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Ecommerce Product Data Enrichment Services

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Making The Most Out of Your Product Page

The Average Cart Abandonment Rate is almost 70% around all industries.

Insufficient product data is one main reason for the customer to abandon the shopping cart. If the user is not satisfied with the information provided on the site, they tend to bounce back to the search engine results, finding answers on your competitors’ site.

And, your endless marketing efforts of driving your customers to the product page will be of no use if they don’t purchase your product. After all, the product page is the only place where you can generate revenue out of the entire site.

Vserve Solutions, help e-commerce start-ups and enterprises to gain a competitive advantage by enriching e-commerce product data. We deliver well-structured and presentable data that can influence the buying decision of the customers and increase the revenue.

Vserve Product Data Enrichment Process

Our Vserve team will analyse the product data for inconsistencies, spelling errors and duplicate entries. Missing information is added from the manufacturer’s site or the paper catalog. Content from the manufacturer’s/suppliers can be rephrased, enriched with keywords for SEO and made unique from the competitors. With the data enrichment services from Vserve, you can reduce your manual efforts required to cleanse the product data and get a high-quality catalog output from us.

Drive Sales With Our Product Data Enrichment Services

The key to improve customer engagement and conversion is to provide informative and enriched product data– which not only includes a compelling product copy but also standard attributes, features, shipping, warranty, manufacturing information and other specifications on the page that clearly answers the objections the customer has about the product.

Our team of experts at Vserve are adept at analyzing the current gaps and inconsistencies in product data and refining them with up-to-date, reliable and relevant information. We also help enhance every single aspect of the product page including –

  • Creating a persuasive product copy.
  • Standardizing product attributes.
  • Optimizing the page for the search engines.
  • Enhancing images and digital assets.

Cleanse Your Current Data For Inconsistency

It is understandable that your current product data might have inconsistencies and errors, but not rendering them right will take a toll on the site performance.

We deploy our best product enrichment e-commerce specialists to thoroughly analyse your database for inconsistencies, errors, duplicate data, wrong information, and missing data. With a combination of our expertise with cutting-edge technology, we provide customized solutions for improving data accuracy to reduce buying errors and product returns.

  • 100% Data Accuracy.
  • Prevent Buying Errors.
  • Reduce Product Returns.

Every Product Attribute Adds Value To The Purchase Decision

Standardizing product attributes will help clients with optimal merchandising across all platforms, and set a predefined data format for the eStore to improve customer experience and help customers make well-informed purchase decisions.

22% of product returns are due to the difference in the product received and the information provided on the website.

Our cross-functional team with data mining experts, process executives, and quality analysts will work on the sorting and assigning attributes for every product and optimizing the process to maintain data consistency and quality.

  • Data Consistency and Quality.
  • Improved Customer Experience.
  • Streamlined Business Process.

A Persuasive Product Copy Is The Key To Increase Conversions

A well-crafted product content can improve conversion by 25%

A well-written product description does more than just describing the product. it should be brief and conveyed with ease to inform the customer about every aspect of the product, compelling them to make the purchase decision. In short, a copy should sell for itself.

Tapping into the nuance of the product industry and the minds of your target audience, we create high-performing, persuasive product copies that drive sales. Sourcing from a pool of unstructured data, our copywriters transform raw product information into clear and authentic product descriptions that engage well with the customers.

  • Engage Customers.
  • Reduce bounce rates.
  • Well-informed purchase decisions.
  • Drive sales and revenue.

Improve Search Visibility With On-Page Optimization

Imagine how it would be to increase sales in a few months without investing more on your marketing efforts?

At Vserve, we understand how crucial it is to optimize your site for search engines. Our SEO experts offer a comprehensive analysis of keywords related to your product and the industry, and incorporate them seamlessly along the product page from – the descriptions to the URL, title tag, meta data, and image ALT text to improve your site ranking and increase traffic.

  • Increase site rankings.
  • Increase site traffic.
  • Improved ROI

Engage Your Visitors With Rich Digital Assets And Images

The visual content has always won customers. The audience would rather watch a video than read about a product. The image, videos and other digital assets must be flawlessly built into the product page increasing customer attention, trust and their urge to buy.

Our team of editors and data mining experts can help you with multitude of image and digital assets editing services background, colour and contrast; and optimize the image for size and resolution to accurately meet client’s pre-set guidelines, and include an SEO-friendly image tag.

We equip our customers with safety information, user guides, brochures and information pamphlets to let customers understand the in and out of the product and gain their confidence while making the purchase.

  • High-resolution digital assets.
  • Edited and optimized for Search Engines.
  • Improved customer attention.
  • Customer confidence.

Why Companies Prefer Vserve For Product Data Enrichment Services?

As a product data enrichment services company, we have dealt with platforms like eBay, Amazon, X-Cart, and Zen Cart among various other platforms. And our services are targeted at instilling confidence in the buyer about how good a product to improve sales conversion ratios.

Product Data Quality Assessment
Data Accuracy
Our quality assurance experts will make sure your product data is validated twice before reaching your customers. Outsource product data management services to Vserve and rest assured the information provided to your potential customer is 99% accurate.
Competence to Work on all Major eCommerce Platforms
Our eCommerce product data management specialists are adept at working with every significant eCommerce platform and marketplaces. Be it Magento, Bigcommerce, Shopify, Zen Cart, Volusion, eBay, or Amazon – We can work with equal competence.
Data Security
As your product data management partner, we are committed to maintaining the highest data quality and security standards. In accordance with ISO 27001:2013, we have an established information security management system to safeguard the confidential information you have.
As your business grows, so does the scope of your product data. With our strong team and technology, you can access uninterrupted product data management services through every stage of your business expansion.
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Improved Client’s Sales Conversion On Amazon Store Through Catalog Management Service

Vserve contributed in increasing client’s sales by 15% and cost reduction by 50% with a comprehensive catalog management service.

Our rich and impactful product content and image improved sales conversions.

Our quality product data entry services, for 50,000 SKUs with a quick turnaround time of 3 months helped the client save cost and boost productivity

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