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Why Do Most eCommerce Businesses Outsource Product Description Writing?

Around 80% of people take a minute to read the product description before adding the product to their cart

It’s no secret that an SEO-friendly product description is the need of the day to drive more prospects to your eCommerce site. But, beyond its SEO benefits, a compelling product description has an undeniable impact on every eCommerce sale. And, here we can prove you why –

If the product content is a crucial part of your eCommerce growth, why outsource product description writing services? Why not write all by yourself? Here’s why –

Keeping your motivation sky high is the secret to success in this business world. But, imagine spending every waking hour writing product descriptions for thousands of products in your catalog instead of focusing on the bigger picture. You might get burned out, and would easily miss every critical element of your business growth.

Hopefully, once you start outsourcing your content, it will be a lot easier for you to refocus your time and energy on business activities that matter the most. And, keep up with enthusiasm about your brand and continue to grow your business.  

Outsourcing product description writing services is not only about saving time and money; the impact is far beyond! And, here let’s look further –

10 Core Benefits of Outsourcing Product Description Writing Service 

1. Reduce Overhead Costs:

Are you thinking about staffing in-house for an eCommerce product description writing team? Consider the cost involved. It’s not merely a matter of hiring qualified team members. It includes the budget for the entire team, extra office space, and the tools needed. Instead, it’s best to hire an offshore content team that has everything needed to provide the best of the service at a reasonable cost.

2. Professional Support:

Still, want to give product description writing a go yourself? Check out our tips here. 

But for the best and quick results call in the professionals. Writing product descriptions requires a unique skill set that comes with experience. 

Only a professional product description writer can tap into the nuances of your product specifications and convert feature lists into impactful benefits that reflect the value behind customer purchases. 

3. High-Quality Content:

With an outsourced team comes experienced editors and writers who will help ensure the quality of the content is at its best. Every single product description gets a detail-oriented review before it goes live. Here we help you maintain a consistent tone, accurate grammar, and quality that effectively communicates your message to the right audience.

4. Better Quality with no Learning Curve:

If you’re not familiar with creating compelling product descriptions, or adding SEO features and optimizing product images. You’ll need to invest your valuable time and resources in training. Or you could just hire an expert team who know how to do all that for you.

5. Quick and Easy Ramp Up:

You may hire a large team of in-house product description writers just days before Black Friday to churn out content for the growing product demand. But do you need the same team at times when business slows down? Maybe not –

By outsourcing, you’ll find it easy to adapt to the difference in workload with ultimate flexibility. And, you can get access to the additional seasonal expertise as and when needed.

6. Unique Product Descriptions:

It might be tempting to save time and money with a copy from manufacturer spec or just fill the page with a feature-laden description. Such content can neither attract new customers nor rank high on Google. 

Meanwhile, an expert product description writer can provide a unique description for every product page with original content, customized for your audience. Each product copy will be carefully analyzed and crafted with meaningful phrases that will inform buyers to make better buying decisions.

7. Better Google Ranking:

Striking a balance between SEO-friendly and quality content can be tricky. Only the right combination of keywords can rank your page for the relevant search queries. A professional copywriting team can hit this balance perfectly. 

Product description writers and SEO experts can work together to find the trending keywords. And, create SEO-friendly content that Google loves and ranks high on SERPs.

8. A Fresh Perspective:

Another valuable benefit of the outsourcing product description writing service is the fresh perspective offered by the team that isn’t in-house. Even if you’re living and breathing your product line, the chances are you’re too close to it to see it objectively. 

An outsider’s perspective can give a new approach, sometimes exactly the customer’s approach to your product that can strengthen your content for better results.

9. Reaching the right audience:

Do you want the content tone to evoke a sense of luxury and quality? Or can it be friendly, with fun and humor? A professional copywriter will always make it their business to know who they are writing for, and tweak the content with the right set of audience in mind.

Here at Vserve, we know the strategy to write descriptions that speak to your ideal buyers in a tone that reflects your brand and the value proposition.

10. Sell Customers your Product Story: (Not just the specs)

The customer doesn’t care about a boring product specification. They want to know how a product will solve their problem or change their life. They would like to know what it feels like, sounds like, or smell like or even tastes like when using your product. Unless they experience it somehow, they are not going to click on the buy button. 

A seasoned product description writer will know to go beyond product specifications. Convey your product story to inform the customer about aspects of your product, giving them the reasons to purchase. 

Outsourcing eCommerce Product Description – The Right Way

Stepping forward into the unknown world of outsourcing and delegating the most crucial task of product description writing service can sometimes be tough –

At Vserve, with our experience in working with hundreds of eCommerce clients in creating product descriptions and brand content. Here our team has compiled a few crucial tips to outsource eCommerce product descriptions the right way. The list for you –

  • Communication is the key to an excellent outsourcing experience. Depending on the type of copy you’re ordering, it’s best to provide a content requirement brief that includes a content outline, a reference piece, and a style guide.
  • Hire Niche-specific Writers. When you own a high-level niche company look for product description writers with niche-specific expertise in your industry.
  • Source a short-run batch to the outsourcing team before handing over the bulk project to test the outsourcing team of their capabilities and coordination.
  • Always assign work in batches to ensure easy tracking and a quick review.
  • Collaborate with offshore editors to create a functional partnership. When you have an in-house team of editors to review the outsourced content, work with the offshore editing team in collaboration to create an effective partnership.
  • Encourage the team to utilize their freedom and tap into their creativity. You can be specific with your requirements but don’t constrict the writer’s thoughts.
  • Reevaluate your brief and template during the review to make sure the requirement details provided are sufficient for delivering quality content that hit the mark.

Though it’s not so easy, outsourcing eCommerce product description writing service is a rewarding process and can bring in benefits in the long-run.

Final Thoughts

Are you looking for the right team to help you craft your product content? Talk to us and learn more about how we can help you to create unique and user-friendly product descriptions that convert your prospects into active buyers.


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Outsource Product Description Writing

vservesolution August 19, 2020 0 Comments

How to Write Creative Product Descriptions With Ease

Why is product description writing important?

The answer is simple: if you see yourself from the customer perspective! As a customer, everyone would look more towards descriptions than the product. Creative product descriptions help the user make buying decisions regarding different products.

Use professional product description writing services to get the best descriptions for your products.

However, if you wish to write the texts yourself, here are the ways to crack it:

Study the Product

Before writing the creative product descriptions, have a keen understanding of the product. You need to know how it differs from the other products, and what are its additional features and key benefits so that you can connect the content to your targeted audience. Also, come up with an engaging title for the description.

Attract Your Customers with

Practice attracting your customers in your product description writing. Highlight the natural ingredients, amaze them with your offers or you can choose to excite them by creating personalized quotes. Adding flavors to your product will certainly produce an aroma to customers that will create a sense of urgency.

Invite Humor

Include humor in your descriptions. This way, you can engage your readers and keep them from getting bored. It is not necessary that every product must have humor in it, but the fact is when you involve the customers in the product via humor, they are more likely to try the product. Seek help from product description writing outsourcing to incorporate humor in your writing. They can help you with perfect examples.

Product Benefits

Concentrate largely on this part, as almost every customer will review it. Only if the customers find it beneficial will they come forward to buy the product so give them every key benefit of the product. Highlight the natural ingredients on top, as it can draw more attention to people.

Avoid Complicating

Make it simple and understandable. Do not force yourself to put all of your creative ideas into a single product. Choose a natural tone of words and frame the sentence as you are suggesting it to a friend. You can approach Amazon product description writers to make your writing more clear and catchy.

Upload Images

Include images of the product. Sometimes, it is the beauty of the product that attracts customers. If it is available in a wide variety of colors, add a picture of every model in every color. Colors always will have an impact on humans.

Final Thoughts

Fear not for like how can I make it happen. Vserve is ready to help you with amazing product description writing services that are unique, appealing, and informative. We aim in convincing the customers so that they are more likely to buy the product from your website.

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Creative Product Descriptions

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What Is Creative Product Description Writing & Why It Is Crucial for Your Business

If you ever happened to shop online, you must have noticed how creative product descriptions influence your decisions. Sometimes, the description inspires you more than the product itself, and you give its purchase a green signal.

However, not every product description works like that. Owing to the fact that countless businesses have come online, there are gazillions of product descriptions you can come across. In the US only, nearly 10% of the sales are made online.

However, what differentiates a sale-oriented description from traditional descriptions is creativity. Hence, creative product description writing is absolutely crucial if you want to see your business grow online. A well-written product description has all that it takes to move your potential customers through the sales funnel.

What Is Product Description Writing?

A product description, as the term depicts, is the use of words to describe the features, benefits, and additional information to the potential buyer. Thus, the process of product description writing involves enlisting all the distinguishing characteristic features of the product that you put online for sale.

The purpose of crafting a product description is to provide customers with all the relevant information in a compelling way so that they get motivated to buy the product instantly.

There are many benefits of creative eCommerce product description writing. Have a look.

  • It Paints an Imaginative Picture

A good product description helps the customer to understand the product in a better way. The description connects the solutions for the problems of buyers to the products. Thus, the buyer feels an urge to purchase the product immediately to solve the problem.

Since online businesses does not offer customers the facility to hold the product and examine, the eCommerce product description writing does the job for them. Thus, the customer gets a mental picture of the products that help him make a decision.

  • Connects the Customer Emotionally

The perfect use of engaging, descriptive language is not the only aim of the product content writing. It is also charged with the responsibility to establish an emotional connection of the customer with the product. This emotional attachment is crucial to driving the customer through the sale funnel. Expert product description writers do that by mentioning the feelings and experience one gets using that product. This results in a quick surge in sales.

  • Provides SEO Advantages

Even if you craft the best product description ever, if there is no traffic on your website, things are not going to work for you. It is exactly like the customer does not know the whereabouts of your shop and the products you sell.

Therefore, an SEO optimized product description is mandatory to rank your website and products higher on search engine results. A creative product description helps to bring the customers to your site and ultimately end up in increasing your revenue. eCommerce product description writing experts do this by making use of the top trending keywords in the descriptions.

  • Helps Build Trust with Shoppers

Do you know of all the customers who return a product, 50% are those who do not find the product in accordance with the description? Also, more than half of those customers are not likely to purchase a product from the same seller again. Therefore, an all-inclusive and accurate product description keeps the element of surprise away while making online purchases. That necessarily means there builds a lasting trust between the seller and the buyer. And mind you, there is nothing more beneficial for a business than a happy and satisfied customer. Because such customers bring more customers and eventually help expand your business.

Why Should You Consider Outsourcing Your Product Descriptions?

Writing results-oriented product descriptions is not child’s play. It takes experts to make use of their extensive knowledge to come up with descriptions that bring sales. Therefore, if you want to see an instant boost in the sales of your products, it is crucial to outsource product description to those who can do this job better.

Here at Vserve, we have a team of professional writers who have years of experience and have helped countless businesses to grow by writing the most compelling product descriptions. So, if you think your products aren’t doing well across the internet or you are interested in boosting the online presence and revenue of your business, utilize our product description writing service and forget the rest.


It is pretty much evident that product description writing can make or break your business. No matter how much value and quality your products offer, if they are not described to the customer the right way, they are very less likely to make conversions. Hence, outsource your product description related work today and see the difference yourself. Feel free to talk to our expert by clicking here.

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Product Description Writing

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How Creative Product Description Helps You Sell More?

When you’re selling something, a creative product description is imperative. When your descriptions are flat, unappealing and boring, they are a turn-off to customers. Your descriptions must also build value. If they don’t, they are not serving any purpose to the customer or to you. People don’t want to waste their hard- earned money. You have to let them know the benefits of spending money on what you’re selling. A good description does that.

Is Your Product Description Writing Doing its job?

Product descriptions are generally short. However, their impact should be huge. Good product description writing answers the questions that customers may have. It also gets the customer excited about the product. The purpose of these short descriptions is to let the customer know that it’s a great product that will somehow improve their lives. The customer wants to understand the value and benefit of the product so that they can feel good about buying it. They feel like they are smart shoppers when they are able to pinpoint the value.

How a Product Description Writing Service Can Increase Your Profits

As a business owner, saving money and maximizing profit are always a concern. This can lead you to attempt your own product descriptions. Ask yourself, are you saving money? If your descriptions aren’t enticing customers to buy, you are simply wasting time. A product description service that has a team of experts with a proven track record may seem like an unnecessary expense, but when you see your sales soar, you’ll realize that it’s helping you make money. Keep in mind that just as a great description can help you, a bad description can hurt you.

SEO Product Description Writing Has Changed

SEO writing not only offers clients information about a product, but it also makes sales. Over the years, SEO Content Writing has changed drastically. Your descriptions have to keep up. If you are still using the same type of descriptions that you used years ago, you are doing it wrong. To be a better marketer, you have to understand these changes. For example, keywords were once the backbone of SEO. These forced and sometimes stuffed words are no longer useful in marketing. In truth, they were never useful, but the companies did it anyway, until customers said enough by refusing to buy their product.

Good eCommerce Product Description Writing Informs

These days eCommerce product descriptions have to meet the demands of a smarter client. Customers are much savvier than they once were. They can spot a poorly done website and they notice shoddy writing. Visitors demand more from websites that they visit. They expect you to provide them with useful information and wanted to feel like they know everything about the product that they need to know. They want to feel like they’re making an informed decision. The product descriptions have to make up for the fact that they can’t touch the product.

eCommerce Product Content Writing Should Make Customers Feel Good About A Purchase

Of course, the main purpose of your eCommerce description writing is to make sales, but perhaps even more importantly, it must be helpful. Sizes, colors, and other helpful information are needed in these descriptions. Writing these descriptions is a balancing act. Customers want helpful information. They want to feel like they are making a smart purchase. They want to know why they should buy it. All this must be included in a short piece of writing.

Your Descriptions Need Substance

One thing that kills your description is fluff. If you don’t know how to present the facts in an interesting and readable way, without fluff, you may as well give up. Your clients are going to see through the fluff and they will quickly come to the conclusion that you are using fluff since there is little value. You never want a client to leave your page feeling unsatisfied.

One Chance to Make a Good First Impressions

As the saying goes, you only have one chance to make a first impression. This is true for the products on your web page. Potential customers come to check out a product that you’re selling. Your product description has to grab them right from the beginning. If it doesn’t, they are quickly going to click away from your site. They may never return. If your site makes a poor impression, that impression can last.

Final Thoughts

Be smart when it comes to your business and your sales. Do everything that you can to increase sales and please customers. Do not risk alienating clients and causing them to look elsewhere. You could have an amazing product, but if you do not have the very best product descriptions, customers may never know. Leave your product descriptions to the experts who know how to write the very best descriptions. Watch your sales and profits increase and your stress over product descriptions disappear. Make the right decision now and see how your business will change. With creative eCommerce product description writing, let us show your clients why they need your product.

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Product Description Writing

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Where to Find Creative Product Description Writing Service Providers?

Product description is basically a marketing copy that explains the product and tells the customer why it is worth buying. The purpose of the product description is to provide customers with important information about the product or service’s features and benefits so that they are compelled to purchase it.

Companies that need Product Description Writing Service

Descriptions of the products from leading brands are very enticing and captivating. Quality product descriptions writing is one of the indications of a brand’s credibility. For instance, if you look at Adidas’ product description for their innovative shoes, they tell you how there is a control-skin layer beneath the bottom of the shoes that help control and grip the ball when playing. Imagine if this was not mentioned; how many of the customers do you think would have still purchased the shoes? Product descriptions generate the sales of a product. They help the customers reconsider your product once they have left your website through retargeting and remarketing ads.

Companies selling merchandise and products need a good description of their products. Product descriptions are crucial to e-commerce businesses. They have to take care of buying and selling of their products. Product description writing is one of the main services they affiliate with for marketing purposes. E-commerce Products description writing is a widely used service in the realm of marketing.

Why Product Description is Crucial?

Product description content writing may seem like an easy task for which you may feel no need to hire a description writing service provider. But as simple as the task seems, there is a lot at stake for marketers due to which they cannot compromise on product description content. Product description writing ensures quality, attracting customers, and better marketing. Here is why product description writing service is crucial to the selling of your brand.

Time and Efforts

You think you know your product better than anyone and can easily write a product review. But running an e-commerce business, your job does not include writing product descriptions. E-commerce Product description writing requires time and effort, which you certainly cannot give with so many responsibilities and a business to take care of.

Writing Expertise

A poorly written product description can derail the value of your product. Your competitors are hiring the best of the product descriptive writing services to stay up in their marketing game. When it comes to e-commerce product content writing, professionals know their job very well. They have all the necessary tips and trick up their sleeves to write an enticing product description. Also, they know what types of buyers are ideal for each type of product. They focus on the mentality of the targets and match the product description with it.

Where most products have the same features and qualities, you might end up writing similar product descriptions. The best product descriptions are unique ones. Google, especially, does not prefer duplicate content when it comes to ranking for search results. Well written product description makes sense to the readers and has keywords strategically placed that make sense to Google.

The great thing about the writers is that they excite the customers with the benefits of the products. They have a very good know-how of the power words that can help you achieve a high consumption rate.


The creativity level of professional writers is unmatched. They make the content appealing to the reader’s imagination while maintaining a natural tone. With creative words, they can lure the readers, making them think that the features and benefits of the product are top-notch.

SEO Optimization

Product content writing is a great tool for SEO optimization. Without Search Engine Optimization, your website won’t last long in the online market. Professional writers are experts in using the right keywords for SEO product description writing.

Where to Find Creative Product Description Writing Service Providers?

There are many Product Descriptions Writing Service Providing companies you can easily get in touch with. You can check and compare the portfolios and samples from each of the services providers you find. See which ones have worked for the top brands but get ready to give them a high pay scale.

If you want to start with product description writing on a budget, then get in touch with an expert free-lancer. You can find many freelancers online that have a very good experience in writing product description content.

If you like a one stop shop for product description writing service, then no need to look further as we make this task easier for you. We at Vserve E-business Solutions aim to make your brand stand out among your competitors and get maximum buyers. Contact us to get benefits from the best of our product description content writing services.

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Product Description Writing

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