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Client Background

The client is the one of the largest department store chains in the US, serving a range of consumer goods and household products. Launched in 2016, the website we managed is the client’s all-round online store, covering categories from fashion to furniture; kitchenware and gardening equipment.

Client Requirement

To improve site ranking and increase organic search visibility for their top products, the client approached us with the request to –

  • Create compelling content for their product and category pages with a right balance of SEO-friendly keywords and user intent information.
  • Standardize product images in accordance to their pre-set guidelines.
  • Create user-friendly product manuals and guides; information pamphlets.

Key Challenges

  • To deliver high-quality content for over 15,000 products within a span of 7 months, which also required a team of experts with product domain knowledge.
  • Large volume of product data meant more attention to craft error-free product details including – SEO-friendly content; well-framed SEO features; and high-resolution images.

Vserve Approach And Solutions

SEO-friendly Content

Our expert team of SEO analysts; content writers and editors worked together – conducting extensive keyword research; creating content for product pages, category pages, manuals, and informational pamphlets in a way to effectively engage with the visitors, meanwhile incorporating the right keywords and optimizing the content to be SEO-friendly.

  •  We worked closely with the client, analyzed the style and tone of the language used in their site and created a client-specific style guide to ensure that our writers met the specified standards.
  •  A strong team of quality experts onsite and offshore focused and double-checked on content authenticity, quality, writing style, grammar, punctuation and readability factors.

Image Optimization

Our expert team of Image editors and optimizing specialists– edited the images for background, color and contrast; optimized the image for size and resolution to accurately meet client’s pre-set guidelines, and included an SEO-friendly image tag.

On-page Optimization

Along with SEO-friendly product and category listings, our SEO experts and content writers worked together optimizing product pages with features such as SEO-oriented URLs, best possible page titles, product titles and meta descriptions that are also meaningful and appropriate.


Our well-trained team of experts were able to deliver product page content, informational pamphlets for 15,000 SKUs and 85 user-manuals on periodic iterations within a span of 2 months.
The product page optimization efforts improved site ranking; increasing the rate of Google site indexation from 20 to 30%, and the compelling content engaged the visitor, improving conversion by 12%.

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