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How to Use Business Intelligence in eCommerce Sales? A Universal Guide

What is Business Intelligence?

In layman terms, Business Intelligence (BI) is a varied set of processes, technologies, and methodologies that convert raw data to meaningful and important information. This in turn drives profitable business actions. BI is a collection of Business Intelligence Services and software that transform data to practical knowledge and actionable intelligence.

Business Intelligence directly influences an organization’s strategic and operation business decisions. Business Intelligence tools perform data analysis and create summaries, reports maps, charts, and dashboards to provide detailed intelligence about the business’s nature.

The Use of Business Intelligence Services

Detailed Consumer Analysis

Today, customers interact with business in several ways. For instance, these include websites, emails, social media, chatbots, direct calls and many more. Hence, they gather data from various sources. What Business Intelligence does is to integrate this data from a variety of sources to gain a holistic view of the consumer. Basic data analysis only gives you insight about what is happening (which strategies worked and which do not). BI goes one-step ahead and assesses likely reasons why a particular strategy worked or failed to do so. Moreover, this helps to establish a cause and effect relationship for a more thorough analysis of consumer preferences and behavior.

Identify Core Areas Where You Can Slash Costs

Business Intelligence software allows you to identify which areas of your business you can save money on such as marketing and inventory. You might have excess inventory that translates into redundant costs in terms of acquisition and maintenance. After you have identified the areas where you can slash costs and boost productivity, you can take the necessary steps/actions to enhance your savings.

Business Intelligence in eCommerce

Accurately and timely available data is the primary factor that determines the success of an eCommerce business venture. Several Business Intelligence service providers develop Business Intelligence in eCommerce to present data that can facilitate decision-making. For example, some of the useful information/data includes:

  • Trending product analysis
  • Inventory, sales and marketing reports
  • Leading performers ( Most profitable customers, advertising campaigns etc)
  • Margin Analysis (cost and profitability of products)
  • Trend analysis

Safeguarding Your Business from Online Threats

Malware attacks and data breaches are some of the most common but dangerous online threats to businesses. So, this is precisely why it is critical to invest in retail business Intelligence Services and solutions that come equipped with advanced security tools and powerful analytics. Cutting edge Business Intelligence software safeguards your organization from malicious attacks and hackers.


Organization small and big alike can benefit tremendously from the use of Business Intelligence solutions in all areas of their business- from customer relations to budgeting.

If you need Business Intelligence Consulting services, be sure to reach out to Vserve. We are a reputed IT enabled service provider based in India and excel in providing eCommerce business Intelligence Services that include but are not limited to Data Intelligence, Data Marketing, Digital Marketing, Customer Support, and Product data Management.

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Business Intelligence

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Ways to Find the Right Business Intelligence Solution Provider

Picking the right business intelligence services for your business can be overwhelming. There’re general solutions, niche solutions and everything in between them. Some business intelligence services specialize in specific business sizes, industries or even job positions. To jumble things further, numerous providers offer solutions that are of remarkable quality, which makes unbiasedly picking the ‘best’ solution a tad of a test. In this blog, we’ll discuss the criteria you should think about when choosing a Business Intelligence solution for your company.

What is Business Intelligence Services?

Numerous businesses are utilizing BI software knowing what they actually need from this, without comprehending what it can truly do. BI fundamentally takes significant insights from massive unstructured data and turn them into important business information. Organizations can use this information to make key decisions, enhance operational effectiveness and improve productivity This information offers significant insights of buying habits, customer trends, online shopping statistics and so on which can give immense value to any organization.

How To Choose The Best Business Intelligence Solution

Business intelligence solution is a basic step for any undertaking hoping to democratize data and open clear visualizations and insights from the different data sources in their brand. Modern BI software effectively syncs up to your information warehouse and produce visualizations that make it simple to comprehend your data when it is questioned. Be that as it may, no two business intelligence tools are similar.

They vary around data sharing and democratization, visualization capabilities, last-mile modeling, and reporting intelligence. When in the position to choose business intelligence service provider for your business, here are a few elements to consider;

1.Which Challenges Do You Want to Solve?

The initial step to guarantee that your BI endeavor will succeed is to figure out which challenges you are trying to solve. This step requires continuous communication with the members of your company who will be interacting with the software. Often figuring out which challenge you are trying to solve is a procedure; through collaboration and discussion, new valuable ideas can develop.

There’s nothing worse – for vendor and client, both – than being promised the whole world, just to find out upon installation that the BI solution can’t do what your company ad trusted it would. Having an unmistakable idea of the challenges you’d like to solve within your organization enables you to ultimately ask the business intelligence services company for a proof of concept that relays directly to your brand and its development.

 2.Industry Recognition

You need to check that the business intelligence company you are considering is respectable. A good spot to begin would be a reputable BI user review. You can check out a survey where over 3,000 users answered different questions concerning their software. The survey could analyze 40 leading eCommerce intelligence services across 27 different performance aspects including customer satisfaction, vendor support, and business value. Looking into results from various BI surveys is an incredible approach to guarantee that your chosen business intelligence solution provider will produce what you need.


Some BI tools provide both client and role-based client security. This recommends who can create, publish, use, modify, or administer its applications. Nonetheless, some companies may need a BI tool to coordinate with existing security measures or operating systems. Therefore, check whether the BI software you picked can use its security alongside different systems from the networks, databases and operating systems. Hence, the software’s security ought to align with your current and future data security policies.

4.Visualization Capability

Does your business require more instinctive visualizations and dashboards, or do you place small value on the aesthetics and presentation data? Some providers may beat others in specific aspects. Some business intelligence consulting services are generally recognized for powerful and beautiful visualizations, while some are incredible for granular-level operational data. Also, some tools will enable users to use a filter on the information present in visualization. This results in drill-down of information into the little details for making high-level reports.

5.Find Out How Their Tools Perform Real-Time Data Updates

It is not enough hearing the sales personnel tell you everything their software will offer you. Other than requesting to see a demo, you may likewise want to see how this process happens. If you’re not a tech person, it might be ideal to have an IT expert with you. It helps in understanding more when you are having this conversation.

Make Your Move with Business Intelligence Solution

While engaging in your statistical surveying and looking at what your rivals use are greatly helpful, eventually, you have to decide what is right for you, your business and your customers. Think about the whole strength of your team. Know how many of your workers will be using the BI tool and regularly. Consider the data they actually need and want. Choosing a business intelligence analyst such as Vserve eCommerce business intelligence solutions helps organizations to maintain the veracity of their database. This results in delivering “genuine, real-time data” alongside automatic updates.


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Business Intelligence Services

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Top 7 Operational Benefits of Business Intelligence Services

Business intelligence services software is the foundation for any long-term and short-term business strategy. Business intelligence is utilized as a catch-all phrase because it does not apply to a particular kind of analysis. It refers to the intelligence processes and tools used to extract intuitions from raw information to help in business important decision making.

Companies leverage this information to advance beyond competitors and enhance general performance. These tools are fundamental for most BI experts, however, there is likewise an assortment of business intelligence service provider tools accessible that can help workers from many departments. Furthermore, there are some BI tools that have the capacity to integrate with tools for certain business verticals like travel, medical services, and retail.

Why Is Business Intelligence Services So Important?

The primary use of BI is to help business managers, top executives, units, and other operational employees make better decisions supported by the correct data. It will eventually help them discover new cut costs, business opportunities, or identify ineffective processes that require restructuring. eCommerce Business intelligence uses algorithms and software to get significant insights from an organization’s data and influence their strategical decisions.

What Are the Operational Benefits of Business Intelligence Solution?

Business intelligence consulting services help you sort out your data so you can easily access and analyzed it. Directors would then delve in and get the data they need swiftly, enabling them to make the right decisions. Be that as it may, improved decision making is only one advantage of employing the service of the business intelligence services company. We are going to talk about the operational benefits of using the service of business intelligence company and how businesses use technology to accomplish their objectives. BI is something other than software. It is an all-encompassing initiative to use information in everyday activities. The following seven benefits show how much success BI can bring into your business.

–> Quicker Analysis, Intuitive Dashboards

BI software is intended to carry out overwhelming processing of data on your company’s servers or in the cloud. Business intelligence pulls in information from different sources into a database and afterward analyzes the information as per user dashboards, drag-and-drop reports, and queries. The advantage of BI dashboards is making data analysis simpler and instinctive, enabling non-technical users to work with data without learning code.

–> Increased Organizational Efficiency

Business Intelligence solution provider gives directors of the organization the capacity to get to data and gain a complete view of their activities, and the capacity to benchmark results against the bigger companies. With a comprehensive view of the company, directors can identify where opportunities lie. When businesses spend fewer hours on compiling reports and data analysis, BI offers them more time to use data to develop new products and projects for their business.

–> Increased Customer Satisfaction

Business Intelligence Analyst can help organizations understand client behaviors and patterns. Most organizations take customers’ feedback’s seriously and this data can help companies retain customers and achieve new ones. BI may likewise help businesses understand buying patterns, thereby delivering better services.

–> Identifying Market Trends

Discovering new opportunities and developing a strategy with strong data can provide businesses with a competitive edge. This will result in legitimately impact long term benefits and gives the full extent of what’s going on. Workers can use external market information with internal information to identify new sales trends. This can be done by analyzing client information and market situations, as well as finding business issues.

–> Increased Operational Efficiency

eCommerce Intelligence Services unify different data sources, which assist with a brand’s general organization. So that employees and managers spend less time monitoring data and can concentrate on delivering timely and accurate reports. Equipped with accurate and up-to-date data, employees can concentrate on their long-term and short-term goals and analyze the effect of their decisions.

–> Improved, Accurate Decisions

Competitors move rapidly and it is essential for businesses to make decisions as swiftly as possible. The inability to access data with precision and speed could prompt the loss of revenue and customers. Companies can use existing data to convey information to the right business partners at the right time. Improving time-to-decision.

–> Increased Revenue

Increasing revenue is a significant objective for any company. Data from Business Intelligence Consulting Services can help organizations ask questions about why things occurred through making comparisons over various dimensions and discovering sales weakness. When businesses are listening to their clients, monitoring their competitors, and improving their activities, revenues are bound to increase.

Final Words of Business Intelligence Services

Having your sales, customers, and stock data readily available gives the platform to quickly adjust to an ever-changing sales atmosphere. With the appropriate tool set up, businesses can build net revenues, lessen spending, and accomplish competitive greatness. At Vserve intelligence solutions, we believe that our clients deserve the absolute best. To put simply, if you are a possible fit for the kind of intelligence system that we offer, then we would like to work with you to perfect and authorize that decision.


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8 Tips to Frame Perfect Business Intelligence Strategy

There’s a very good chance your business needs a business intelligence strategy. Without real insight into your data, you may be missing out on growth opportunities, compromising customer satisfaction, and more.

But what exactly is a business intelligence strategy? Quite simply, it is the steps taken to implement business intelligence in your company. So what is business intelligence? It is the process of analyzing your data and presenting it in a way that allows users to make informed decisions. It may sound easy, but it is far from easy to implement. Fortunately, there are business intelligence services available to help. But, to determine which business intelligence company to select, we need to determine how to formulate your strategy.

1. Determine Goals

The first thing you must do is determine what you want to accomplish with your strategy. It should be a fairly broad vision, but one that can be implemented. A general goal would be to gather and store your data in a structured manner. That data would then be turned into a visual data dashboard which would be easily viewed to make important decisions.

2. Build a Team of Business Intelligence Analysts

The team should be spearheaded by an executive who is responsible for the bottom line. Someone who has a macro view of the company’s strategy and goals. This leader will be able to properly tie in the correct Key Performance Index values to ensure the data is used correctly. A Chief Data Officer would be a perfect role for this position. The team must be cross-functional and highly data-driven. They will be your main insight into all areas of the business, so choose them well.

3. Assess Current Situation and Plan for Future

Crafting a great business intelligence strategy is not easy. One of the most important steps is to analyze the current processes and organizational structure. You need to find out what is working and what is not working. You must determine issues such as server size and security concerns. Not just now, but years down the road as well. You must also determine your data sources and how they are being stored.

4. Organize the Data Using a Business Intelligence Service

Organizing and cleaning your data is absolutely necessary. If the data is well-organized and clean, the analytics that come from it will be top-notch. Fortunately, there are business intelligence companies that specialize in data intelligence. Data management and data cleaning are crucial as they will help you maintain clean data that will tell you everything you need to know.

5. Identify Key Performance Indicators

Key Performance Indicators show how effectively your company is achieving its objectives. These must be tied into your business intelligence strategy so that the data will reflect the company’s objectives.

6. Train

Too often, decision-makers receive data that they have no understanding of and must trust the numbers and those who compiled them. The employees of your company must understand how the reporting works. This will ensure that those who make business decisions will be able to interpret the data and understand exactly what they mean. That will allow them to take the information and make well-informed and impactful decisions for the company.

7. Choose the Right Business Intelligence Consulting Service

You can attempt to build your own business intelligence tools and software. However, it is quite difficult to do and many organizations simply choose a business intelligence service provider. These companies are experts in eCommerce business intelligence services and working with data. They provide all kinds of services including data management, data conversion, and data cleaning. Choosing the right provider can save you a lot of work. Implementing a business intelligence strategy is difficult enough. Trying to create the tools to make it all work is a brand new set of challenges that you don’t have to tackle on your own. Make sure that you choose a business intelligence services company that can start small and scale up as your company grows.

8. Have a Phased Approach to Your Business Intelligence Solution

The best business intelligence strategies do not have end dates. They take small steps and are consistent. They learn, make any necessary adjustments, and continue forward. Then the process repeats itself. This way the strategy and the company continue to learn from the past and get better, slowly but surely, step-by-step.

Final Thoughts

Whether you know it or not, your business probably needs a intelligence strategy. Every business has data. It does not matter if you are a major corporation or if you are a solo entrepreneur, if you have customers and provide a good or service, there is some data involved. Organizing and harnessing that data is essential for success. That is where a business intelligence strategy comes in. It is not easy to develop, but it is necessary. If the concept is new to you, you should enlist the services of a business intelligence solution provider. They specialize in business intelligence services and can make sure you craft the perfect strategy for your business intelligence.

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