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10 Proven Benefits of Outsourcing Product Data Management Services

vservesolution July 10, 2020 0 Comments

Are you caught in the web deciding whether outsourcing product data management is the choice for your business? And how to find the right outsourcing partner?

Assuming, as you click on this blog, you’re already aware of the power of product data in maximizing your online sales and your need to streamline and organize it for better benefits. Here, we have made efforts to throw some light on how best you can achieve your desired data management results by outsourcing it rather than investing in-house.

To begin, it’s tough –

The process involved in eCommerce product data management is time-intensive and requires a high level of diligence and accuracy. And, a small mistake can cost you your business reputation. It also needs expert skills and technical knowledge in both offline and online product data management support.

While everything from data entry, catalog management to inventory management and logistics, is best when left to the experts. You can focus on more than essential tasks such as marketing, promotion, and business expansion.

Why is Data Management Outsourcing popular among top eCommerce players?

A majority of eCommerce businesses now find outsourcing an economical and trustworthy way to manage their product data. They outsource their product data management services to a reliable partner with expertise and experience in their domain. This decision has proven to be rewarding in the long run for many. And, Let’s see why –

Cutting Cost and Saving BIG –

Product data management is relatively cost-effective when compared to doing it in-house. You cut down big on labor cost and infrastructure, when your specialized partner, well-equipped in resources and technology, will serve you best at a reasonable price.

Expert Professional Support –

Need access to the expert eCommerce specialist best in the industry? 

Your outsourcing partner can guarantee that you get a high-quality output that would otherwise be subpar when in-house due to the lack of training and expertise. While training your in-house resources on specific data management tasks can be expensive. Your reliable outsourcing partner will be a specialist and will best serve you at a reasonable cost. 

100% Data Accuracy –

Around 40% of customers return their product because of the unmatched product description, and 87% are unlikely to purchase again from the retailer with inaccurate data.

The product data is the only source of information your customer can rely-on. Therefore the accuracy needs to be perfected to more than 97%. Easier said than done, trying to accomplish this in-house needs additional resources for data verification and quality assurance, which might cost you more than expected. Outsourcing ecommerce product data management to an expert can assure the utmost accuracy and highest data quality at considerable cost.

Enhanced Data Security –

As the world of online sales continues to expand, so does cyber threats and data theft challenges to your business. A competent data management service provider will have stringent protocols and detailed NDA to safeguard confidential product information. An ISO 27001:2013 certification for ISMS on their profile can give you the confidence that they have taken the necessary precautions to prevent a data breach and have a plan set in place if any security risk does occur.

Consistent Data Update –

Frequently updating a product catalog is a resource-intensive process that every business cannot afford. While you are set to focus on expanding your product range and business operations, an accomplished outsourcing partner can provide a comprehensive product data management solution that involves constant and on-going upload of product data.

Simplified Catalog Management –

Catalog management is one aspect that helps retailers stay ahead of the competition and stay in the race. However, it is a strategic process that involves organizing, standardizing, and publishing product information. And with a range of products, you might also need unique product descriptions and proper categorization. By outsourcing ecommerce product data management tasks, you will be able to focus on your core business needs. They have a talented team of experts in building, maintaining, and updating your databases regularly. 

Well-Presented Product Information –

Presenting the product content without any ambiguity is as crucial as presenting itself. A competent team of product data management experts will include copywriters, image editors, and data mining experts who will tap into your product industry’s nuances. Create informative and attractive product descriptions, videos, product images, and digital content that attract your buyers and compel them to make a purchase – Which is quite a task when done in-house.

Result-Driven SEO Strategies –

Yes, ecommerce SEO still matters, and we could argue that they are more efficient in driving customers to your website than traditional and paid marketing efforts. 

Stats prove that around 40% of ecommerce traffic comes from search results, and 80% of prospects choose organic search results compared to paid ones.

Most product data management teams will be equipped with SEO experts. They can help with extensive keyword research for your product content and on-page optimization for your product pages. Thus driving your products to stay on top of your search results and stay ahead of your competitors.

Quick Access to Information –

An efficient management company will help you to manage the data with ease. By outsourcing your product data management services to a reliable partner, you can rest assured that your data is digitized, processed, and stored for easy access and retrieval. Regardless of how old the information and value is, it is quick and simple to find them for further use. 

Scalable Solutions –

Deploying in-house resources can sound to be the right choice for immediate results, but it might prove to be wrong in the long run. 

During a sudden surge in demand for your product or increase or decrease in product volume, neither adding on resources or overloading all the responsibility to one available support may be a feasible choice. With the best product data management service, you can benefit from hiring or relieving a high-quality resource on-demand basis. You can able to make it without any full-time commitment.

Are you ready to Outsource Product Data Management?

We have done our part in proving how outsourcing ecommerce product data management is beneficial. By outsourcing, you can yield tremendous results in the long run. It is time to find the right outsourcing partner to help achieve your data management quality and accuracy goals. – here is our resource on helping you find the right data management outsourcing partner – The blog explains in-depth how to find an outsourcing partner who ensures collaboration, technical support and customer care, and beyond that a better return on investment.  

Still skeptical about why you need to outsource product data management? Here we are to help you further. Our team of industry experts in eCommerce Outsourcing Services can connect with you to also understand your business model and provide the needed support.

Also, feel free to include your ideas and queries about this blog in the comment section.


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