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Client Background

Our client is a virtual store for a sustainable and ethical clothing and lifestyle brand serving Europe and North America.. Selling products via an eCommerce site and Amazon store, the client wanted to realize their potential for improving sales conversion on Amazon store and scaling volume growth.

Client Requirement

The client approached us with a requirement to provide product entry service for their online Amazon store. The project involved -Uploading .csv format data spreadsheet for approximately 50,0000 SKUs. Extracting resources from print catalogs and manufacturer/supplier websites. Editing and enhancing the product images and creating unique content for product descriptions based on manufacturer specifications.

Key Challenges

Domain expertise in client’s product and service category to provide engaging and compelling content.

Handling huge volume of data effectively to minimize error and deliver on a quick turnaround time.

Sales conversion on amazon store

Data Mining and Content Creation

Information on the manufacturer’s website was minimal but our data mining experts and content writers did an extensive research to collect all needed information and create a rich and impactful content for each product page and category page. The content was created to meet search-engine standards and to concisely address the user preference.

Online Marketing strategy

Image Optimization

The images from the source were of poor quality with uneven color and contrast. The lighting was also a problem, the images were either under-lit or over-lit. Our expert team of Image editors and optimizing specialist–

  • Extracted the product images from the background,
  • Corrected the lighting for consistency,
  • Adjusted the color and contrast on each image,
  • Grafted white background, and
  • Optimized the image for size and resolution to meet Amazon product image standards,
  • Gave each product image an SEO-friendly tag.

Bulk Product Upload

Uploading data for a volume of 50,000 SKUs is tedious. Our team of data-mining and data-entry experts, with hands-on amazon rules and technology – extracted the data from all provided sources, normalized the information, entered product data accurately on a .CSV format spreadsheet and uploaded the data in batches. Our Amazon data-entry experts added all vital product information from Product Title, detailed description, Product Images, price, sales price, ship weight, specials, SKU, Quantity, caption, Abstract, Product URL, etc. and assigned Amazon product categories.

Marketing and Sales Efforts

Though the revenue generated from the client website was high, the conversions on the Amazon store was comparatively low. There was a need for an effective process in catalog management to improve user experience and eventually conversion.

  • Our search engine optimization experts analyzed suitable keywords, creating keyword rich product category listings and product descriptions, SEO-oriented URLs, and Meta information like title, keywords, description, etc. to help direct traffic to the store.
  • Using Amazon features, our experts linked the product database for supporting up-selling and cross-selling related items.
  • Our cross-functional team of data analysts, marketing experts and content writers analyzed and incorporated product promotion features like Discount pricing, Volume pricing, Incremental feature pricing, etc. periodically on the database.


  • The accuracy and quality of Amazon product entry services increased page traffic; the data accuracy and consistency improved their sales conversion.
  • The cycle time in uploading the products reduced from 3 days to 1 day.
  • The quick and high quality service helped the client reduce cost and enhance process quality and productivity.


Our trained team of experts delivered Amazon product upload and SEO-friendly content creation services for 50,000 SKUs within a span of 3 months, saving the customer over 50% in costs and increased sales by 15%.

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