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How to Choose the Right Ecommerce Services Provider for Your Business

vservesolution November 7, 2019 0 Comments

Running an ecommerce business requires lots of thought and even more work in order to do it well. You need to make sure your customers can find what they need when they want it, contact you easily with issues or questions, and make their purchases seamlessly.

You also need to grow your store while handling countless other aspects of owning a business, from accounting to logistics and back to marketing. With so many tasks to carry out and detail-oriented processes to oversee, it can quickly get overwhelming fast. Especially if you don’t have much experience with ecommerce services or running a business.

This article gives you the top four services to look for when choosing ecommerce service providers, customized ecommerce solutions, and ecommerce support services that will help to maximize your ecommerce customer experience.

4 Things to Look for When Selecting a Customized Ecommerce Solution

While there are so many articles about maximizing your ecommerce store, we’ll start with the heart of the matter—your customers and their experience.

Return customers are the easy way to maintain and grow your business, so let’s dive into how to make their experience with your store so impressive that they’ll keep coming back (and tell their friends).

First and foremost, choose ecommerce solution services that are customizable and will help you accomplish the four following vital functions:

1. Setting Up a User-Friendly Store

If customers get lost or can’t get what they need from your website quickly, they will click off and find somewhere else to buy that is more user-friendly.

With a focus on streamlining content, keeping products stocked, and telling a compelling story, you can minimize the number of clicks it takes to get where your customers want to go and make finding help easy.

Making your site easy to navigate, intuitive, informative, and exciting is the foundation of a great customer experience. A good ecommerce services provider will help with this by managing your catalog and product database for you. They can write product descriptions, track inventory, and even populate product specs and build out your store just the way you want it (on various ecommerce platforms like Shopify, OpenCart, or BigCommerce).

2. Provide Outstanding Customer Service

It’s now standard practice to give customers various ways to get in touch with you (like via phone, chat, and email), and it’s important to make sure they get timely responses. Online shoppers expect replies within minutes or hours, not days.

Offering a live chat option isn’t required, but it’s getting more commonplace all the time amongst successful online sellers. This single-channel, while being a bit more difficult to manage, seems to have the most positive impact on how consumers view your customer service efforts.

This is another key area where a proven ecommerce solution provider comes into play. They can handle almost all customer support inquiries without you ever having to touch your inbox!

3. Keep Up with Multi-Channel Marketing

For the biggest impact, you’ll want to use every channel available to your advantage—email, social media, your website, blogging, and mobile apps. While there is a challenge inherent with embracing so many varied channels, your marketing strategy will be robust, far-reaching, and impactful. Maybe more importantly, your business will grow.

An ecommerce services provider can help you keep abreast of changing platforms, stay on top of email marketing campaigns, and they can provide logo design as well as blogging and SEO copywriting.

4. Conduct Helpful Market Analysis

One key to remaining relevant in the online space is really a good market analysis. Knowing your competitors and what they’re doing well will only help you improve your own business. But who has time for all that research and analysis when trying to run a successful ecommerce store?

Your ecommerce support services provider, that’s who! They’ll take care of all the details and the data so that you don’t have to. And you’ll get all the benefits!

The Right Ecommerce Services Provider Works for You

There’s a lot of work involved with maximizing your ecommerce store. You’ll want some help along the way to maximize your eCommerce business. Working with a professional ecommerce services provider will assist you in tackling it all!

When you’re ready to take your business to the next level with a customized ecommerce solution and an accomplished provider with a proven track record, reach out to us! Vserve offers unparalleled ecommerce consulting services.

Vserve excels at the complex—and key—functions of eCommerce Support Services such as product management, ecommerce store development, customer support, data management, market analysis, and digital marketing. Contact us today and let us help you streamline and transform your ecommerce store!

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