Ecommerce Catalog Building & Indexing Services

The overall usability and UX (user experience) of an ecommerce site is defined by a well planned product category structure. Forming the product category tree also called the product taxonomy development is a time consuming task and requires experts who have the domain experience. Our taxonomy developers have worked with all types of product categories and use their expertise to gather, analyze, review and apply the product taxonomy.

The taxonomy development process includes:

  • Gather product data or existing product categories
  • Analyze and review the product data/categories for redundancy
  • Build the category tree, define attributes , standardize data and taxonomy mapping
  • Normalize and categorize the product according to the right taxonomy
  • Quality check on the final output

Simple naming conventions are used for the product categorization. Products can be filtered and the right product is shown according to the customer’s preference. Multiple products can be compared in the same product category. The product categories are optimized for quick searches in the online site and SEO enriched keywords for better page ranks.

Why use our product taxonomy development for your ecommerce store?

  • Product categories are made simple and easy to navigate
  • Standardizes your product data and improves the searches which in turn reduce shopper abandonment. Categories are placed in multiple places in the tree so that a user can search for it in multiple places
  • Vserve’s technology will save your time and reduce the efforts required to manage a complex product taxonomy
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