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10 Pro Tips to Manage a Remote eCommerce Customer Support Team

vservesolution December 11, 2020 0 Comments

The world is witnessing a digital shift, added with a fact of increasing numbers in eCommerce activities. eCommerce is one the first economic activities to resume its operations post lockdown relaxations. This recovery was possible as most of the functioning and services are delivered online from remote locations. A vital part of eCommerce is its customer support services. Most of our online markets had either self delivered an eCommerce customer service or hired an eCommerce customer support provider to fulfill this important task.

Even though the pandemic forced everyone to work remotely, efficient strategies helped to manage this team. ‘How’? Could be the question, if you are an entrepreneur or a business lead.

Here are 10 pro tips to manage a remote eCommerce customer support team to ensure better productivity

Ecommerce customer support service is an indispensable part of your business to hold a strong customer base. They are the face of the business while supporting a customer with business details. Hence, it is important to manage an eCommerce customer service team, and when you onboard a remote team for the purpose, here are the tips to manage them efficiently.


Maintain a proper communication channel to create a workplace like environment for eCommerce customer service providers. When you say communication, it must be multi directional, such that the support assistant must communicate with the employer and also with other support assistants. This will create an engaging atmosphere to work. Make sure you communicate often and enquire multiple times, as it would be a kind of supervision and reminder to the remote support assistants.

Schedule shifts

Ensure to negotiate on work timing. Customer service is a 24*7 jobs so it’s important to seat an assistant all the time. Listen to the time preferences of the assistant, accept or negotiate to have a team fixed to specific time shifts. This will help you deliver a consistent customer support service.

Shift monitors

Being the head of an ecommerce company, one can’t afford time to supervise the working of the remote customer support service team. In addition, the recommendation is to hand the responsibility to the associate with most experience. He/She now can work as an assistant and also supervise the team.

Setting mission

An eCommerce customer support must absorb the vision of the company. This could be achieved by assigning the team a mission or target. This will impart responsibility in every member of the team otherwise there is a possibility for some members to take the time and remote working opportunity for granted, which in turn is a loss for the company.

Team target and live update

Apart from individual targets, team targets can boost productivity. Remote eCommerce customer support service lacks fun and competition, this could be fulfilled with team targets and live updates of every member’s work progress. Can employ a special platform such a Google sheet to let all members to report their task. Therefore, other team members can view the each tasks after updating. This will enthuse all to deliver more. But also involves a task of reviewing the update, which could be handed to a service provider.


A good incentive possibly a monetary remuneration will be a token of appreciation as well as an encouragement for all to deliver more efficiency. 

Regular conferences

Weekly virtual conferences with the entire team can keep the call centre services more lively. In addition, it helps to address common work issues and to discuss the best practices. These conference meetings can also be utilized to a lot or make changes in shifts and also to set targets for the coming week.

Individual reporting

This is much similar to a regular conference where instead of the entire team, every member of the team will individually report their work progress. This is an important aspect as it would give a feel of importance to every member. In addition, it will also chain an attachment and loyalty towards the company. This encourages the remote eCommerce customer support service to engage and bond more with the team and company.


Outsourcing the work to an ecommerce call centre services platform would be a good option. But selecting the right organization is a tiring task. As many organizations handle various projects, there could be a clash on services. In addition, there may not be proper checks and balances which could affect our business.  

Hiring an eCommerce Customer Support Agency or Provider

An eCommerce customer support agency or customer service provider is an all in one solution to transfer the customer service task. They are experts in the field and have all the knowledge and sufficient manpower and skills to handle your customer services.

Customer support services are the guardians of your customer base. To transfer this great responsibility to a reliable and efficient eCommerce customer service provider or an agency click here and know more.


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