Payoneer Award 2020 Payoneer Award 2020


Client Background

The client is a leading eCommerce B2B retailer, specialized in maintenance, repair and overhaul products carrying over 2 million SKUs in their catalogs.

Client Requirements

Interfering with the productivity and reducing sales, the substandard level of product data was the client’s concern – The client approached us with a requirement to-

  • Cleanse and standardize the product data to enhance accuracy, reduce buying errors and product returns.
  • Re-write the product information including descriptions and attributes to meet the quality standards and improve customer experience on their sites.

Key Challenges

The challenge is to match, de-duplicate, standardize and update the product information for over 175,000 SKUs and ensure the data is of high-quality and consistent across the sales channels.

Vserve Approach And Solutions

Our team of data management experts used a combination of our expertise with a cutting-edge data cleansing technique to provide a customized solution.

Identified the product data for cleansing, analysed the data for missing or obsolete information, and duplication issues.

  • Set validation rules for the automated workflow system to remove duplicate data.
  • Used data matching techniques for clean and consistent data.
  • Standardized attributes from product pricing to SKU numbers, meta tags and product URLs.
  • Performed repeated quality checks to ensure 100% data accuracy.


As a result, our data cleansing technique helped our client with consistent and accurate data for easy management and update.

  • The structured and streamlined product data without duplication and redundancy enhanced searchability.
  • The data accuracy enabled customers to discover products easily, minimizing buying errors and product returns.

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