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A Brief Introduction to Outsourcing in the Post-Pandemic World

vservesolution May 19, 2020 0 Comments

As businesses are navigating through the changing environment of the post-pandemic world, business process outsourcing becomes inevitable. Small and medium businesses must rethink their partnership strategies and retool current technology to meet the shift in customer behavior and to support employees working-from-home in a cost-efficient and secure way.

Outsourcing can bring a lot of benefits to a business, but there are some sort of challenges and risks when managing outsourcing relationships.

Here, we break down everything about outsourcing for modern businesses to ensure success.

What is Outsourcing? 

In simple terms, Outsourcing is defined as:

Obtaining (goods or a service) from an outside or foreign supplier, especially in place of an internal source. 

Well, that’s pretty simple and here are the most important job sectors that companies outsource to their benefits:

  • IT Services
  • Call Centers
  • Manufacturing
  • Data Entry
  • Accounting
  • R&D

But What Is Business Process Outsourcing, Really?

Picture it: your team is absolutely maxed out. They’re working hard and getting a lot accomplished, but the projects you’re responsible for are still taking more time than leadership wants to allow. Your customers are getting antsy. You have to report on progress to your boss in just a week.

On top of that, you’re worried, because one of your star employees is starting to show signs of burnout.

You know there are several simple tasks that nearly anyone could do, but your team has been glossing over them because those menial tasks are perceived as being “less urgent” …but you know leadership is going to ask about them.

There are also a few more complex tasks, like graphic design, that your team isn’t skilled in but that would really help propel the final product forward successfully for your customers.

When this could be the situation at the best of the time, lockdown, and employees working from home can agitate communication issues.

What do you do?

Easy. Take a deep breath and then outsource both the menial tasks and the graphic design components to a well-versed business process outsourcing company to get your job done. You can get a contractor (or contractors) on board and have the designs back in time to take them with you to the report-out meeting with your boss next week. Talk about progress! 

This on-time solution could be one of the main outsourcing benefits that most of every modern business considers the most.

Some companies and business minds look at it from a different angle. they think that the outsourcing services take the job away from their internal teams.

In this post-pandemic world, when there is struggle to strike a balance between meeting customer needs and supporting employees, outsourcing partners can assist with mundane tasks, for you to focus your employee strength on core business activities.

Here are some thoughts about the business process outsourcing services that you should know before you decide.

What Outsourcing Isn’t? – Another Angle of Business Process Outsourcing

Modern business environment outsourcing is hiring individuals or companies (outside your organization) to handle projects, products, services or tasks that your internal team either isn’t experienced in or doesn’t have time to do.

It is NOT taking jobs away from your internal team if they have adequate time and skills and want the work. Outsourcing is cheaper than paying full-time employees to do the same work because you’re not paying for benefits or overtime.

It is NOT that the outsourcing services are hiring “cheap” labour at unfair prices.

By outsourcing tasks to a professional business process outsourcing company, your internal team can’t do, for whatever reason, you’re giving work to a contractor who really wants the work, has the skills and time to do it, and can help you move projects forward—on a mutually agreed-to timeline—without the need for you to pay extra costs like benefits.

The contractor (outsourcing agency) gets paid an agreeable price for their work, and you get more done using fewer internal resources. You can then pass the savings along to your customers.

It’s a clear win-win.

How to Outsource Successfully?

Each business will have a keen focus on its business process outsourcing to gain the end results that they are aiming for. Here is how you can outsource your business tasks successfully to the core:

The first step to outsourcing successfully is being in the right frame of mind. Set clear goals and expectations upfront. Clearly define the projects you need to contract out and help set your contractor up for success with good communication and honest feedback.

It’s the post-pandemic global market, and the days when outsourcing was seen as “unethical” are long gone. More and more talented individuals are leaving corporate life to work as freelancers, contractors and consultants. This means a smaller labour pool from which to hire…or does it?

If you’re open to outsourcing, it actually means you’ll have a potentially larger talent pool from which to hire, and you can do so at an overall cheaper cost.

Why Do Companies Outsource? – The Benefits of Outsourcing

Outsourcing is purely a business decision and most of the large and small scale businesses rely on outsourcing services to increase their profit margins.

Embracing an outsourcing mindset can lead to some very big successes, including:

  • Significant cost savings for your company
  • Passing those savings on to your customers, increasing customer satisfaction
  • Your ability to grow your team on-demand and scale business faster—in short, you’re able to be more proactive and responsive
  • Being a small(er) business no longer means losing out on big contracts; you’re set up to compete with the big dogs and WIN
  • You can improve overall efficiency and increase profit margins, ensuring your business is sustainable in the long run

Final Thoughts on Business process Outsourcing

Outsourcing can be a successful strategy to maximize any company’s profit margin. But, it could be challenging for most of the startup businesses to find the right business process outsourcing company. Being a leading eCommerce outsourcing services company, we are able to manage all your business tasks in an efficient manner. Reach us for a free quote on how Vserve’s business process outsourcing services can help your business.


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