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eCommerce Virtual (Remote) Assistants: Tasks You Should Outsource Them

vservesolution December 8, 2020 0 Comments

Being able to run your own eCommerce business efficiently requires a lot of factors on which it relies. As your business grows, the number of factors you need to consider and the number of tasks you need to accomplish increases. After a while of growth, you would hardly have enough time to accomplish everything on your list. With recent technical advancements, you can work with eCommerce virtual assistants to which you can outsource your tasks. 

Doesn’t it sound good? Yes, it would be a great idea to outsource virtual assistant services for such routine tasks and concentrate on improving your business. 

As a next step, check out the tasks for those you can outsource to virtual assistants for eCommerce stores.

Tasks to Outsource eCommerce Virtual Assistants

Customer Service

Customer service is one of the vital areas that consume a lot of effort and time. On the other hand, customer service is essential in achieving new customers and in retaining the existing customers. The virtual assistant for eCommerce stores will be able to effectively handle customer queries regarding products via mail or chat services. This will ease the customers during their purchase and will be able to offer a better shopping experience.

The virtual assistant services will not only help handle customer queries. Still, they will also be useful in handling complaints, rejections, shipment problems, and other problems, if any, from the dissatisfied customers. Engaging dedicated eCommerce virtual assistants will help you save your valuable time. Also, they will be useful in providing your customers with improved user experience.

Product Listing

The first and foremost aspect in an ecommerce store is to keep your product details like basic features and pricing structure updated. Only then, the customers will be able to obtain the right information. Being a routine task requirement, it can easily be outsourced to dedicated ecommerce virtual assistants. They will take care of providing timely product-related updates to your customers.

Content & Design

Any simple search you do on a search engine leads you to tons of resources which teaches you how to create attractive designs for your website and write engaging content posts. But, it takes some time to learn the techniques and fundamentals of this process. There are a lot of software involved in content creation and designing, which consumes time to familiarize yourself with them. So, you can assign a virtual assistant for an eCommerce store which has gone through those stages to carry out these tasks in your stead.

Processing Orders

Virtual assistants for eCommerce stores will be able to handle customers’ orders effectively. These remote assistants will be able to help the customers in placing their orders, processing the charges, and in making shipments. These eCommerce virtual assistants will be beneficial during the festive season to process the promotions and discounts involved. Despite it, the remote assistants can also be used for processing the rejections and complaints from the customers.

Product Sourcing

With the vast amount of online experience eCommerce virtual assistants have, they can research any topic you are looking for. A virtual assistant for an eCommerce store tends to know what’s in-demand which allows them to spot trending or new products that fit your business and can recommend accordingly. They present you with a series of options to choose from. In this way, you can be confident the products you purchase are of high quality. In addition, once these products are out on the market eCommerce virtual assistants can create new order lists for them.

Handling Inventory

Inventory management is one of the vast areas, wherein you can think about outsourcing virtual assistant services. These eCommerce remote assistants can be dedicated to maintaining the stock, reflecting the same in the eCommerce stores, and in planning for ordering the products from the suppliers accordingly. Handing over the inventory management to virtual assistants for eCommerce stores will help in saving your valuable time and in utilizing the same in increasing revenues.

Conducting Market Research

 In general, market research and analysis helps in improving your business performance. Those tasks can be easily handled by the virtual assistant services. Market research includes researching target customers, customer behavior, seasonal demand, and product features. Some of the other areas of research would specifically include digital marketing techniques like conducting keyword research and email campaigning. The eCommerce virtual assistants, when outsourced in the area of market research, will be useful in improving your business based on the knowledge base obtained. 

What are the types of tasks you can outsource to your virtual assistant?

Both your customers and business deserve the best. Allocating tasks to your eCommerce virtual assistant opens doors to several opportunities which increases your overall efficiency. Working with a dedicated eCommerce virtual assistant will provide quality work and take your business to greater heights.

Social media management

In today’s innovative world, increasing your social media presence makes a classic difference in your business, especially when it comes to ecommerce / online business. The virtual assistant services can provide excellent solutions to keep your customers engaged and share their views with you. It will help to reach your customers and to improve your business. 

Final Words on eCommerce Virtual Assistants

Now that you know how a remote assistant will be useful to you in improving your business and also in sparing your time for other tasks which require your direct intervention. It’s time to outsource. 

Vserve offers virtual assistant services to hire the right virtual assistants for your eCommerce business. Our ecommerce virtual assistants can assist you in everything from customer service, and product listing to managing inventory and data analytics. 

All our assistants are trained in core areas of expertise and have years of experience working for clients remotely and can help streamline the outsourcing process.


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