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9 Essential Tips to Maximize Your Ecommerce Customer Experience

vservesolution November 5, 2019 0 Comments

When you run an eCommerce store, there are so many things to think about. You must make sure your customers can find what they need, contact you easily with issues or questions, and make their purchase smoothly and enhance eCommerce customer experience.

You also need to grow your business while handling all business aspects, from accounting to marketing. With so many facets to learn and moving parts to track, it can get overwhelming fast. Especially if you don’t have much experience with eCommerce services or running a business.

These nine essential tips will help to maximize your eCommerce customer experience. Read on for an in-depth look at each, as well as bonus pointers on eCommerce service providers, customized eCommerce solutions, and eCommerce support services.

9 Tips for Maximizing Your Ecommerce Customer Experience

While there are so many articles about maximizing your eCommerce store, we’ll start with the heart of the matter—your customers and their experience.

Return customers are the easy way to maintain and grow your business, so let’s dive into how to make their experience with your store so impressive that they’ll keep coming back (and tell their friends).

1. Be Super Customer Friendly

If customers get lost or can’t get what they need from your website quickly, they will click off and find somewhere else to buy that is more user-friendly.

Focus on streamlining content, keeping products stocked, and telling a compelling story. Minimize the number of clicks it takes to get where your customers want to go and make finding help easy. A good ecommerce services provider can help with this, (more on that later).

Making your site easy to navigate, intuitive, informative, and exciting is vital for great customer experience.

2. Ensure Seamless Purchasing

According to the latest stats, about 25% of online consumers will abandon their carts if they cannot make their purchase quickly and easily. You could be losing a quarter of your sales if customers find your checkout process too long or complicated!

Trial and error your way to as seamless a checkout process as possible. This will increase your conversion rates significantly.

3. Ace Customer Service

Give customers various ways to get in touch with you (like phone, chat, and email), and make sure they get timely responses. Online shoppers expect replies within minutes or hours, versus days.

Offer a live chat option. This single-channel, while being a bit more difficult to manage, seems to have the most positive impact on how consumers view your customer service efforts. This is where a proven eCommerce solution provider comes into play.

4. Leverage Multi-Channel Marketing

Use every channel available to your advantage—email, social media, your website, blogging, and mobile apps. While there is a challenge inherent with embracing so many channels (eCommerce solution services can help), your marketing strategy will be robust, far-reaching, and impactful.

5. Optimize for Technology

You want your site to mobile-friendly, and offering a mobile app is becoming the norm. Optimize your site for multiple operating systems and mobile platforms and use technology where possible to streamline every aspect of your business.

6. Personalize Offerings

Particularly when it comes to email marketing campaigns, make sure any pop-ups or direct marketing is personalized for your individual customers. This makes them feel valued, and it also makes it easy for and encourages them to spend more.

7. Forecast Accurately

Plan ahead and know your product demand. If you know you always sell out of a certain product around the holidays, stock accordingly in advance. You can’t sell something you don’t have!

8. Automate

Automating your ordering and order fulfillment process as much as possible will not only help you be more hands-off, it will also ensure a faster process for your customers.

9. Gather Feedback

Make sure you’re regularly collecting feedback from consumers on everything from the ordering process to your website to the products themselves. Knowing what customers are feeling and saying about your business can help you simplify, cut out unnecessary work, and improve continuously.

Making a Customized Ecommerce Solution Provider Work for You

There’s a lot of work to bringing these tips to life in and maximizing your online store. You are going to want some help along the way. Working with a professional eCommerce services provider will help you accomplish all the things listed here!

Choosing the Right Ecommerce Services Provider

When you’re ready to take your business to the next level with an accomplished eCommerce services provider with a proven track record, reach out to us!  Vserve Solution offers eCommerce support services to help you streamline and transform your efforts.

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