fulfills the expectations of our clients. Currently, we have over 100+ ongoing projects providing satisfactory results to different types of businesses.

4. How outsourcing the tasks will impact the onshore staff of your business?

If you are planning to replace the whole offshore team with the offshore team, then your onshore team will be highly impacted. However,  if you are outsourcing the tasks to free up the time of your local team, this will be highly beneficial to your team. We will easily handle all the tasks allowing them to focus on other important chores. Outsourcing the work to Vserve Solutions will strengthen your business and will help your business grow.

You can ensure long term sustainability of the business by outsourcing the work to Vserve Solutions. We will boost productivity, optimize the cost, and unlock a new phase of profitability and growth for your business.

With the changing world, businesses need to embrace the global markets at the earliest to enjoy the benefits rather than struggling after a few years to catch up with the changes.

5. What roles can your business outsource?

With a wide range of services and facilities that Vserve Solutions can offer, we perform all the tasks that your team performs in front of a computer or over a phone. All our team would need is the right training, software, and support to perform the tasks.

Take a look at the services we offer and our portfolio on our website to know what all services we provide. The most-suited tasks for outsourcing include programming and development, tech support, customer services, digital marketing services, content writing, and management services.


6. How long it takes to set up the team?

With access to a wide range of skilled and talented applicants, we can fill almost every role that your company may require. With the job description provided by you, we match and recruit a suitable candidate. Once we recruit the right candidates for your team, we set the new team up with our latest office facilities, including tech support, furniture, and IT infrastructure.

We will set up and align them t work for you within 6 weeks of the start of the process and probably even sooner than that.

7. How do Vserve get the right people for the business?

The process of recruiting the offshore team is similar to hiring a local team. We evaluate your job description, scan, and shortlist the candidates for initial interviews for you. Once that you have shortlisted these candidates, we hire them and set them up in our office to start working for your process.

8. What type of training does the team require from my side?

We recruit a skilled and experienced team to handle your task. You can train the team in your company’s specifics, workflow, and other details particular to your business. You can introduce the team with the company history, types of products and services you provide, the software you use, policies, processes, and tone of voice. You can also communicate the responsibilities and tasks to your offshore team and check their progress remotely.

It is important that you keep track of the performance and provide regular feedback and reviews on their performance, exclusively during the initial stages of the work. However, our operations account manager would also be proactively involved in supporting the goals of your business. We will be providing a documented performance improvement process to monitor the performance of the employees.

9. Can I change the number of members on the team?

We are pleased to support you in any way. You can add new members as and when required in your team. All you have to do is to inform your account manager and hire a suitable employee for your team.

10. How can I replace or remove an employee?

This generally depends on the situation. If you want to remove the employee based on performance, we will provide you the documented performance management framework that would include warning, evaluation period, and escalation process, which might lead to termination, if required.

If the termination is not based on performance, you might have to pay a redundancy payout to terminate the employee.

11. Does the team have excellent English language skills?

Before we shortlist the candidates for an interview with you, we evaluate their English speaking and writing skills apart from their technical skills. We understand that communication is an important part of our work culture, and hence we only recruit people who are good at English.

12. Can I visit my team in person?

Yes, you can visit our facility and meet the team whenever you want to. Face to face communication with the team will help you make the team understand your business goals. Meeting the staff in person will help you understand their strengths and weaknesses. This will be beneficial in organizing the team for your business’s benefit.

However, you can still communicate with your team remotely if you are unable to travel and make a visit.