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Successful Data Management on Shopify to Boost Brand Visibility and Sales

Product data management services for efficient management on Shopify for our client selling home decor products.

Client Background

Our client is a leading eCommerce business offering home decor products. They have a large collection of products, ranging from lamps, furniture, cutlery to photo frames. With over 80,000 unique SKUs in their inventory, they were looking for a reliable partner to help them manage Shopify data entry and bulk product uploading services.

The Key Challenges

Being an online store with a diverse range of products, our client required efficient data management support. In addition, it was important for them that their databases and their presence across online marketplaces are running seamlessly.  

The challenges involved

  • Uploading data on the Shopify site based on a fixed and predetermined template
  • Looking up for missing attributes is a challenge
  • Tagging the product to the category often led to errors leading to the product being displayed in the wrong category.

Vserve Approach and Solution 

Product description writing

Our team of SEO experts worked on the category of parent and child product descriptions. We delivered accurate and high-quality descriptions for the products on Shopify to help increase their visibility in the search results and engage potential customers with succinct descriptions.

Product listing support

Our team extracted relevant product data from manufacturer and supplier sites to curate accurate listings with optimized titles. We updated the product listings in regular batches consistently and worked on: 

  • Product title
  • Product descriptions and specifications
  • Product images with variations,
  • Stock levels
  • Pricing
  • UPC number
  • Additional features such as size and color
vserve|Successful Data Management on Shopify to Boost Brand Visibility and Sales

Image Editing

Apart from data management and description writing, we worked on image editing and enhancement as per our client’s needs. Our editors included image variations and updated lifestyle images for products.

Manual Sorting

As a value addition to the current project, we helped the client manually sort and align the product to the respective category. First, our team of experts identified all the products that were not displayed in the right category. Then, we proceeded to sort and tag them into the proper categories. This process was conducted manually to ensure complete accuracy.

Vserve Impact 

Our team’s expertise and strategic execution helped us achieve 99.9% accuracy in listing and managing client’s product data. In addition, our QA team ensured that there are zero run-time errors and bugs with extreme data scrutiny and double-checking.  

We delivered the project on time, enabling our client to speed up their product deliveries and improve customer satisfaction.