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How to Hire Experts in eCommerce Marketplace Services?

vservesolution February 18, 2020 0 Comments

The burgeoning digital economy and eCommerce services have shifted the goalposts and created the opportunity for unprecedented growth. Providing eCommerce marketplace services allows you to strengthen your relationship with your buyer and build brand loyalty.

Establishing and more importantly, maintaining an online presence for your business is not a one-man job. A critical inventory of your business will reveal which experts you need to hire to support your eCommerce marketplace services.

Whether you need a web developer, a digital marketer or a designer, here are a few vital points that you need to pay attention to.

Valid Points on eCommerce Marketplace Services

* Ask Around

When looking to hire experts with eCommerce marketplace solutions, a good rule of thumb is to seek the advice of entrepreneurs who have a strong online presence. However, a recommendation from a trusted source doesn’t ensure that the experts will fulfill your criteria. Conduct your independent research on the vendor. The projects that are featured on their website should give you an understanding of their work process.

* Check for Taste

Once you have ascertained the credibility of the experts you seek to hire, ensure that their design pattern coincides with your taste or vision. Concentrate on the previous work they’ve pulled off in your target segment. Pay close attention to their portfolio of designs and other services. Filter from the company’s employee list, the work portfolios of the designers and developers that you are keen to hire.

* Check the credibility of the developers

The credibility of the vendor company that you’re about to hire surely matters. However, what matters more is the competency & experience of the designers & developers associated with the tech partner. So, make sure you request the company for the list of experts who will be working on your project and verify their profiles to ensure that they suit your requirements. Another good thing to do is actually meet in person (if possible) or over a video chat with the team and explain the project requirements & objectives. Direct communication with the team helps in ascertaining whether they believe in the exchange of inputs for the project or are they the “do as you say” type. The latter is not what every ecommerce business looks for.

* Scope the Cost

Once you have narrowed down the list of experts, you need to discuss how much your list of specifications will cost you. You need to ensure that their services suit your budget. Ask the list of eCommerce marketplace service provider for a cost breakdown of development, design, management, and data configuration services. Make an informed decision by comparing the service charges of different vendors. The vendor you pick must be in sync with all your criteria like pricing, experience & credibility.

* Stay in Touch with eCommerce Marketplace Services Experts

The experts you choose to hire should be clear about their process and what milestones and timelines they are aiming towards. As the project progresses, you will be expected to provide feedback while the experts make changes. One person from the expert developing team has to be actively available during your office hours for questions and requests on a chat messenger. Thus, before you seal the deal with the eCommerce marketplace service provider of your choice, you need to validate all the modes of communication that they are open to, plus, their communication skills. Ensure that the partner agency offers top quality communication since poor communication is the first window towards project failure.

* Time is Money

Having experienced developers on board, any professional partner company can complete your project rather quickly and also maintain the quality standards simultaneously. Remember, you would never want to wait for a year to get your website launched. Thus, to streamline the project and to see that it is implemented on time, you can always ask for a statement of work. This will not only help you to get an idea about the project related task but also help you understand the timeline to deliver the same. How else would you speculate that you’re hiring a good team that essentially launches a bug-free platform in minimized development time? After all, project extensions will increase the development cost for you.

* Keep the Support

When you’re on the lookout for an eCommerce marketplace service provider, you would definitely want to partner with an all-in-one firm that can manage your e-commerce site. At the end of the day, every business wants to focus on maximizing profit with minimal effort. Thus,  focus on reducing your operational hassles and by ensuring that the company you choose will be able to offer post-go-live support.

Final Thoughts on eCommerce Marketplace Services

SO, if you’re planning to start an eCommerce business, you will have plenty of options in regards to eCommerce development companies. One among them is the Vserve Ebusiness Solutions. They offer a full suite of eCommerce website development services as well as customized solutions for customer support, digital marketing, product data management, data intelligence, etc.

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