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Benefits of Outsourcing & Cost-Saving Secrets in Pandemic Era

vservesolution May 27, 2020 0 Comments

Outsourcing is a typical strategy that continues to create a huge impact on businesses across countries and sectors. Modern businesses believe that outsourcing is a cost-effective technique that increases profit margins year by year. In this modern era, the COVID-19 pandemic created an incalculable effect in businesses and it continues to grow in the world. So, outsourcing plays an important role to get back every business into a stable state. Let’s talk more about the benefits of outsourcing that every business can get in this pandemic era.

The Cost-Savings of Outsourcing

There are different benefits that outsourcing services can offer to a business, especially in terms of cost-saving, which can be effectively utilized in opportunities for core business growth. Here are some broad cost-saving categories of outsourcing:

Savings on Labor Cost 

When considering outsourcing, the first thing to look at is your business’s overall performance and your biggest expenses. Of course, as with most businesses, you know that one of your largest costs is going to be associated with labor. 

Not that long ago, you might have only been able to do so much about labor costs without negatively impacting your workforce and thus, your bottom line. Streamlining your business for better productivity and higher effectiveness, better management practices, perhaps more or better tools, or a labor force reduction were your only options to reduce labor expenses. But as times have changed, so do your options.

Costs associated with labor may be the most obvious savings you’ll see from outsourcing. You won’t lose skill sets; in fact, you’ll likely gain more diverse and robust skill sets.

At the same time, you’ll likely save big on things like wages, benefits, and fixed costs (facilities, rents, utilities, etc.). Even outsourcing just one role can save you up to 70% on the associated costs!

All this adds up to more cushion in your margins, while also maintaining a more dynamic workforce.

Savings on Investment

Infrastructure development is one of the main expenditures in the changing business environment. Businesses do not need to spend extra on developing infrastructure when it comes to outsourcing.

Moreover, now it is time to reevaluate your current investment opportunities. Though most businesses are in a situation to work the best out of what is in hand, finding new and profitable ways to invest is the key to sustainability and businesses in this post-pandemic era

So investing in outsourcing non-core business tasks can have a long-term benefit, as the partner who takes over the outsourced work, makes necessary infrastructural changes as per the requirement of the business process, allowing you to focus that expenditure on core business growth.

Savings on Recruitment and Training

You definitely need a skilled person or a team of employees to handle a business task to fulfill the client/ inner business requirements. But during this time of uncertainty, you cannot predict employee turnover. You might be at risk of loss if a potential employee is planning to leave during this critical period.

When you outsource the business tasks, the company will not be affected by potential labor fluctuation and you need not hire a new employee to work on the tasks.

In addition, there will be no need for special training programs for the people hired. 

The outsourcing company has people who are already experts in that particular trade/ task. This will bring you the efficiency and quality of work at a low-cost. 

Reinvesting Your Savings

And one of the biggest benefits of incurring cost savings by outsourcing is that you suddenly have more money to reinvest back into your business. What amazing things could you do with a little more cash?

Here are just a few examples:

  • Hire additional staff
  • Reinvest in current staff via training, pay raises or benefits
  • Invest in partnerships
  • More outreach and marketing
  • Investing in new or existing products and services

What’s fun is that investing or reinvesting in any of these areas will likely spur growth for your company, further sustaining your business and workforce, allowing for even larger profit margins and carving out your place in the industry.

Additional Benefits of Outsourcing for Modern Business

The cost savings and what you can do with that “extra money” is a HUGE perk, yes. But there’s, even more, to love about outsourcing.

A Chance to Innovate & Evolve

Considering outsourcing prompts you to start thinking about your business differently. You might:

  • Uncover duplicate efforts, allowing you to streamline and use resources more efficiently
  • Use newly freed up resources to up-level your customer experience
  • Find huge cost savings that allow you to finally invest in growing your business or pass those on to your customers via price breaks
  • Be able to take on larger or more lucrative projects
  • Become more competitive in your industry
  • Finally, have the resources to develop new products or services or break into new markets

No matter what you choose to do with your new abundance of resources, use this time to ask yourself “How can we do things differently and better?”

How can you disrupt the industry in ways that are truly innovative?

Why Consider Outsourcing in this Pandemic Era?

Let’s recap why you should consider outsourcing in your business. 

With the impact of COVID-19. Businesses are hustling with their entire team to focus on improving productivity and finding flexible solutions to adapt to the future.

This is also the right time to focus on outsourcing, where your outsourcing partner will not only increase the efficiency and the quality of work but share a considerable burden of mundane activities that you are not ready for right now.

Besides, It is done by the people and organizations that possess greater knowledge and experience in that field. 

So, outsourcing business tasks to a reliable outsourcing services company can help you in increasing the standard of your work. Just a sample of the benefits can include:

  • Increased profit margins
  • Significantly reduced labour expenses
  • Increased employee and customer satisfaction
  • Innovation and company growth
  • Increased adaptability and competitiveness
  • A more efficient, sustainable business model

Final Thoughts

Round the clock customer support services, eCommerce support services and related business tasks outsourcing can help a company to make as much profit, and at the same time improve customer experience. 

Vserve offers cost-effective and reliable customer support and eCommerce outsourcing services to help businesses to achieve their goals. With highly experienced people, we will help you sustain your business during the COVID 19 crisis. Reach us on [email protected] to discuss in detail about your needs and our services.


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